5 Ways To Make Money Online With Vidnami [SUPER EASY]

So in this article, we’re going to look at several ways that you can use a piece of software called Vidnami to make money online and from home, and the reason why i’m sharing this article with you is because it’s perfect time and if you’ve been interested in This for a while, you can actually go ahead and jump into this, because at this moment in time they have got a lifetime deal on and i’ll quickly show you this so this morning time, you can actually get 40 percent off of vietnamese plus the article marketing Bonus pack for free now you can get access to this for 29 a month.

The usual price of this is 47, and that’s what I pair, but if you jump into this before friday, so let me show you this. So today’s day is the it’s sunday. The 6th this offer actually expires on the 11th of september. So what do you get with this? Well, you get the article software and so we’ll get you get 40 off vietnamese for life. You also get integration with storyblocks, so you get a article clip library there’s over with comments.

800 000 of article clips you can use you’ve, also got storyblocks music, so we’ve got 30 000 tracks and music tracks that you can use. Then you also get a lot of additional bonuses, so you get the ultimate article traffic blueprint, but a blueprint pack, so this is basically blueprints for creating articles and putting them on youtube and, as you can see here, this is responsible for over 7 billion article views.

Then we also have this ebook over here so 21, ways to find clients. We’ve got the 5 minute facebook ad formula, we’ve got the smartphone camera tips and then we’ve also got the ultimate youtube seo cheat sheet. So you can see this is a limited offer. Now. The last time they did a promotion like this was seven months ago. So we’ve been waiting seven months for this and it’s just come out so in this article.

What i’m going to do is i’m going to share with you a number of ways that if you decide to go ahead and pick this software up and there’s a link down below for you, if you pick this up, i’m going to give you a number of Methods and options to use this to start making money online because you can use this for creating a youtube account. You can use it with affiliate marketing, local clients, property there’s, so many different methods that you can use with this software and literally this 29 a month you’ll be able to recoup this very quickly.

Vidnami.jpg” style=”width:500px”>

I I recorded a article on my blog. I think it was two days ago, i’ll drop a link to it below for you, where I showed you the process, step by step of going and finding local clients on facebook and how you can create these articles using the software and how much you can charge For it, so i’ll drop a link to this below for you, but I just very quickly want to show you inside of the facebook group and share that you know.

Not only am I using this software because because, if you’re a long time viewer of the blog you’ll know, I use this software, I recommend it. I use it on youtube blogs. I use in my online consultancy business and also in a number of other ways. So there’s a post here in the facebook group and you can see on here, look. Can anyone tell me what price I should put on articles for property listings in australia? So if I click on here and just very quickly show you this, let me click on view more comments.

You can see this because I was reading through the group now look at this. I went to a business blueprint, 52, 50, sorry 52-way seminar, and he said that his 11 year old son makes a hundred dollars per article a hundred dollars per article, and when you see how quick and easy you can create, these articles you’ll start to see why, At the beginning of this article that i’m sharing with you now that the 29 a month is just it’s an absolutely awesome promotion.

So if I come over here there, this is from someone called maurice he’s been in the group you can see. I have been a part of the vietnam vietnamese community for a full month and on the eighth of this, so basically the eighth of this month, so we’re in september. So this was last month. How has he made money so far? I’ve got i’ve gotten two clients who basically want him to create articles for their social media platforms using facebook only.

So this is another method, so you can make money by working with local clients and look it’s not just maurice there’s hundreds of us making money with this look. Client, clients you’ll find so many more of these different. You know questions and things within the group. So we’ve got making money by working with local clients. We’ve got money by putting up really simple property listings here and then also.

Obviously, we’ve got youtube. So this is it this article, sorry, this comment here in the post from anger here this was august, the 14th and he’s just sharing you can see this month has been awesome. He saw a 25 spike in views and a staggering 200 000 views in the last 28 years. How is he making money with his vietnamese articles with a scroll down here? Look at this. These are affiliate add-ins from over on clickbank.

So these are just a number of ways that you can make money with vietnami. So let’s go over onto Vidnami and i’ll. Show you exactly how this looks so there’s a link to not this page here. This is the home page. There will be a link below, and it will take you over to this page here, where you can actually get forty percent off vietnamese and all these bonuses that they’ve mentioned down here. But if you just go over to the home page sorry go over to the home page here, so you can see how this all comes together.

So you see, we’ve got you can create stunning articles for your business in minutes and it really really is literally a couple of minutes, so we’ve also got automatic captions included with this. We’ve got intelligent, clip selection, scroll further down, no article editing necessary. You you genuinely! You don’t need any skills, any experience or anything at all and any past knowledge to do with article editing, design.

