Bluehost Tutorial – How to Upload HTML Files to Your Website

This article is part 2 on the how to set up an opt-in page. So you can start building your email list right in this article. I’r going to show you how to upload those the files that we edited in part 1 using the HTML editor upload them using Bluehost, so they can show up on your website. Everyone can see and you can start turning your visitors into subscribers prospects and leads alright.

So this article is pretty it’s going to be pretty quick, it’s easy and straightforward! I’r going to show you how to use the the file manager in Bluehost calm in the backend of Bluehost. So let’s get started here. We are and Bluehost.Com i’m going to log in all right, great we’re going to scroll down file management. Click on file manager, click on go here. We are awesome, you’re, going to see a list right here to the side you’re going to go to publish public HTML you’re going to open that up.

So I’m going to be doing it on my main domain and the actual page that I’m going to be creating, and this is very important, the actual page I’m going to write it right here. It’s going to be inbound Pro got net for slash landing right like landing page, so I need to create a new folder in the file manager called landing and put the opt in page that I edited inside this folder. So that’s what we’re going to be doing right now, so you need to figure out what you want your page to be so you can create this folder right now.

So let’s go do that so I’m going to go up here! Click on new folder, I’m going to call it landing, create new folder. I will go into landing oops. I got ta click it on the side here, so the directory is empty rate. I need to upload the file. Then click on choose file. I’r going to upload the index file first and, as you can see in the bottom right hand, corner it has been is complete. I can go back and there it is now.

I need to create an images folder so inside the landing folder. I click again. New folder call: this images create a new folder there. It is so I have to go to the folder now it’s empty. I need to add my book image right. So I’ll go to upload. Choose file once again go to images. Click on, I think, we’re using the audio report so we’re going to open it once it’s complete go back and there it is the audio reports.

Bluehost-shared-hosting-plans-2.png” style=”width:500px”>

So I created the page write the landing page folder and I inserted the index.Html file. This index.Html file is our opt-in. Page, the one we edited in part 1, it’s very important that this file is named index.Html. This tells the server that this is the main page inside this directory. So when people go to inbound pronet for slash landing, the server will pick this file to show. Let me show you what that looks like, so I’m going to go up here to my handy-dandy bra typing, inbound Pro dotnet for slash landing press enter and there it is the page that we just edited how to increase your traffic 50 % in 30 days.

Free report shows you how it’s really as simple as that, so every time someone enters their email address right there, I’m going to show you exactly what that looks like sign me up: here’s the page that we chose from Aweber and if we head over to the Subscriber page for this list, if we click on refresh here, I am confirmation pending. I have to go and confirm that I actually entered my my email address on that page, so I can be added to that list.

It’s a double opt-in! Okay, so it’s really that simple, the more people you send over to this page, the more and more and your list will grow. I hope you found this useful if you did. Let me know in the comments share the article and I’ll see you next time. Take care bye,

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