Bluehost Review and WordPress Web Hosting Tutorial Step By Step [NEW]

By step, Hi guys and welcome to a new episode about Web hosting My name is Robert from Themeisle.Com and This time I will talk about Bluehost, specifically the WordPress hosting plans of Bluehost. At the beginning of the article, I will talk. About some of its most essential features, and then I will show you how to use the interface In your Bluehost user account step by step.

First of all, Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hostings recommended on WordPress.Org, which is the official WordPress website. 34 % of the web uses WordPress and more than Two million websites are using Bluehost, I’m not sure that the WordPress platform powers Each of these websites, but I can bet that over 80 % of them or even more, are using It Some of the best features of Bluehost when It comes to WordPress are the WordPress-centric dashboard which walks you through an easy Step by step process from start to finish, along with the one-click installation tool, The free domain name for one year is also a good reason for choosing Bluehost.

If you plan to start a new website, You get very easy to use interface for creating And managing business email accounts too Also, you have FTP access and the hosting Service is easily scalable because it is backed by in house WordPress experts available 24/7. Now let me show you how to use Bluehost step. By step, So this the Bluehost.Com homepage, where you Can choose the hosting plan you want to start with? It is not about what you want, but what you Need Dedicated hosting is for more advanced websites.

As well as WordPress PRO and eCommerce over here, If you want to start an e-commerce business, With lots of products in your inventory, you can choose the eCommerce plan, but this is not mandatory. Your website is new, so you can confidently start with the lowest price of WordPress Hosting over. Here. Remember that you can upgrade or downgrade Your hosting plan anytime and you can also get help through their live chat.

If you are Not sure what to choose, If you want the king of WordPress hosting From Bluehost take a look at the WP Pro plans, which is pretty new and it comes with a new Marketing center, where you can view your traffic, social media and blog traffic without ever Leaving the dashboard, It’s your choice, but for now let’s go back To the basic plans For the lowest price, which is 2.68 Euro now, when I am recording this article, you get 50 GB, SSD Storage for one website.

If you are using other currencies, you can Select that in this dropdown Let’s say you are in the United States, so Click on USD to see the price in your currency, So in USD the price is 2.95 per month. Now All plans include a free domain for one year. And $ 200 marketing credit $ 100 is for Microsoft. Advertising, which means That you can promote your website through Bing.Com search engine and another $ 100 for Google Ads, It is obviously the money you can spend.

To promote your website in Google searches, New websites will never get organic traffic. So that it can be helpful for you, I think the bonus is available only for new Advertising accounts after you spend at last $ 25. I put the link to Bluehost in the description. Box so make sure you get the discount available right now, When you buy hosting through that link, we Will get a commission and that will keep me happy and inspired to create more articles.

It will not generate any additional costs. For you, so I will appreciate it if you decide to buy hosting through our link At this step. I encourage you to wait a while If you want to receive an additional discount, which you can claim once you see this pop-up Window, I think it would be fair to mention that the Lowest monthly fee is only available for the 36 months plan. After that, you’ll have to pay the regular Price, which is $ 7.

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99, You can’t pay $ 2.95 or $ 2.65 monthly When you first sign up for Bluehost hosting You need to pay 12, 24 or 36 months in advance. If you don’t need all these extras down below And you uncheck everything you’ll end up paying less then $ 100 for WordPress hosting, For example, the basic 12-month price is $ 4.95/month. And you need to pay a total fee of $ 59.4 for one year The 24-month price is $ 3.

95/month and you’ll. Have to pay $ 94.80 for two years of hosting. If you choose this plan, The best price comes when you select the 36-month Plan, which is only $ 95.40 for three years of hosting You don’t have to worry about anything for The next three years, but keep in mind that the domain name is free only for the first Year After that, you’ll have to pay somewhere around $ 12 per year for a.Com domain, If you can get a better price somewhere else, For your preferred domain name feel free to use a domain you own in this step.

It will not influence the final cost of your Hosting plan at all, I would recommend to keep it simple and in One place The first year is free, so you still win something Moving forward once you have decided which Plan to go with the next step is to fill up all the details above and then choose the Payment method, which could be a Credit Card as well as PayPal Once you are done, click the green, Submit.

Button below and you are good to go Now – we can start creating our first WordPress Website with Bluehost, which is easier than you can imagine, Your purchase was a success and you only Have to set up your account to access features and work on your site Before doing that, you need to confirm your Contact information so make sure you access the message received from Bluehost and click On the green “ Verify Your Email” button.

Next click on Create Account over here. Choose The domain name in this field and create a password for it Make sure your password is secure enough. Then Click on Create Account below In just a couple of seconds. Your account Will be ready and you can log in So click on “, go to login” and enter the password Set earlier Now, you need to choose a name and your site’s Tagline and before clicking continue make sure you turn on at least the “.

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Do you want A blog” button When turning on this option, you’ll have to Choose where your blog posts will be displayed? If you want WooCommerce too make sure you Turn on this, but remember that you can easily install it later through your dashboard. So You can start simple for now, Whenever you are ready, click on continue, And choose your preferred option on the next screen. I want to share my ideas and also I want To offer fitness training so that I will continue with these boxes checked Sure I am comfortable, creating websites But if you are a beginner tick, the first circle and only then you are ready to Continue To Theme Selection, There are thousands of themes you can choose.

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I would recommend using Neve, which is a speedy Multipurpose WordPress theme ready for Restaurants, Freelancers Lawyers and many other businesses. The theme comes with well designed full website. Demos, which you can install with one click and customize using your favorite page builder, If you are not ready to choose a theme right, Now skip the step and do it later on your dashboard Once you click on the link below the WordPress Platform will finally installed on your site, and you can check it out.

Live on your browser. Bluehost gives you some more plugins other Than de defaults, you got when installing WordPress using the auto-installer. As you can see, there is a coming soon message: On your homepage, which will be deactivated once you launch your site Now you access the dashboard too, where you can choose a free WordPress theme other than the default. One Learn more about how to make a WordPress website.

From scratch, step by step with Neve and Elementor in the article recommended above, I hope that I’ve covered the most important Things about Bluehost and if you guys have questions or you want to learn specific things. About WordPress and Bluehost make sure you type your request in the comments section. Below I will answer every single comment and I Will do my best to integrate your requests in future articles? See you in the next one Cheers:

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