Clickbank Case Study – Clickbank Affiliate Case Study (100 days in) using Vidnami [Content Samurai]

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to check out my clickbank affiliate case study using bid Nami as of today. We are today is actually day 105, so 105 days in, but in this article I’m only going to be covering activity through days through the day 100. All right, we have quite a bit. This is going to be a pretty long article.

So here’s actually, if you know how I got brought out she to pay for your, so I don’t forget about all the different things I want to talk about. So basically, I’m just going to give you a quick rundown and what I’m going to be covering in this article right. So basically six key points or key topics. I guess number one I’m going to give you a recap. You know of the you know everything. That’s transpired three days: they 100.

Okay, so I’ll show you the stats how much money I’ve made all the type stuff number tune. A second thing. That second item is I’m going to be talking about how I plan to take things to ten thousand dollars per month. Okay, ten thousand dollars per month is the goal I’m going to talk about how you know how I intend to get there number three, I’m going to talk about my ultimate short-term goal of getting to $ 1,000 per day.

All right, I’m going to cover that as well number four and the agenda is. I got a new blog that I’m going to talk about basically a new blog starting or which I’ve created a long time ago, but I’m actually going to start. Finally start posting content. There tell you what that’s all about and then number five I’m going to just basically talk about things that I’ve learned from the first 100 days and what I’m looking to improve and do it a little bit differently from you know to you know on the next 200 day at the next hundred days you know 200, 300 and so forth, and then, lastly, I’m going to be addressing a couple link wires.

I’ve been getting. You know, I’ve had a cook. I’ve had a couple people asking me whether I’m going to create a course around. You know what I’ve been doing in this case that you know showing detailing everything. I was like, showing people exactly how to do what I’ve done. So I’m going to be addressing that. Okay, that is pretty much everything that I’m going to be covering in this article. Okay, all right get your coffee.

If you have any this is I think I have a feeling. This is going to be quite a long article, but Before we jump into all that, what you looking at on the screen right now is the homepage of Vietnam E, which is a software I’ve been using. That has been solely responsible for generating all the sales that I have been able to generate thus far in this case study, if you don’t know what it is and you’re just joining me for the first time, it is a article creation software that enables you to Create articles without you, without putting your face on camera, if you don’t want to without bring your voice on camera, if you don’t want to okay, they do have a 14-day free trial, which you can access by clicking.

One of the links in the description below only thing about that 14-day free trial is you: do you will not have full functionality right, you’re not going to have access to the artificial voices which are really good, and then the articles you create are going to have Watermarks on them all right now to get around that, there is another speech text-to-speech software which I’ve been using coal, which I’ve which I’ve purchased not too long ago, I’m yet to use it.

It’s called speech all up. Okay, I’ve seen articles where the voices are and the voices on that are probably just they’re actually better than the ones on good nominee, believe it or not as good as the ones I’ve get Nami are at the ones. First from speech, ello are even better. Okay, so you can use that if you don’t want to put your voice on the articles you create during your trial. You can use that, as you know, as it as an alternative right now, if you just want full functionality, full access to bid Nami owls.

So how it would probably be the second link in the description below you will be able to get it at 25 percent off okay for life right and you can access it immediately, get full functionality and start creating articles going to town doing the same thing. I’ve been doing thus far. Okay, all right! That’s not the way! Let us talk about now this the one 100 day. Recap: okay! So this that’s how far what things are looking like, so I’m going to jump into my Creek bank dashboard okay days, 100 went all the way to July 9th was day 100, okay, so the end of July night.

So I’m basically going to be covering you know. I’r going to be talking, you know, showing you stats and more detail stats from stuff that I did through July 9th, as you can see, jump ahead a little bit. I am just it’s kind of nice to see that I’m averaging about two hundred and fifty dollars per week canal. You know for the past three weeks and if I continue that trend I’ll put me on a path to making thousand dollars per month with just this alone, but when I’m not getting that far right now, let’s just talk about like the first 100 days.

