Bluehost Review [2020] – Best Web Hosting Provider For The Price? [TRUTH Revealed]

My goal of this Bluehost review is basically to help you decide if this is the right web hosting provider for you, and I know that everyone’s in different stages in terms of their websites and some people are beginners. Some people have huge websites and Bluehost has a solution for everyone.

So I’m going to assume that most of you are actually beginners, because Bluehost primarily offers their shared web WordPress hosting and they’re. Really one of the most affordable options and no shared WordPress hosting, is what the vast majority of you are going to need so basically share. What shared WordPress hosting is. Is it’s web hosting provided on a shared server and you can build a WordPress website with this type of what web hosting and a WordPress website is one of the best types of websites to create, because, first of all, they’re very easy to create very easy to Design and there’s tons of themes, plugins and they’re very SEO friendly, so definitely one of the best options if you’re looking to create a website – and so let’s just get into some of the pricing here.

So this is the shared WordPress hosting pricing and the basic plan is just two dollars and 95 cents per month. So I’m going to provide a link below this article for you to sign up to Bluehost and you can just start for two dollars: a 95 cents. A month that is insanely cheap right, I’m going to compare this to a few other web hosts. But one thing I will say because I’ve been with many web hosts before and I’ve been with Bluehost.

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I’r actually going to be honest, I’m not with Bluehost anymore, but I do believe, there’s a time and a place to recommend Bluehost, and I’m explain that a little bit. So one thing I just wanted to say about the pricing here and what’s included, is that they offer what’s called solid-state, drive, storage, SSD storage and, at the entry level plan, you’re getting 50 gigabytes. Now this is more than most competitors you and it’s SSD, which means solid-state drive, is just a faster loading form of storage compared to like an HD, hard drive, and so it’s just a little quicker and, of course, free SSL certificate.

That’s pretty much standard practice now amongst web posting providers and another huge bonus is they give you $ 200 marketing credit guys so as soon as, what’s better and off for your website than getting a bit of a boost through advertising right, so you get $ 100. Microsoft, advertising and with microsoft, advertising. That’s you know you can do ads on Bing Yahoo and a bunch of other a o-l bunch of other search partners and that, of course, $ 100 Google ads.

So that’s it’s great right! That’s no! One else offers that that I know of at least, and so that’s a huge bonus and of course they have a free domain which some web host providers are starting to include that, but most still don’t guys so great great bonuses. Bluehost has really good bonuses and for I’ll just quickly touch on the other plans here, but I think most of you guys are going to be wanting one of these plans and I would recommend the choice plus now.

One thing to keep in mind is: whenever you purchase a plan with Bluehost or most web hosting providers, the the price is going to go up after your plan renewal. So, as you can see, it’s significantly more expensive 15 dollars, and so for that reason I recommend purchasing a plan for as long as possible three four years, if, as long as you possibly can right, if you can afford to pay for two or three years upfront, It’s really going to save you a lot of money in the long run, and so these two plans here also come with off one month of office, so office 365.

So you can have a good email platform for your website, and so I still, I still believe the choice plus plan here is going to be the best option for most of you. So here’s just a another option if you are maybe not a beginner and you’re. Looking for a little more performance in your WordPress website, you still want WordPress, but you want a little more performance. Then I’m going to recommend the managed WordPress hosting.

This is a new plan that Bluehost is just released, and the difference here is that you, I believe it’s still a shared server, but it’s just a little faster right. There they’re kind of vague on what else is included because they use branded terms like jetpack premium included, and but what these are they’re basically speed. Boosting like jetpack is like a speed, boosting plug-in for your website, and they have just these extra features.

It’s basically the next level up after your shared WordPress hosting plans, so this is a great option. If you want a little bit extra and the shared web hosting is not quite enough for you now. Another option is for all of you: ecommerce store owners, maybe you’re with Shopify. You know whoever you’re with Bluehost, has a WooCommerce powered ecommerce web hosting solution here, and it’s very affordable pricing $ 6.

