Clickbank Affiliate Case Study (DAY 1 of 60) using Vidnami [Content Samurai]

My name is Christian Warfel, thanks for taking the time to check out this article in which I’m going to be covering day, one of my clickbank affiliate case study using vid Nami. Now, if you readed my previous article, I did mention that we do that. That was day one. There was a mistake that was actually just an introductory article covering and showing what I was going to be doing throughout the throughout the case study day, one was actually yesterday.

So the way this is going to work is essentially every day I cover stuff or I do the work that I need to do and the case study and then once the day is over the following day. I show you the results and well if there are any results, but I show you all the stuff I did and results of what happened the previous day. Okay, so yesterday was day 1 starting this whole thing and then today is technically day two, but i’m covering what I did yesterday and then they tomorrow I’ll be covering day two, which is today all that touch stuff.

Just like that. Alright, now there are a few other things that I did pick up that I’m going to be using to help me with this. You know, as I go through this case study that I didn’t mention or cover in the introductory article I mentioned about Emily show and the thing is I’m trying to show you everything I’m doing so that you can. You know actually go out there and replicate this stuff. Try to do it.

For yourself, I did mention that I was going to be creating a new Clickbank account, so I did that yesterday. This was the old account as I’d shown in the previous article. So this is the old account you can see my username. This is the. This is the account that I you know that I always that I’ve been shown in all my you know all my previous articles, and I did mention that when I create a new account, I wouldn’t be showing the my clickbank ID okay, but this is the old Account actually, this is an old page as well.

I need fresh that, because today is the 16th I’m still showing. I just want to show you an accurate. What happened? Oh that’s! What that is. It’s the login to my master, account master code makan. What I need to be doing some logging into this old account, so I can show you what it looks like today, all right, so this is a up to date. So this is the old account. My you know. Username you’ve been used to seeing for hunting for a while chris moore, and these are the stats.

If I go to the reporting section well, I already have it open on the next page. This is the reporting section of that old account. You can see my username up there up there, so you can see there’s a graph here from the previous 14 days and then sound messy. It is with all the different things that i’m trying and tested left and right. I wanted to create a new account, which is what I did yesterday to start this afresh and just show anything from scratch see wheels.

So I can show you what it looks like so this is that no account okay, it’s the dashboard, a new account. Of course, I learned out the blurred out the username. As I said, I would so this guy, you know, got the Welcome when you do sign up for a new Clickbank account. This is what its going to look like when you first open up. Your dashboard is going to have that welcome message over there and then you know you go punches.

0. It’s all over the place. Ok, so this is the new account there’s pretty much like zeros everywhere. That’s what it should look like for you once you once you once you sign up for a new account and if I go to the reporting section as well, where’s that up here you’ll see the difference as well as compared to that whole one. So you’ll see everything is flat flat line 0 0 stairs across-the-board down here and no products for money or anything.

I did, however, post the first article yesterday to I haven’t, put my affiliate link in there just yet, but I need to go and do that. But yes, I do. I did post the first article yesterday that I’m you know that was created using Vietnam II. I keep mentioning Vietnam II. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go check out the first article, the previous article to this one and the I will create a playlist for this, so you can have everything all together in one place.

The introductory article covers everything and in a nutshell, Vietnam II is a article creation software and that’s what I’m using to create a bunch of these articles to promote these Clickbank products and I’m going to be posting them on YouTube. If you want to try it for yourself, there’s a link in the description below the speaker, they got a seven day free trial and all the articles you create and get to keep them.

This is what it looks like. Okay, if you click the link in the description below it’ll, take you to this page. I think your page that looks like this. We can sign up some day free trial, but it’s actually cold. Like I said, it’s like recalled Vietnam II, but they you know it used to be called content center. Are they switched over to Vietnam II when you sign up here, you’ll, be able to go to konami, calm and sign-in, and this is what the inside of the account looks like? Okay, this is this is where you’ll go like you, click the link in the description below will take you to this page sign up and everything that you’ll be able to log in either contents, my calm or calm.