So let me go ahead and jump into my analytics, so we can take a look at that. Alright, so I’ve already gone ahead and I’ve gone ahead and you know just the dates from April 1st through July 9th. That’s you know when I started April 1st and July 9, Thursday 100, and you can see the trend like how this is out. I’r showing you this for a reason right. If you do decide to start this right, don’t expect to see results overnight.

All right, unless you start doing like some crazy, you know like backlinking and trying to rank these. You know Google right from the start, something I did not do that. I will be changing in the floor and you know with my next hundred days. I only started back blinking a little little bit late and but majority of the majority of this increase that you see here happen basically organically without me necessarily trying to force the issue with any major backlinks per se.

These were just little social. You know social backlinks like when you know Facebook, Twitter stuff, like that, and that’s where I started seeing some you know start seeing a little bit of traction, but I strongly believe even without those backlinks, that this increase would have happened and basically you can expect it Takes about 2 to 3 for your articles to start kicking in and YouTube to start showing you some love, assuming that you are constantly posting okay, ah, you know the hundred day market.

Basically, I’ve created thirty to thirty articles. Okay and that’s really small. I should have you know if I initially intended to be making a article per day to get uh. You know such as I’d have a hundred articles by the end of the hundred days, but I kind of slacked off there. Looking back in hindsight, I wished and I felt I wish I had done that because I know I could have been making more money there.

Let me go ahead and move myself out of the way, so you can see the stats. I have made no secret of the product that I have been promoting. Okay, you can actually go check. My if you want, if you, if your new year, I’ve got I’ll, have a link to the playlist below that has all the articles in there. Some of my earlier articles, you’ll see, I revealed the product that I was promoting. That’s the only one, that’s the only one I have been promoting, but going forward, I’m going to start promoting a lot of several other products which I won’t necessarily be revealing, but I just revealed that one.

You know this one product as far just so people can have some context. I have an idea of you know like what, basically, what I’m doing alright and then let’s see, what’s the next thing here, here’s the other thing I want to talk about paychecks right since I started one of the things with Clickbank right. You’ve got to have at least five different. If you’re, you know, if you’re starting new, you got to have at least five different five sales with an emulsifier sales, you have to have at least two different methods of payments, so, whether it’s PayPal or Discover or Visa, MasterCard or whatever else is out there.

They just want to see at least five sales and two different, two different payment types and which is why you know. What’s up when I initially had sales, I didn’t have many paychecks sent out to me. That’s what the CDR is. Customer distribution requirement. That’s what it stands for, and it’s basically what I just explained it so once you meet that cross, that threshold you’ll start getting checks.

Good thing is, I just went ahead and set mine too direct deposit in my business account so basically on a weekly basis. I’ll have as long as I continue making sales on a weekly basis. I’ll continue. You have. You know my payments direct deposited every single week right. So that’s that now I’m going to jump into basically section two right where I was talking about how I intend to try to get to ten thousand dollars per month right.

That was the the account the Clickbank account that I showed you was the one that I it was in. One of my you know account several. I have like multiple big bank accounts. That was one of the ones that I created specifically for this case study, and this was one that I’ve been showing over and over over the years. Right like this is like my like, was kind of like my test Clickbank account, and this kind of leads me into what I want to talk about with regards to regards to jumping into.

I guess what I could call phase two like you know the next 200. You know the next 100 days and I’m basically looking to try to scale this up to ten thousand dollars, but on which, essentially, this 100 day mark would be the end of my case study using bitNami, because in F and if I effort to get to $ 10,000 per month, there’s some additional things that I want to employ. I’r still going to be using Vietnam II.

Vidnami-vs-invideo-video-marketing-showdown.jpg” style=”width:500px”>

Don’t get me wrong, so that’s going to be. Probably not probably this part that’s going to be my primary driving force to drive me a force to drive traffic right. The thing is with the first 100 days and all those sales that you saw me generate. Oh, I forgot to mention. I did not even mention how much money I had made in total. Let me go back one second, so the total amount I had made. It was eight hundred and $ 49 sixty nine cents.