Anything like it’s just really simple copy and paste and drag and drop and i’ll show you inside of the software in a second now come down here. Look, you can easily add your own logo, choose colors, fonts and insert your own clips and images. If I scroll down, we’ve also got over 30 000 royalty-free music tracks that you can use now. This comes over from a website called storyblocks. Now, if you go over to storyblocks these actually charge, you well i’ll, go and show you if I go to starry blocks come into here and show you the pricing for storyblocks, because this is a separate company.

So if come over here, come further down. Look a basic article using starry blocks will cost in the uk eight pound 25 a month and it’s billed at 99 annually. This is using just the sounds basically on here, but all of this is integrated with inside of Vidnami, and as i’ve mentioned, it’s not just the storyblocks music, you get the article clip library and you also get the music tracks. Well, let’s just go back over to vietnami, so we’ve got the music and then we’ve got testimonials on here and look that you can also try this for free for seven days.

So i’ll leave a link to the seven day trial below for you. But there are some limitations with the it’s not seven days. Sorry, it’s 14 days, it’s 14 day free trial, but there are limitations with that and basically they’ve got a waterproof uh like basically a waterproof logo over the top of this. So you can go ahead and try it and play around with it. But if you want this, this um lifetime deal here then i’ll leave that below, for you also, but let’s just go back over here and let’s go actually inside of the software, so you can see how this works so over.

This is actually inside the software here. This is one of my accounts. You can see. I’ve got different articles for youtube. I’ve got different articles for clients, I work with and a number of other articles within here. So how does it work so really simply once you purchase the software, we click on create a new article. Now, on the left hand, side here, we’ve got a template. So look: we’ve got content article, so these are all templates, so you can go through and have a look at any of these templates here.

We’ve also got influencer articles, so these are perfect for facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, etc. You can go through and have a look at. These we’ve also got ads. We’ve got sales articles, we’ve got course, training articles we’ve got property articles which we spoke about a second ago and then we’ve also got 10. So basically, you just come over to any one of these and look. These are all templates, so you just go through and find one that you like the look of so let’s just go with.

Let’s just go with this corporate blue for now and if I was click play on here, it would, you know, give you a preview of this template and you can have a look at this. So once you’re happy with this and you scroll through you, click on use, this template so you’d give it a name. So let’s go with example for the time being and then add your script, so you see here write or paste your article script in here.

So let me go and grab some text for you just to show you how quick this works. Let me just go on to it’s gone: make money at home, i’m just going to grab some content from one of my blog articles here. Let’s just go with this one: i’m just going to grab this, and literally we’ll just take this here so really quickly. Go back over to the software paste this into here. Click on create scenes now read how quick this does this and bearing in mind i’m recording my screen, so it’s logged a little bit, but look it’s created our article far so this is scene, one of nine and look the article to scroll down to the next One next one next one next one and that’s it pretty much done straight away for us now.

Look if I scroll back up to the top here and i’m only just sharing with you a really quick example, because I don’t want this article to be too long. But if you didn’t like any part of this, if you didn’t want you know, if you wanted to change the text, then you can highlight this. You can go ahead and edit the text here you can decide where the text is on the page. So, if I didn’t want it over here, for example, i’d literally you see find this over here look change.

It’s here pointed it in the middle. Go there if I wanted to at the bottom, it goes there if I wanted to highlight any part of this. So if I wanted to highlight no limit, I just click on bold. If I want to underline it, I could underline it like, so I can add in, and you can play around with this as much as you want now. Also you see this this article here. If I didn’t want this article on the left hand side here, I simply type in a keyword or you can use these keywords here – that the software has pulled out from whatever’s down here.

So if you just click on add and at this moment in time here it’s on clips, so it’s got all of these different article clips. So if I wanted this one instead of this guy over here, I just click on here. Like so and look it puts the article clip over here now, if you didn’t want to use a article clip and you want to use an image instead, then you just click on images and it will bring up thousands of images.

Files have click on images and then click on add again. It just takes a second to load up and then you just scroll through – and you go through these images over here and just keep scrolling down. You’ll find lots more images on here. So this is how quick the software works and then, basically, once you go through this and you’re happy with it at the bottom here, look you click on. Add voice track.

Now, don’t worry! You don’t have to put your own voice on here. You can go with no voice, so you can just have music, so you can pick. You know. One of the tracks from the 30 000 that are available within here you’ve also got auto voice, so you can go ahead and get a male or a female ai voice from america, the united kingdom or australia. You can record your own voice if you really wanted to, or if you was working with a client who wanted you not their own voiceover specific voice.

