Bluehost With WordPress Review. Is Bluehost hosting good for beginners?

Com and I ’ ve. Made it my mission to help you find the best and easiest ways of building websites. I support the reviews that I do and the free Tutorials that I provide on my YouTube Channel and on my website using affiliate links.

So if you like the products that I talk about, In my articles – and you want to learn more use, the links in the description below These links cost you nothing extra and they Provide me with a little bit of a commission that helps me to keep reviewing testing and Creating tutorials And if there ’ snany, discounts that I can Offer, I ’ ll, be sure to include those with the links down below. So if you ’ re, looking to get started, building A website you ’ re, probably are looking for the right for web hosting companies to help You get started If you are new to building websites.

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Bluehost Is the right hosting company for you to get started with Of all of the hosting companies that I have Tried they are by far the easiest for beginners to use. One of my big complaints about hosting is That managing the hosting and navigating the settings can be a bit confusing, especially If you ’ re new to website hosting and configuring your hosting setup, Bluehost does a great job of helping you get.

Started and helping you figure out what you need to do. My favorite feature of Bluehost is their walk. Me thru feature This makes getting some of the basic tasks That you need to do to get your hosting setup and configured really easy by literally walking You thru step by step on how to do it. You ’ ll, find the walk. Me thru feature on The bottom left of the screen – It has a list, the most common tasks that people Want setup on their hosting account, You just select what you want to do.

For example, Set up email at your domain, Just click on the create an email account. Button and then you will be guided on the screen on all of the steps that you need to Set up your own email account, It really couldn, ’ t be any easier. The basic account also include daily weekly And monthly backups of your website. So if you need to restore your entire site to a Previous state, you can do that, and Bluehost also has some great tutorials for both WordPress And their hosting service so that you can get the help that you need on building your Website or with your hosting So if you are new to this whole website, building Thing – and you want to have a bit of extra help from your hosting company.

Bluehost is A great company to go with, If you want some guidance on getting Bluehost Setup and installing and configuring WordPress on Bluehost click on the link here or in the Description below this article, where I have a free tutorial on setting up your hosting With Bluehost and how to install WordPress on Bluehost, It ’ s pretty straight forward, but there ’ s. Definitely some important steps that you don’t want to skip.

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You can learn more about Bluehost for yourself, By using the link below and if you want some help building your first website, I ’ ve got A great tutorial series that will introduce you to some easy to use website design tricks. That I ’ ve learned and I ’ ll walk you thru, exactly how to build and setup your website. Using some of the best and easiest tools for WordPress So check that series out using the link at The end of this article or in the links below, If you want more reviews, tips and tricks, To help you build websites, easy be sure to subscribe, to my youtube blog and visit Me at realwebsitehints.

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