(2018) VTG 2.0 + SyndBuddy 2k Review By Joshua Zamora – (2018) VTG 2.0 + SyndBuddy 2k Working 2018

At this point, you already know that sin lab allows you to quickly syndicate across all of your social platforms for quicker and more long-term rankings. However, it’s also important that you understand exactly how sin lab came about and that I introduced you to its bigger brother sin.

Buddy you see syndicating your content on social platforms is the new SEO. Social syndication is what Google wants and is paying attention to. I already mentioned that on the previous page, the more social activity going on on your content, the better and combining sim buddy with sin lab is the ultimate social syndication combination. They were built to work together. Sin lab allows you to syndicate your content to over forty three different networks in a matter of minutes and sim buddy allows you to access an army of real people, ready to share your content on a ton of different platforms on a ton of different accounts.

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From a ton of different locations worldwide, so with sin lab, you share your content on your own networks, to give it an initial and massive boost, and with somebody you have the exchange system, where other users are sharing your content on their networks and as you’ll see Right below this article, our sin, buddy users, have perform nearly 700,000 syndications for each other’s content. Since we opened up this is the ultimate social syndication system to send your campaigns right to the first page of Google and want to know the best part.

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Just like I showed you on the previous article, how X ranked at 360 and sin that are already interconnected. Both sin lab and sim buddy are also interconnected as well. You can automatically send your content from inside of sin lab to the sim buddy exchange network, and you can send your sin. Buddy campaigns to be automatically syndicated into your sin lab account all by checking just one box. Let me show you how easy it is to use sin up and sim buddy together, hey guys structures more here and in this article I’m going to quickly show you how we’ve, inter can Sinhala and sim buddy to work seamlessly together and allow you to get a Lot more social interaction by using both of these powerful tools together.

Okay – so here I am inside of sin lab and it’s very simple to come in here – create a campaign and at the same time send it over to send that to somebody. So if I come here to hit add campaign – and here I’ll just do demo I’ll post to a single account just to make this demo, article simple, post to Twitter click create okay and now, once I’ve finished filling out this information you’re going to see down here.

How easy we’ve made it to send this to somebody? All you have to do. Is click this one check select the category select how much social interactions I want per day the total the URLs to share the keywords to share the URL for the social signal, which is the same thing if it’s a YouTube article or a website URL the types Of signals that I want, and once I do, that I hit save and now it’s going to automatically share the content that I put in here into onto my own Twitter account and automatically send it to the same buddy social exchange network.

At the same time, okay – and you saw how easy that is by clicking one button and filling out this information, we’re doing we’re killing two birds with one stone: okay and we’ve made it that simple as well inside of sin buddy. So if I come over here to sin buddy, if I’m over here and I create a new social share campaign here, you fill out the details of the social share campaign where you enter the URL, the keywords: the category, the total limit, the daily limit of signals That I want per day and once I fill out the content as well, you see here at the bottom.

The same thing add to sin lab. Okay, so if I click add to sin lab I’m but a Korea cheese. The group that I want this content to be sent to in two months in lab account okay, so it’s that easy to connect both syn lab and sim buddy. You can see. We’ve made it very simple. By just clicking one box, you can syndicate from inside of sim buddy to your sim lab account and inside of sin lab to your sim buddy account.

Okay, so both of these work very well together and you’ll be able to syndicate to not only your own accounts by using sin lab, but also automatically send it to the social exchange network inside of sim buddy and vice versa. Okay, so it’s that simple and you can go ahead and activate this by continuing to read this article. How amazing, is that right? What’s in lab and somebody you’ll be syndicating, your content on your own accounts and on hundreds of other users accounts as well.

So at this point you may be wondering Josh. All of this sounds amazing and I would love to supercharge my campaigns with both sim buddy and sin lab. But how much is it well, normally our agency access to somebody software for 97 per year, and it’s worth way more than that, especially because of how easy we’ve made the integration between sim lab and sim buddy. Also, you can look around at some of our competitors and you’ll see prices like $ 2.

99 per month 997 per year or more. However, as a newest member, you can access our sim body agency account for a massive discount, but this discount is only available for the next few days. After that, the price will be going back up to our retail pricing, plus you’re covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if, for any reason, you’re not happy with sim buddy, just shoot us an email and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked we’ll even let you keep access to the sim buddy exchange Network, so go ahead and supercharge your campaigns with sim buddy below You have nothing to lose.

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