So, basically, over those first hundred days, I generated a total of 158 hundred, basically just called $ 850 right using bonanni in this case study. But here’s the main thing right. The thing I did it using bid nominee and bid nami only I was direct linking right. I was creating these articles on youtube and direct linking to the product, and that’s why I say that’s kind of like the end of that case study in a sense because now going forward, I’m going to start employing some other tools and other things which expands outside The scope of bid, not me alone right, I’m still going to be using bid Nami to drive traffic, but I’m going to be using websites as well.

You know landing pages and all and I’ll explain exactly why. That is the case. Alright, so here on, this test account right. This is one of the things I’ve been doing in the background. There is another product right now. You know when my search for different products that I wanted to add to promote, there’s another product that I’ve been promoting and what happened was in that particular case. I was direct linking right.

I basically created maybe a couple articles or so that generated, and you know I managed to get about 400 clicks, and this was over the span of maybe two three forma I don’t know it was away, was a while right after 400 clicks right. I had 400 clicks direct link clicks right with the article I created using bid Nami going to the prod to the sales page, and I didn’t get a single sale. All right, I didn’t get a single sale.

However, I was getting weird form impressions, which was enough to tell me that there definitely is some kind of interest there. You know, for you, know, people for that particular product. So what I decided to do now was to put in a landing page where I could pre sell the product first and see if I can get sales that way. Obviously, the number of clicks I was getting per day dropped significantly, but the quality of the clicks now that I started getting, went up wholly went up and all of a sudden, I started getting sales right now.

You know after getting 400 clicks and no sales. All of a sudden I went to getting a sale or two sales for every 100 clicks that I was getting you know and that’s basically what I would you see here on the screen here. That’s what I was testing over here and so basically I am going to in my efforts to get to ten thousand dollars per month, but you know I’m going to start using websites as well right in addition to the traffic that I get from Vietnam II.

So I send it instead of sending the traffic directly to the sales page, something you know in cases where I see where I see the need to send to a pre-sale page. First, that’s what I’m going to do I’ll, send it to you know like I’m, going to start basically building websites and of course I use Bluehost Bluehost is who I’ve been using to build my website. So I do have the link in the description for that as well.

If you want to try, if you want to get yourself, do you want if you want to sign up start building websites as well? The other thing, too, is um, I’m also using you know. Basically landing pages, the landing page creation software I uses leadpages, but I connect that to my websites. You don’t have to use that if you don’t want to use them, you can just do like a do-it-yourself type thing right. As a matter of fact, these particular sales actually came from a straight up blog post, where I was making a review of the product right.

That’s basically how I pre-sold pre-sold the product so I’ll, sending the traffic. You know from YouTube to that review and they read the review and it looked good and then all the sudden now they started you know they started buying. Alright, so remember that I sent 400 clicks direct linking the sales page granted was not a DSL right. Vsos tend to convert a little better article sales letter, but I sent 400 clicks no sales those same and that same traffic source.

I started sending them now to a pre sale page. Where I had a review of the product. I was promoting and then I started getting sales right. So that’s one thing: I’m going to be doing I’m going to be adding into the picture going forward and hence the reason why I’m not it’s not going to be there’s no longer strictly a bid. Nami case that you’re so, but it would be the same playlist I’ll, just basically show the progression of what I’ve done.

You know this is like you know. I guess, like I said earlier, call it like phase 2 or so alright and that basically the way I intend to get there. You know I’m going to be promoting several other products, I’m going to create like different blogs as well. You different YouTube blogs and they are going to be in the four major issues right well, evergreen, niches, right, so health we’ve heard you probably heard this before.

But if you haven’t, you probably really want to pay attention to this. So any health related stuff wealth. All right, that’s anything related making money relationships right. So that’s love dating self-help, type stuff. You know and then spirituality right. Those are going to be. The four areas in which I’m going to be creating new YouTube blogs around. Where I’m going to use bitNami articles to create to do you know an upload to article to generate traffic in some cases I’ll be direct linking other cases I’ll be sending them to my related niche website.

