Bluehost Review in Hindi 🔥 (2020) – क्यों करते है इसे इतना promote – क्या खास बात है ?? 🤔

Hi Guys. My Name is Kripesh Adwani. I do the Hosting VPN and Digital Tools Review. So today we will know about the Bluehost.Com. I used the Bluehost.In in the year 2016 and.Com in the year 2018..In and.Com are two different things. Don’t confuse among them. Bluehost.In is not a good website and a hosting don’t take it by mistake.

Even I will tell you how you should go and visit the.Com website Search, “, Bluehost” Click on the “ Bluehost.Com”. The website would redirect you to “ Bluehost.In” Select from INR to USD. Then you would come onto Bluehost.Com, So I am going to review Bluehost.Com. So, let’s start about knowing the company it started. In the year 2003, The company became popular due to its cheap services. This was comparatively affordable than other hosting companies.

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In the year 2010, it was acquired by EIG Group which has taken over many other hosting companies. Let’s talk about its overview After you Login, you will see a panel like this. When you click on View My Site, it will open the website. My website is hosted on Bluehost.Com. I have used the Choice Plus Package, so this is my website and I will do all tests here. This is so simple that it sometimes confuses.

I faced difficulty in finding out the things I was searching for. It took time to find out where the Cpanel was Their Cpanel shows up in the Advanced Option, which is a reskilled version of Cpanel. Cpanel works, slow, Dashboard, loads, very slow Server Response Time is good and their servers are located in the USA. The speed of the servers in Bangalore slows down, but it is still acceptable. It has an A+ Performance.

When I did the speed tests, I got the loading time of 3.1s. I haven’t used any cache. They have an inbuilt cache, which I have activated When I used an External Cache. I got the response time Under 2s. Cache manager has Level 1 Level 2 Level 3. So there is a simple cache. Plugin through Bluehost Uptime is 100 % since the last 1.5 months. I have been using it. My website has not faced any downtime, It has easily passed the load test, it has handled all the 50 Real-Time Users.

There are no spikes/errors or HTTP Failures in the response time, So this website easily handles the load. The data center is located in the USA only which is the biggest drawback, as there are no data centers in Asia and Europe Backups are in Choice, Plus Plans and Above CodeGuard Basic Backups are available, which is a good and an off-server backup. It has a good interface and I am using CodeGuard Backup since a long time.

It is one of the reliable backups systems out there. Inode count in Choice Plus Plan is up to 2 Lakh. Pro Plan has up to 3 Lakh Inode Count. I think this is less as other hosting provider give up to 4-5 Lakh Inode Count. When I asked about their support. They said it is up to 50,000 only, but they don’t take any action when it reaches up to 2 Lakh. They have not cleared as to what type of actions they would take.

You get Free SSL for Unlimited Websites. Customer Support is 24×7 Live Chat. Support. The Support is fast, they respond within 2min, But representatives are not good and they are not technical and they take a lot of time to solve. Your simple query. Pricing starts from $ 3.95 and goes up to $ 13.95/ month. This price is applicable only when you take their plan for 3 years, As you can see that their Choice Plus Plan for 3 years is $ 6.

95. If I take for 12 months, then its price becomes around $ 9. So you have to keep in mind all those things You have to check the Upsells options. You can enter your card details for payment, You can find Credit Card and Paypal. You won’t find Amazon Pay and Google Pay You get 30-days return. Migrations are not available for free Bluehost charges $ 150 extra for migration. Siteground company take $ 30 and Fastcomet provides 3 Free Migrations.

You don’t have free migrations in Bluehost plus you are charged extra $ 150 for the same. So do your own migrations? Talking about Software PHP 7.3 is available, you won’t get 7.4. Usually it is set on 7.0. By default. You will have to update it. You won’t find support for Perl Python NodeJS Larvel in their shared hosting Weebly. Sitebuilder is used here, and it is one of the best site builders that I have used in any of the shared hostings.

You will get this for 1 website only If you have taken the Unlimited Plan, you can use 1 site builder on 1 website. Only In the past Bluehost was hacked and their servers have gone down for 3-4 days. You will get 1 Primary Domain Free for 1 Year and there are some temporary domains available for testing Emails are unlimited. If you have liked reading this article HIT LIKE Button, it helps me in bringing up such review articles for you Talking about its Pros.

It easily handles the load. You get 50GB Free Space In their basic plan. It has a good uptime and their Customer Support is Fast. Talking about its Cons. There are no free migrations and its data centers are in the USA. Customer Support is fast, but not technical. They upsell to you from time to time. So before I jump onto the Bottom Line, there are certain important points that you should remember.

The first point is related to its acquisitions. It was acquired by EIG Group. In the year 2010 EIG Group is famous for acquiring hosting companies. There are 60+ Hosting Companies acquired by them. They acquire a good hosting company. Then they replace the staff with their low budget staff. They also put the load on the servers So usually over the period of time. The quality and quantity of the customer support decreases over the period of time.

The load on the servers, increases and hosting services start to crash. Most of the companies acquired by them have faced such situations. Hostgator, Bluehost BigRock are such companies that come under EIG Group. I personally do not like EIG Hosting Companies, but Bluehost and BigRock have certain good qualities. It is liked by most of the reviewers, but generally people do not like it Reviewers like it, because it is affordable popular and it pays high commission, For example, to understand this.

My 2 Siteground Sales would be equal to 1 Bluehost Sale Compared it with the Hostinger. The price to sell would be up to 4-6 for making it 1 Bluehost sale. So that’s how they pay, And this is their basic commission. Only If you provide with more Sales or there is a Seasonal Sale, then their commission doubles. The commission can be a reason for its recommendations. In my article there would be a person commenting on their Bluehost referral link.

I also earn through commission. This blog also earns from the affiliate links and without it this blog wouldn’t have survived Just because of commission. I won’t promote or provide for its recommendations. Yes, I get a commission through affiliate links, but I recommend only those things which I personally use it and which I like the most Now jumping onto the bottom line. Bluehost is the Mid Tier Option in Shared Hosting.

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It is good, but not that good, as it is said by the people, It is appropriate when you have to host a single website and you need a 50GB Space. You need a data center in USA or you want to use the Sitebuilder at that time. You can take the Bluehost If you are getting it as a discount option, then you can buy it. According to me, you will get the better value on the FastComet Plans. Pricing is similar and it is cheap.

You get a $ 6.95 Choice Plus Plan, whereas you would get the top plan in $ 5.95. They have good features, speed support and I have done it a review on my blog, which you can find out through “. I Button” Fastcomet has more Data Centers. It is also in Bangalore, India, So, according to me fast comet is a good, better option. So that’s all for this article HIT LIKE BUTTON and SUBSCRIBE to this blog

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