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Now 3d Virtual Tours revolutionizes remote viewing from outdated photos to 3d virtual experiences accessible on any device. My name is cam. I am a product marketing manager here at vanassa and today we have a special guest in the vendetta headquarters, Michael Berman co-founder of realty view and phoning in is Matthew, Whitmer, co-founder and CTO at real tube.

You hi, Michael and maximu, thanks for joining us today, hey. How are you thanks for joining with us and thanks for having the fantastic crew, I’m aboard here happy to meet everybody and present our stuff, so I’ll just jump right into it. Tell you a little bit about what we do perfect go to the next year Destin they took a beautiful photograph with properties that were able to capture I’ll. Tell you a little bit about that now.

So why realty view three years ago, Matthew and I discovered this marketplace and we work with a vendor. We found some terrific equipment and said you know: we’ve got to move the world from 2d to 3d, there’s a better way to view real estate is changing. That’s electronic: how are people viewing today? We have a lot of statistics to share with you as to why Virtual Tours today, people review 2d to 3d.

They want a more immersive experience, and this is the time the intersection of adoption for these tours has been happening and right now, as we hire into 19 and 20 moving along here, this is really what’s happening. This is the way to reach your customers distance. That way to have engagement, so you can also visit us after the webinar real tv.Com and we’re going to show you a couple of articles now to give you a better view of what mater port is about.

Metaphor is the equipment that we use where the service provider service, partner of and Asus. So these two articles – and you use some explanation – is that what the tours are about, how to use them and then we’ll go back into a little bit. Welcome to the future of real estate showcasing experience. The benefits of life like 24/7 virtual open house showings Realty view offers an unmatched, all-in-one solution to help increase listings, sell properties faster while instantly expanding your market to a global audience.

Interested prospects can instantly walk through any property as if they were there in person from anywhere at any time. The speeds up business cycles by engaging buyers and renters the moment they show interest with lifelike 3d virtual tour showings of your property, easy viewing of 3d realistic doll. Houses allows buyers to see the layout of a property like never before. This allows clients to view the property right away or any time that is most convenient for their scheduled life.

Like 3d doll houses allow prospects from around the world to see the layout of a property in full 3d. Fidelity like never before the package also includes high-definition. 2D still photos, so agents can put the money they usually spend towards photography into powerful digital marketing tools that will take their sales and listings to the next level. All orders receive free 2d floor plans of all floors, a saving of generally 300 plus dollars.

Engaging buyers with interactive virtual tags allows you to showcase the details of a property interactively like never before experience the power of allowing buyers to prequalify a selection of properties in advance, helping streamline the process of finding clients the perfect property while reducing wasted. Showings for agents. Preparing a property for 3d virtual tour captures is as easy as getting a property ready for a 2d photographer experience.

How real TV you can increase your listings and sales while saving you hours a week in wasted time and we’re now going to move to the second article matter for fully immersive 3d environments. That feel so. Real is like being there when you power your business with interactive 3d media. The possibilities are endless step into a 3d space and start exploring somewhere new for real estate agents & brokers matter for spaces gives listing presentations a competitive edge, showing sellers.

How you provide an always open house to create a connection with customers, engage more buyers, sell the property faster and build buzz before the home is even chela matter. Chord spaces can be used for commercial real estate to fill units faster by qualifying prospective tenants before they walk through the door or let businesses understand the setup and potential office space for rental properties matter toward spaces can be used over and over join potential.

Renters from near and far but matter port is more than real estate. It’s simple to create spaces across multiple industries. Anytime, you want to more fully engage your audience. Hotels & Resorts can offer future guests a real feel for their accommodations. All from the comfort of their own home show off your amenities and delight your guests, but or they arrive turn your restaurant or retail, store into a matter port space to provide a preview of what customers can expect, promote certain products with prominence on placement or let Your diners choose a table where they make their reservation in architecture, engineering and construction matter.

Port spaces allow you to streamline your workflow, engage stakeholders and document every step of your project scan once and eliminate expensive return. Trips to collect forgotten information, draw visitors to special exhibitions, to show off your stunning architecture, create a matter port space for temporary installations. So everyone can experience it even if they cannot travel there. Take a mersive storytelling to the next level by including a matter of board space with every article drive more and longer use boost engagement and attract new audiences, no matter what industry you’re in with matter port technology, we can enable deeply immersive virtual exploration that can be Delivered to anyone anywhere, it’s quick and easy to get started contact us today for professional quality and complete 3d scanning services of you space.

You have in mind or any in this, so the purpose enough showing that slide was and that debt was to show you that Madhupur does the technology we use at a state of the art and we’re a service provider. So we use state of the art equipment. All the time we’re always investigating what is best and what is out there and that’s why we show you the madam court article. So next we’re going to go over and talk you a little bit about the statistical evidence and why these work most leads most search.