Okay, so I’m going to be doing that and that’s I mean that’s going to be my main driving force right so with you, as you saw before, I was on track to doing two hundred and fifty dollars per week. So now I basically got you know like crank: grant cardone I’ve got a 10x that right I’ve tried. I’ve got to get to two thousand five hundred per week, which would put me at roughly ten thousand dollars per month.

That’s the rule easier said than done. I don’t know how long it’s going to take me because and, as you know, I’m fully transparent here, I’m not trying to be some, I’m not faking it. So I make it that thing or some. You know a lot of these. I guess fake gurus come on YouTube and create articles about how to make money on fake bank and they’ve never made any money on fake Bank. I’ve never done it before.

So I don’t know how long it’s going to take me right, but I’m just going to you know plug away. You you’ll be able to see this Clickbank journey as I go along I’ll. Just be sharing everything as I go along right. So just want to be very open about that. I don’t die. I might not. Even I might not succeed right, but it’s what I’m shooting for alright. So now. The third thing was the you know my ultimate goal of getting to $ 1,000 per day right.

So with what I’m doing you know with free traffic, I’m trying to get to at least $ 350 per day, which would put me at a $ 10 gruffly $ 10,000 per month. Once I get to that stage, I’m going to be looking to start getting into paid traffic right. So from that 350 per day, I want to be able to take the hundred out of there and put $ 100 per day into paid advertising and try to scale that way. Right and the ultimate goal is, you know.

Ultimate short-term goal is to get to $ 1,000 per day in profit. Okay and probably using you know, paid ads and the way I’m going to I’m going to be using primarily my primary source is going to be Facebook, Facebook Ads right and I’ve actually purchased. There’s a course I purchased for that a while back and I’ve just even though I didn’t have the funds to get into you know the kind of funds that I really wanted to get into paid ads.

I still went ahead and got the corsets Commission here. Oh, if you want it’s by the number one Clickbank affiliate in the world, if you want to check it out, I’ve got a review of a review or my review of the product, thus far right. It’s going to be one of the links in the description below I’ll. Take you to my website, showing you like what I think about it like the whole process and all that how I purchased it and what I’m doing, how it’s going and that’s what I’m going to be using as you’ve noticed in a lot of his ads.

He’s. Basically touting how to get $ 2,000 per day right, a thousand dollars, but if you want to make a thousand dollars per day, but I’m in the group already I’ve already purchased the course – and I see you know numerous students happening day in day out, get into That there’s something there making tens of thousands. You know so I’m making 100k a month, it’s crazy, as that sounds, but anyway, I’m getting off track now.

So that’s basically that’s ultimate. Let’s ultimately want to try to get to. So unless you get to three hundred fifty dollars per day with free traffic or ten thousand dollars per month, and then from that I’ll be taking a hundred dollars every single day to put into paid ads specifically Facebook Ads I’ll, probably also do some YouTube ads as Well, I have this guy called Justin. Sorry may or may not have heard of that laughter.

I have his course as well and YouTube he’s like really big on YouTube, and that would be a great transition with YouTube as well, because I’ll still be able to use those big Nami articles all right in my my youtube ads. Basically, so those would be that now over to the first thing, I was going to talk about the new blog right. The new blog I was going to create is just basically going to be my name, so Christian Wuerffel I’ll go ahead and have a link in the description below to that.

If you want to go ahead and support subscribe to that blog, how does that blog going to be different from this one? Well, I want to kind of get back to. I want to get into like more of like tutorials and teaching stuff like that. Really you know when I show here is like my journey and all that, but I actually want to get into like the nitty gritty, because I see there’s a lot of articles on YouTube that show how to do stuff this on Clickbank lebra.