Then you click on upload, so really simple. So i’m just going to go with this one for now preview and then again it takes a second to load, this up, building your preview, creating your scene and then it’s pretty much done and look down here. You’ve got all of these different tracks that you can go ahead and listen to lucky over 30 000 available, so go through and pick any and then simply you can just preview your article over here by pressing the play button.

Now, i’m just going to pause that because I don’t want to keep you reading this, but if you wanted to edit any part of this, you can click on manually adjust the timing. You can go back and edit any scenes, etc. But once you’re happy with this, you click on, looks good continue and then you just click on generate your article and then it will generate this and download it for you. So you’ve seen how quick and how simple this software is to you.

So how do you make money with this? Well, one method is working with local clients and i’ll drop, a link to a article that I did below for you and in that one i’ll go ahead and share with you really simply how you can find different businesses over on google maps and facebook, but in In in like a short version, you go into google maps and you type in cafes. Restaurants bars within your local area, go over to their website and then go over to their facebook page and see if they’re, creating article content.

If they’re, not, then you create some articles for them using this piece of software, you reach out to them and you charge a fee and that fee can be absolutely anything. You can start small or high. As I showed you at the beginning of this article, people are ending anywhere from well thirty dollars all the way up to two three four hundred I personally charge for a one minute, article normally around the 150 mark, depending on the client who i’m working with.

But what you can do is when you’re first starting out with this and you’re working with local businesses, you can say you know I will create three or four of these articles for you every single month and I will charge you 29, which will cover your fee For vietnamese, so that’s one method that is working with local clients. Another way that you can make money with this is by creating content for youtube.

Now I showed you this over here earlier. This was, and god was there yes and got it for scroll down here. You can see he’s created a blog on youtube and he’s earning money from affiliate marketing. Now i’ve got a number of blogs on youtube. Where I create content in a niche and then I find a product which I want to promote, and then I simply put a link to that product within my youtube description now, let me go ahead and show you an actual example of this and another way that You could make money with this.

Let me quickly jump over to clickbank and i’ll. Show you a really simple method for this also. So let me come into this account here. Go into this one, i’m going to go into the marketplace and we’re going to on the left hand side here you see all these. These are all categories and niches, so you can basically create a youtube blog around a certain niche or a topic, and then you simply find different products that you want to promote from websites like clickbank.

I mean personally, I don’t use clickbank too much nowadays, but when you’re first starting out it’s great, it’s free and it’s available in. I think it’s 92 countries from memory, so you can find something for most people within this website here. So if you just click on e-business and marketing, you can go ahead and find hundreds literally look at these. These are all different products that you can promote using the software, so once you go ahead and find a product so like this one here turn text to speech with human voices.

You simply click on promote, so you go through. You can have a look at the affiliate page if you click on here, it will take you over to the actual products that you would be promoting and sharing once you found. One click on promo click on generate hop, link and look. There is your link, so this would be the link that you would include within your youtube description. If you just click on here and click, go to i’ll show you what it would look like.

So this would be the page where i’m sending traffic from youtube over to here, and you can look, you can earn money. Let me just pause this here. You can earn money with affiliate marketing and lots of people do this. It is another really simple way to go ahead and make money with vietnamese – well, not not just with vietnamese but with affiliate marketing in general. So that’s another way. Now. How would you go ahead and get say the scripts for some of these products that you found over on clickbank? Well, there’s a number of ways that you could do this in this example here if it was promoting this product here, where you earn an average of 20 well call it 27.

You could come over here and you could grab this here. So, let’s grab this: let’s go back into the software. Go here go on to let’s go into my articles. Click on create a new article. We find the template. So let’s go with this one, for example, click on use. This template here paste this into here and i’m going to go back over to the sales page here copy. This go back into the software, and basically all I do here is i’d.

Go through and put literally copy and paste as we’re doing here and then the last thing that I would do is if you’re doing affiliate marketing at the end of your article, you want to include a call to action so once you’ve gone ahead – and you know You’ve copied and pasted certain parts of this over into here. This script is what would become your article? You want a call to action, so click, yes, sir.

Anything really. You can click click the link below to check this out, and that would be your call to action. So if click on generate sorry, click on create scenes scroll down and again, you just go for the process that I spoke about earlier. If you didn’t like any part of this uh click, look at generate generated click, the link below so come on here. Get rid of this click the link below to check this out.