When you do login, this is essentially what it’s going to look like. These are my articles that I’ve created thus far. One thing that I did if I, if you remember the first article I mentioned, that I picked up a package as well just the kickstart. This thing getting going that had a bunch of it, was like pretty much like a PLR package promoting with articles created using fit Nami. Okay, I was a you know.

This is another marketer who used bitNami to create a review articles. Okay for the top. You know top Clickbank products on Clickbank is like the top 10 or so at the time of the other time you recorded. These were like the top 10 great Mac products. If you want to check that out, get it for yourself as well. The link description below for that as well. This is this is the paid the sales page or so, and you can actually oh should have mentioned.

You can actually see a sample of the articles. Okay, the articles that I will be using to promote okay, these are so, if you click that link it’ll. Take you to this page and you’ll, be able to play the articles and see what they look like. You’ll. Give you an idea of the sort of articles of some of the articles that I’m using to promote and then, if you do decide to get it for yourself. These are.

This is what the members area looks like Steve Chase is the guy who created the PLR stuff. These are the different products. Okay, so essentially I’m telling you these are some of the products I’m going to be promoting right. So these are the taught the PLR articles were on left to toxin resolution. I’ll keep diabetes remedy. I think I’m going to be promoting that one Clickbank University, all these ten right here these are these – are these? Are the you can see them right there? Those are the ten different PLR articles.

You would get okay if you’ve decided to. If you decided to you know, get this package, and I only got it just the kind of kickstart to just have a bunch of articles that I can quickly just start going and uploading and then once I get those out of the way I’ll, you know I’ll Be making my own articles using, I also be using, I will get like him. Plr content from a website called ID PLR I’ll, have a link in the description below for that as well.

You can go check that out. It’s you can sign up for free and started using a bunch of PL our stuff that they have that’s what I’ll be using these. So these will there’ll be a bunch of articles in here which I’ll use modify a little bit to suit. Whatever I’m trying to promote – and I will put that content in in Vietnam II generate articles that way, if that doesn’t make any sense, there’s a link in the description below that will take you to a article that I created showing you how it nah works.

Okay, so just essentially just check check the description and I’ll have a bunch of links showing everything that I’m using they’ll be an outline of all the different products that I’m using or tools that I’m using to help me with this with this case study. Okay. So, that’s that I do Pilar it’s a pretty pretty awesome they do have. I know they do have an advanced by kids with gives you all the availability and more stuff, but you can sign up for free and you’ll be able to use.

I think it’s like 200 different, though two hundred different PLR resources that you can use for free, just grab and start using okay. That is that for now on. So that’s what I did yesterday, like not you know. The other thing I did was creating a bunch of setting up my social media profiles and web 2.0 and stuff that I’m going to be using to help me rank these articles that I create any questions that you have just leave it in the comment section below.

Vidnami.jpg” style=”width:500px”>

I will be glad to answer. I mean I don’t have a massive following, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to answer every single question that is posted down below. So you have any don’t hesitate to ask, I will be sure to answer and – and you can ask anything if it’s in terms of like anything that you don’t understand pertaining to this case, of what I’m doing just just go ahead. Ask in the comments below and I’ll do the best I can to help you out there.

Alright, thanks for taking the time to read, and I will catch you hopefully tomorrow, where I will be covering the stuff that I covering the results. If any from today’s work is well I’ll be, and I should probably started getting some flakes and all that kind of stuff, but I’ll share like how many so far, I’ve only got one article up. Okay, one article up – it’s only got one view, but by the end of today I hope to have several more articles and the first new actual article that I have up two days from this PLR package that I that I purchased okay.

So it’s one of the articles from there, but that’s it for now. Okay, like I said any questions asked below resource sections below showing you. I have all this stuff that I’m using and I will catch you tomorrow. Ciao

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