But I actually want to get into the nitty-gritty stuff, so I actually want to put up tutorials like how to say you know build a landing page, how to set up your autoresponder, how to put it, creating all that you know email, full of sequence and all That type the type stuff how to build your website will plug in see. You know technical stuff, technical stuff right. So I’m going to be I’m going to be doing that.

That’s going to be work actually in the end and intend to have, as my like, really my main blog right, like a personal branding blog so that it so to speak. So that’s that so I’ll have a link in that. Please go ahead and subscribe to that blog as well. I’d love to I love to have you guys for crossover. That way then see it was the other thing. The fifth thing I was going to talk about basically things that I’ve learned things that are going to fix, which I’ve already touched on quite a bit.

Vidnami-Alternative.png” style=”width:500px”>

You know well actually, there’s something major that I have not mentioned. So when you, you know with Vietnam me right when you go to get these articles on YouTube, there’s two aspects of it right, there’s ranking not only on YouTube but ranking on Google. Google is the biggest is number one search engine right. If you can rank here. If you can rank your articles on Google, even if you’re not ranking on you, there’s a huge, you have a huge potential of getting with the views that you get from the rankings you get on YouTube.

That will help that will help to get your rankings on YouTube up. Alright – and one thing that’s really exciting to me – thus far – is the fact that a lot of the articles that I have doing well performing well, that have generated me most of the sales at the moment on YouTube are articles that, were there basically ranking just on Youtube I had not even like their ranking at the top. You know the top on YouTube, but they’re not even ranking on Google, yet so I’m just by the time.

I start you know doing like SEO and sending backlinks to those same articles that are already performing well. I can only imagine like how much better you know like getting to that. You know getting you know getting to that 350 per day mark is going to. You know that’s going to really be a big. It’s going to take me that much closer, a lot quicker, considering that these results that I have right now are without any traffic from Google.

So I know that once I get those ranked on Google, so that’s the thing to take away from here right when you, if you create your articles and you’re, not ranking, don’t worry about that focus primarily actually on ranking them on Google right and those rankings. You get who’s going to give you views. What are the two main things, because what really matters on YouTube is views and read time right. So, if you create good articles that keep people engaged and they read them, that’s going to help your performance on YouTube right.

So rank on Google rank on Google and get up there get the views that you need and read that you need and then that’s going to help you slowly get up the rankings on YouTube. So that’s really one of the biggest takeaways that I taken from there. All right that was the stuff of learn, and then the last thing I want to talk about is addressing this whole issue of I’ve. Had several people already asked me if I’m going to create a course, you know around, like Vietnam me and the case study that I’ve done, you know to generate these sales right here all right on this particular on this account to generating stub sales here and the Short answer to that question is no.

I didn’t necessarily have any plans, the idea that I wasn’t necessarily thinking about, creating a course that I was in his cell or so but – and I you know to be I’m flattered. To be honest, like thank you I didn’t expect, I didn’t necessarily expect that there would be that much interest in me, creating of course what I will do right. What I will do is I will go ahead and create a course, but it’s going to be free but of course, there’s always a catch to it.

It’s like I’m not just going to give it out right. Basically, I’m going to have it as a bonus for anybody that purchases any of the courses that I recommend I’ll have them in the description below so obviously, because I’m obviously because I want to get into paid ads with Facebook ads because I’m using this to build. My budget right – I’ve already purchased Commission here. Oh so, if you purchase Commission Hero through my link right just send me an email, via my contact form on my website.

I’ll, have a link to it down there in the description below and just send me your receipt. Your Clickbank receipt – and I will give you free access to a course that I will be creating right that will these go I’ll, be creating so that you can go in further detail to replicate. You know in an effort to try and replicate these results that I’ve generated here so that you too can also try to build a budget and use it for paid ads.

If you don’t have one already right, so you purchase commission here through my link. Alright, that’s one option alright, because I’m giving several options because I get that there might be some people who just don’t want to deal with Facebook ads at all. Alright. So if you purchase that, through my link I’ll give you free access to the you know my course that I’ll create it’s not, of course I intend to sell at least not right now I really didn’t have any plans to create.