Engine activity happens with Google. I believe it’s 80 to 90 percent of search happens there, visitors, mooing time on your space, with a 3d tour increases dramatically. Two-Thirds of consumers do want the tours. The listings are received at least 103 percent more inquiries than those with a out and tour cell 10 days faster. So this is really very, very compelling for a broker or for a business, and Google’s research shows that there’s a large increase in traffic, particularly in the 18 to 34 year old group, with Virtual Tours so Matthew.

Would you mind taking over a little bit here and give us a few of these tours that show the value of them for us, so a matter port or is an alternative to showing up in person? It shortens business cycles. It allows anybody the moment they show interest to view and walk through a showing as if they were there in person on this helps. Keep you top of the mind. Have people build a connection with the location before anywhere else? By having this accessibility, it allows a global audience to connect from anywhere really in the art in the age of Internet and remote, viewing and busy schedules.

This really allows people wherever they are at anytime, to check out a property as if they were there. So an example of this is: it allows you beyond just a 2d photo or 360 photo to actually walk through the property. This allows you to move through any direction rather than a article um. It really can be based on what is interesting to the user. What exactly they want to see? It creates a full 3d dollhouse of the properties from this dollhouse.

You can jump back into any location. This allows people to move through properties faster than if they are actually walking through the house. You can see how all the different rooms connect, which is an issue of 2d photos and 360 photos a lot of times, there’s no spatial connection of. If you walk through this room. This is where you’re going to end up. This really pulls that all together in a 3d sense, any form of real estate from high-end to even lower priced properties.

There’s a lot of value selling properties faster, bringing in out-of-state buyers even on the lower end properties. There’s really a high value of upsell of helping sell that property and on average, the statistics found at fifty five thousand dollars more than if they didn’t have a virtual tour. So there’s a value add way beyond the price tag of purchasing this and I’ll show you an example of some commercial properties, so we have the ability to do properties of great scale as well.

This right here is a hotel. You can see literally lets you jump in from any point in to a specific room. If you want to check out what it is and jump back to the 3d model again and go down to the cafeteria, it really allows you to see the building from a dollhouse perspective from the side and then choose to go into the first-person perspective. To walk through in many ways this is far beyond actually being there in person because of the way that you can see how everything connects at once and maneuver instantly through the villain – and I think that’s good.

The other ones would just be redundant great thanks for sharing that with us, so folks were fantastic. We have a terrific deal that we made with the company we’ve been fantastically since last December. We’ve been rolling out, which has been great experiences with so many folks, and I hope to see more of you on the site with us. We’ve got a very aggressive pricing model before we did the pricing Matthew and I did a big investigation into the whole marketplace and this pricing is very aggressive, its aggressive in terms of its competitive and it’s matching pricing – that’s going across the country, so you can be Very comfortable with this, and also be adding some of your own margin on top, we can explain a little bit how to do that a little bit later this.

So what you get for this pricing is the 3d tour, the dollhouse and the whole VR experience, which is completely supported on other devices. You have 15 to 25 4k still deep 2d photos which comes from the Matterhorn camera. The floor plans are really terrific, particularly for real estate, not for commercial, but for real estate. Those usually cost $ 100 to $ 200 per floor they’re added as a part of the offering to something we negotiated special prevent ask the customers.

We also have an interactive walkthrough article, the tour, unless you look around it’s self facing itself, so it moves on its own and all of these tours integrated to other web sites. So you use MLS, Trello, Trulia, other websites for Airbnb, etc. Social media sharing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and all the rest, they’re links and it’s very easy to press them in there and Google tours and photos they’re, usually ready within 24-48 hours or delivery from the time we shoot, but floor plans take a few hours long Or a couple of days, maybe, but otherwise we’re able to get it scheduled, timely with real estate, because it’s always I’ve got to get it on the market, make it happen, so we’re pretty flexible.

We like 24 to 48 hours notice to get someone scheduled appropriately and then we need the 24 to 48 to process and deliver it to you. It’s delivered in the template, easy to explain, easy to take the links and put them in social media and the various listing opportunities. The ordering process within task very, very simple: you go to the web portal itself, you’re able to set up an appointment. You get an email confirmation, previous to the shoot you had a 24-hour heads-up, either from us or from the shooter whoever’s cutting to the capture.

They start with an on-site walkthrough to make everything as an order toilet seats down lighting trash done so forth, photography ready. We do the capture, depending on the size of the capture. It can be anywhere from forty five minutes to two or three hours square footage is the dictator there after that, twenty four to forty eight, you have the product delivery with all the sharing tools straight flowing.

Here’s a little bit of our coverage. We’ve got eighty seven providers in the US. We’ve got a number of them in Canada as well. We’re growing our book of providers, we’re very strict about letting people in they need to comply with the standards that we’ve set. A Madhupur has its standards, but Matthew and Michael for real to you. Has it as well. We have a playbook that every vendor that we work with signs on to to make sure we deliver consistency across the board.