So if I didn’t want this article again here, we just click on. Let’s go with this put that in there, but that there would be our end scene where, where this is our call to action, where we’re getting people to click the link below and when they click the link, they go over to the sales page or you can Send them to a bridge page or a landing page. It’s it’s just another simple way to do this now you could actually niche this down a lot further, and this is something i’m currently doing, so i’m creating youtube blogs in different niches.

So one of the niches where i’m creating content is in the sleep niche, so i’ve created a blog on youtube around the sleep niche. I’ve then found products that I want to promote, and then i’m using the software here to create these articles and i’m uploading them onto youtube with a link in the in the description to send traffic over to you know different products on different platforms. So clickbank is one way that you can go ahead and do this, but let me share with you another way, because this is a simple way go over here and click in article, let’s just type in article ads.

Look at this product articles. What’s this viral articles, let me just click on okay scroll down here, look i’ll, create a article ad commercial for your business, starting at 134 pounds that I mean obviously i’m in the uk. So this is uk pricing, but let’s go and have a look: how how long his articles are. So look at this a basic sorry. Let me just click off this. A basic article for 20 seconds is 134 pounds for 20 seconds click on standard.

Vidnami-review.jpg” style=”width:500px”>

It’s now up to 45 seconds, it’s a 162 pound. Look at this article editing! Well, you can do all that within vietnamese script, writing 45 seconds running time, two length, variations, sure, product, imagery and background music. Can you do all that with the software? You absolutely can, though, what’s the premium 181 pounds to create a article scroll down here, click on play see really simple. I mean I won’t be surprised if he’s using article if he wouldn’t be within vietnam or a similar software, but that’s just one gig that you can find over on fiverr and look just go through and have a look at.

These look a promo for your commercial. If you come down here, look I will create a short article. Add five start starting at 395. Pounds come further on the page. Look, you can find lots more of these, so you could go ahead and create listings on marketplaces like fiverr and look you don’t just have to limit yourself these. You can go on to lots more of these freelancing websites. If we go up here and type in freelancing website, you’ve got lots.

You’ve got guru, people by the hour, freelancer.Com up work. Many many more. Let’s go. Let’s just go into upwork, i’m going to look come on here, i’m going to look for, let’s type in jobs, i’ll type in article creation. Let’s see what jobs are available over on up work for article creation. So, what’s this need a full-time part-time manager, and you literally all you do here. Is you scroll through and find jobs? Look at this 60.

Second article sales letter for youtube article ads they’re paying a hundred dollars. So I need a person good on camera or maybe not that one content, creation and distribution, hello. We run a youtube blog in the news, niche pre-created content, current roles. You could go ahead and do this like be able to create 5-10 articles a day that requires some simple editing skills. Most articles will need to be in the 4-10 minute range.

It’s a grand. It’s at 1 000. Could you use vietnamese for this? I think you’ll agree. We absolutely could, though, so this would be one job that we could apply for on up work scroll further and literally, all we’ll do is just go through all these go through. All of these and finally, article creation from images less than 10 hours a week. We need someone to work with. What’s this given listed type of application for our products and create with images a article, so basically they will give you images and they want you to create a article so go over to vietnamese.

You upload the article, the images that they give you and you create a article, look make it your own easily. Add your own logo colors fonts and insert your own clips. So that is another job that you could apply for over on this freelancing website here. This is just page one. Let’s go to page five. I mean look for article creation, there’s currently 1436 jobs listed on here now. Not all of them will be specifically for article creation, but it’s just a case of going through and having a look for these – and this is just one platform – this is up where there’s hundreds of these freelancing websites, so that’s another way that you can use a Vietnamese to make money, basically it is going over and freelance work so up work people by the hour, guru.

Com fiverr.Com lots more of these and then finally, there’s a couple more ways that you can make money with this piece of software here. So if we go back over here and click on templates, we’ve got content articles we’ve got influencer articles, so these are all for facebook and instagram. So you can go ahead and look on instagram and find people. You know creating content and say you know I could take your article and make it into something a bit more professional you’ve got ads.

You’ve got sales articles course, training, articles, property articles and lots lots more. All this will take on your behalf is a bit of effort. The software pretty much takes where all of the difficulties and lots of things that people would think are hard when it comes to article creation. But it’s absolutely awesome. I love Vidnami. I use it in my business. I use on my youtube blogs and there’s just so many different ways that you can use it to make money online.

So look that’s today’s article. I hope you found it useful. If you did, please give the article a like if you’ve got any comments or questions i’ll leave them down below, but thanks for reading have a great day and i’ll see you tomorrow.

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