Of course I don’t sell, but there’s been enough people asking so I will create a course, but I’ll be offering it as a bonus for anybody that purchases any of those of the courses that I’m mentioning right now. So Commission here is one the other one. Is the course the YouTube ads course by Justin? Sorry that I was telling you about why the names not coming to mind right now, but anyway, I’m blanking on that one.

But I’ll have that down in the description below right. If you purchase that – and that’s also going to be something I’m going to be using to in an effort to get to that thousand dollar day mark with YouTube ads, it’s hand in hand with bid Nami and then, lastly, if you purchase a super affiliate system by John crostini, which covers Facebook, YouTube solo ads as well and a bunch of other stuff as well a native native ads, and all that obviously, is not not as in much detail.

As you know, as the individual forces, like you know, Commission here, which focuses on Facebook ads and the youth and the YouTube one that focuses on YouTube ads right. But I’m sure you, you know if you might have come across John Frusciante before, but his course would be the other one. If you purchase that through my link, I will give you access to my course as well. The only thing about it here are the three things I want to point.

I point out: if you get Commission Hero I’ll, give you instant access because they don’t have they don’t have the 60-day money-back guarantee right? It’s there. It’s I think it’s non-refundable and his policy behind it, I believe, is because he they know that they know it works right. The thousands of successful students and, of course the creek bank, has vetted him. You know. Obviously they wouldn’t allow him to just have like a non-refundable non-refundable policy right.

I think with them. You can only refund after twelve months or something like that, but so, if you get that I’ll, give you instant access, if you get the YouTube ads force, alright I’ll give you access to my course after the 30 day after the refund period ends. Okay, because I know I’ve seen this before they’re people who will go ahead, of course, just to get a bonus on their refund right away. That’s that I’m not I’m not having that here.

So if you purchase that one you’ll have to wait till the refund expiration and then I’ll give you, you know I’ll give you access to my course, which again is not for sale. It’s just it’s a free bonus and then, if you purchase super affiliate system, but John cursed Ani, once the 60 day refund period has expired, then I’ll give you access to my to my bid Nami course. Essentially, now, if you don’t want to wait on all that, then the answer would be to just go ahead: buy Commission hero which focuses on Facebook ads, and you can get instant access to this because it’s basically a non-refundable.

You got to wait 12 months before you get a refund yourself all right. That is everything. This has been a pretty long article. I got all the information in. I believe I did, but if you did stick to the end man you’re trooper, I appreciate you tells me something about you as well. Tells me that you really you really want to get forward. You actually want to learn. I did you know: sheriff had some good stuff in here, one quick gem as well, by the way, if you do decide to go with some Facebook Ads, here’s a quick tip all these sales that you generate.

If you get your Facebook pixel right on the vendor sales page, you will season your pixels so much so that all these free sales are you’re. Getting once use transition over to Facebook, you’re going to have like a much smarter pixel, that’s going to be able to go out there and find customers similar to ones that have already purchased and help you increase your return on investment, a lot quicker if that went Over your head, don’t worry about it.

It’s something you’ll understand once you get into Facebook Ads, but that’s just one little nugget. I wanted to share right there all right. Thank you. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read this article go ahead and check out all the links in the description below for all the things that I mentioned this article and I will catch you in the next one. I will continue to make updates. Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to make updates I’ll, probably try to do them like every other day, if I’m getting a bunch of results.

If not, I will be like five days every ten days, depending on what kind of results I’m getting all right. I will continue I’ll be sharing this. You know it takes me 200 days, three hundred days, four hundred days, five and however long it takes me, I’m going to continue going until if I ever hit that point where I feel like okay, this is too much. I can’t make it I’m not going to make it to ten thousand dollars per month.

You know, I don’t think I can do it, but I think it’s possible. I think I can do it. If you can make a hundred dollars right, you can make a thousand. You can make ten thousand right. It’s just a matter of time. Thank you. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read this article and I will catch you in the next one. Ciao you you

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