Now I want to talk a little bit about Google Streetview integration. This is a place that is like really the big opportunity. The tours are terrific I’ll explain for a second, I don’t go and sell the tours anymore. The tours are terrific, but we really talk about digital footprint. How do you get your business to get some oxygen, we’re in Main Street right now, people say Amazon is eating up all of the oxygen taking away.

How do you as a vendor as a local offender as a business, a local business? How do you compete on that stage? Well, Google Street View is an opportunity for that and I’ll explain a little bit on that. So first, let’s show you the article and we’ll get into the reasons and wherefore of Google Street View, business owners or their heart and soul into great ideas, but they still need help finding customers introducing matter port for business listings now Street View trusted photographers have a Complete solution for Google Maps Street View publisher matter port is an all-in-one cam that produces multiple marketing assets.

They deliver better. Customer engagement for businesses, give business owners of fresh online presence with features like an immersive 3d walkthrough embeddable and business websites. Google Maps Street View integration. Unlimited HDR photos, VR social media, teaser articles and 360 degree images. You can also use multimedia matter tags to highlight important features with text images and article matter boards.

True 3d technology capture, stunning detail in any location. It’s also a fast, easy and affordable solution. Publishing to Street View has never been simpler. It’s an automated immersive 3d solution that is push-button simple after scanning is complete upload your 3d space to matter quartz cloud workshop. The user interface is designed to help you publish to Google Street View within minutes, simply open.

The Google Street View menu and your matter port clock where you will see a map that corresponds to your space. Aligning to Google Maps is simple and accomplished in a matter of seconds. It’s really that quick, no other tool comes close to being this easier. By placing the floor plan you’re placing all of the individual 360 images on Google Maps and once when exported Matterhorn spaces becomes accessible on Google Maps.

Google Earth and the Google Street View that matter. Port is perfect for countless business listings, including retail restaurants, vacation rentals and more help. Business owners realize their full potential with matter port for business listings matter would be them for more information, go to mater port calm, so Randy, that’s the agency folks. This is an opportunity right here. You may not have heard Street View before, but this is what the opportunity is.

First of all, on the fantastic platform, the Street View, price of all sale is $ 1.99. We have found that that has a lot of elasticity to it in terms of you being able to take in a market, and so this is where you show real value to people about the digital footprint that I mentioned before. How do people get to you? How do people find you, so we don’t talk about the tour specifically which how do people get to you and how do they get the engagement that was mentioned in that article 8090 percent of search, ninety-one basura says visit business locally, with a tour 3d Virtual Tours.

So we provided soup-to-nuts easy to do, get in get it done and also for retail, for example, an automobile dealer. That’s a recurring situation every nine months. The models changed. The dealership needs to be done again in retail, the the inventory ships and changes you’ll be able to go back and I’m a secondary hit that the customer for that. So these are places that we can actually help you to increase your margins working with the Google Streetview integration and the tourists.

So we’ll kind of put the digital footprint first in the tours or a vehicle at a torque tool to make that happen. Benefits kind of go over them, one more time for real estate, a twenty four open house that if your tour is open available to anybody, as you saw in there, we are able to create the tour. So you as a broker or you as an agent, are able to show your customer of the tour and be in control of it.

The really the realty view, particularly a real estate, is a listing tool, so the broker can go out, get a customer and say this is how I differentiate with my listings and how I sell they do sell the properties faster. They do get a global reach. The tour is the minute: a customer shows interest. It’s online, you get a head start presenting the tours before they really make an appointment and can come to a physical booking physical showing, and this also saves an enormous amount of time.

Oftentimes in real estate brokers have told me we make an appointment come across town and the person doesn’t show up. So this is really a time saver in a lot of ways as well and we’re able to book the tourist online right now we do White Glove service, which is not automated. Someone from our team will speak with you and get it set up. Specifically, we have an automated booking calendar, then the next month or so will be active at live, which will put you to a vendor in your area that automatically books, and it’s all done in the back office of us and oven desta.

We do, as I mentioned, of a national global footprint and that will work with this simple online booking. If any of you have ever have any trouble. This support here at Penn Destin its permanent Realty view as well and for any questions in the future mail dial. This number eight hundred nine, nine five, seven, three, nine, four or email to Matthew at real tv.Com or at marketplace and desta calm. We’re here to help you anytime answer any questions, support you in sales sales efforts speak with you and your clients.

Please let us know what we can do to help all right, a lot of information to take in, but really usual information a lot of opportunity in there to grow your business, not only through tourists, but especially through your digital footprint. So, thank you Michael for being here, and I know you have one more day here at Vanessa. I hope you enjoy your visit and thank you to Matthew as well for phoning in and sharing the demo of how the 3d virtual tour works so we’ll catch.

You again for the next of the nasta webinar have a great day.

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