95 per month, and one thing that’s really nice about this – is that you get a hundred gigabytes of SSD storage for just the starter level plan. This is a really good option and a really good alternative to Shopify as well. You know the whole thing with Shopify is that it’s all done for you right. The setup of your store is all done for you. Well, this is pretty much the same thing guys. It’s a free set up, call and everything’s pretty well done for you with this, and it’s a little it’s quite a bit cheaper than Shopify, so great alternative for any ecommerce store owners.

And so then we get into some of the bigger plans which I’ll briefly touch on. But basically, if you wanted a virtual private server for your web hosting, you know, maybe you get a lot of traffic. Maybe you need your own server, for whatever reason they have really affordable plans for VPS hosting, and these are a lot cheaper than like what most of the other competitors a lot of companies are charging like hundreds of dollars for VPS hosting.

If you haven’t done your research, then you’ll realize that VPS hosting is really expensive, almost as expensive as dedicated hosting, which we’re going to cover now and even Bluehost. Its dedicated hosting, is very affordable. If you compare this to SiteGround or you know most of the other competitors, it’s like half the price so again, if this is a great option for those of you who need a large bandwidth on your website, so you have tons of traffic coming in you’re.

Just you have a lot going on on your website and you might have like a massive website with thousands of pages. This is when you might want to consider a dedicated hosting plan which Bluehost provides for a very affordable price. A hundred bucks is further enhanced. Would plan which is the recommended plan and so that’s a great option. So now we’ve gone over the pricing and I just want to talk a little bit about my opinion of Bluehost.

So I was with Bluehost for about two or three months, not very long, and then I moved over to site ground and then, after that I actually moved over to wpx hosting and now I still have some websites with site ground. In a few with wpx house days, so I’ve had a fair amount of experience with web hosting providers, and what I can tell you about Bluehost is that they’re for the price. The quality is pretty decent right, they have really affordable pricing and I think Bluehost is right for anyone who is looking for a budget web hosting solution and they don’t want really low quality, but they don’t want to pay a lot of money either.

So basically wpx hosting site, ground and Bluehost are my top three web hosting providers, and my number one is wpx hosting because they’re the fastest and highest performance shared work, shared WordPress, web hosting solution, and their speed is just on that unmatchable right. No one else is as fast as them, but that being said, they’re expensive, they’re, like six seven times the price of Bluehost, and so that’s not an option.

For most of you guys and to be honest, most of you aren’t even going to need that you know unless you’re running a bigger website. You have no need to really optimize everything super like intensely, and so that’s when you would consider Bluehost right, very affordable and it’s the quality is pretty good right. It’s it’s not like the fastest web hosting, but it’s definitely not the slowest either and they have some really nice bonuses with their plan.

So, like I said my number one pick is wpx. My number two pick is SiteGround because they’re like that balance between value and performance. So if you’re willing to spend a little more than the Bluehost plans here, because you want a little more performance, but you don’t want to drop an arm and a leg. Then I would recommend SiteGround and then my number three pick is blue house, because I think that although their performance – and you know their loading, speeds and stuff might not be quite as good as wpx hosting or SiteGround, they make up for it in their value and The pricing within their plans and their bonus features so back.

When I signed up it was a 30-day money-back guarantee and they’ve extended it to 60 days, they’re doing things that other web hosting providers aren’t doing. The standard money-back guarantee in the industry is usually 30 days and that’s what all the other ones have for the most part, so they’re just taking things a little bit further they’re, you know releasing new plans like the WP pro and overall, I highly recommend Bluehost for Anyone who is looking to just get a website started for a good price, and so, if you want it to try out Bluehost and keep in mind, you can try to risk-free for 60 days and you can get your full money back.

The only thing you wouldn’t get your money back on is your domain name normally. But since it’s a free domain name, you get everything back every dollar. So if you do want to try out Bluehost, risk-free just sign up through the link below this article and you can get started and have your own website up and running for just like less than three bucks a month and then you can even blast $ 200 Worth of free advertising credits to your website to get it, get it a huge promotional boost – and you know just really get some traffic right away to your website.

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So I hope you guys enjoyed this Bluehost review and I hope that you give it a try and enjoy it. Thank you for reading this and I’ll see you later

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