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Article just want to show you inside of the admin area as well as what a member would see when they log into one of your membership sites. So it’s really super easy to to navigate and to create a membership site in literally minutes. The first thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to log in to your dashboard, where you can see all the different membership sites that you are managing and you can see things at a glance so how many different projects you have.

The total number of members you have aggregated over all of your different membership sites and then you can see each one individually. So you can see you can go right directly to one of your membership sites. If you want to, you can see who the data is created, the number of members, the number of comments and then who is an admin for your members, their membership sites, so you’re able to have as many administrators as you want to.

Maybe those are people who are contributing content or moderating comments or adding new accounts. Whatever it may be, you can see all the different people who are contributing. Now we do have a few different options right directly from the dashboard. You can go and create a new project which I’ll do here in just a second, but you could also add, like quickly add a new member if you want to so all you need to do is just click on that button and you can add in someone, If you want to add someone manually, you can do that, but we also have lots of different payment.

Gay gateway integrations, so things like PayPal and stripe. You can integrate with now. We also have these Quick Links that you can go to manage your different membership sites or actually go inside of the configuration or setup area. But what I’ll do just for this demo is show you guys how to walk through the member, the the wizard that we have and how easy it is to set up your membership site. So you just click on create new project and it’s just going to take you through some basic membership settings.

So what you would do is just say this is, for you know, a project that I’m working on. So it call this like the outsourced project and you this will give you a unique membership. Url now, once you have this membership, URL you’re going to be able to create, what’s called a cname record, so you can have this mapped to one of your other domains. If you’d like to so, if you want to have them log in at say, you know members dot the outsource project, so it’s branded for your own URL.

You can do that at a later time. Okay, so you can just give this a description if you want to, and then you have the option to add a forum if you want okay, so you can either enable or disable it depending on. If you want to have that type of interaction, a pretty standard forum where people can post threads and people can reply to those threads okay, so that’s completely up to you. If you want to add that and then we’re going to hit next and we’re going to go into the design and branding options, so what we’ve done is we’ve created ten different themes that you can choose from in terms of your different look and feel so you Can go and and take a look at each of these different themes if you’d like and choose what what type of design you would like for your membership site.

So for this example, I’m just going to choose this design and we’re going to have that load and you can go in and change the look and feel whenever you want to. So it doesn’t really matter how you build out your site. Each of these themes will work with. However, you lay it out with your navigations and options, and so once you’ve selected your your design, you can choose like the the background, color the footer background, and then you could also upload your logo, so it shows up inside of the members area.

Okay, then, from there you can choose what integration you want to use for when somebody buys purchases your membership site, so you can integrate with PayPal. Stripe jvzoo, as well as digi results, were adding, in other integrations with like pay, kickstart and Infusionsoft, and some other integrations as well. So, depending on when you’re reading this article, there may actually already be some other solutions as well.

So it’s very simple: all you need to do is just if you want to process through credit cards. You’d have to use stripe if you want to process through PayPal, you’d have to obviously enable those and then set up those configurations. Okay, after that you’re going to choose all three different membership levels. So this is how, if you want to have different levels, maybe different price points. All you need to do is set up.

Those levels choose your price points, and then you also get an order link which we have these pre-configured checkout pages that look great. These have been tested before and these are beautifully designed. So, as you can see, they look great and then on step five here you just have to integrate with your email integration. So this is how, for everybody that gets added to your membership site, you can add them into your autoresponder.

So we have lots of different API integrations that will also have the ability to add in you know, if just a raw HTML form code, if you want to integrate with just any autoresponder now, we also have the ability to allow you to control your the templates That get sent out the the receipts like the customer receipts, then the welcome email and then the forgot password. So you can completely customize this with short codes, so you can tailor it for that specific member and you know, have it say what you want it to say then after that you’re going to click Next and you’re, going to go into your checkout pages.

So we have four different checkout page designs that you can utilize. So right now we’re using this one, but you can use any of these and they look great and then from there. You are ready to go so we’ve completed that setup and it brings you right into kind of the member membership dashboard. So this is where you can control where you know all of your different members. You can control the different member pages as well as site pages.

So there’s a difference between member pages and site pages. Let me just show you an example of one. So site pages would be kind of all of the navigation generally at the top. So it’d be like a Welcome page. Maybe a link to supports it could be, you know just just general navigation things and then usually your membership pages are something like like this. When you go into, you know: module one or week, one or however you’re going to structure your content and you can go and you can click here and then it’ll show you know the content and then the the post.

And then, if you have any types of downloads as well so, depending on the the design that you’re using you’ll, be able to structure, you know how how this stuff looks and how its laid out. But all you need to do to create a page. Just click on we’re going to go to member member pages, and then you can so basically you can create categories and then create pages underneath that category. So maybe this is, you know, module one and say who I want to give this access to so say this is for the basic level customers and enable this category and then from there I’m going to add this category.

So now that I have that module, I can go in and just create and start creating a new page okay. So this is, you know, page one whatever, and then you have just like a normal WYSIWYG editor. If you guys have ever used WordPress or any other content management solution, you should be pretty familiar with this kind of layout. You can just put in all of your content, your articles. You could have a little page excerpt which would show up on you know the the module on this page here would show up underneath as a description right and then you have your SEO settings.

membership-management-software.jpg” style=”width:500px”>

If you want to optimize this now, all this content is going to be locked down unless you make it free, which you can make it free or available to anybody. If you want to the majority of you, guys, are probably going to be locking this content. For members, but you can go in and you can publish this content if you want to choose a specific date that you want this to be published on. You can do that if you want to add a drip feed.

So when someone signs up, they don’t get access to this content, for you know, say eight days. Okay, you can attach a feature image if you want to select which category this this is. This content goes under, select who the the author is. You can enable or disable comments, and then we also have two different layouts, but we’re adding additional layouts as well. So, depending on how you want this content to be laid out on the page, you can choose how you want that to look okay and then you can just click on browse and then you can start to upload any images or PDFs or any type of downloads.

That you have that you want to, you, know, attach to a specific page. So that is how you’re going to add in your content. Again, you can do the same thing with site pages, like a welcome page, which that’s where everybody will go when they first log in to your membership site. Okay, then, you can go in and create your different navigations now, maybe depending on the navigation for a specific level, it may be different for for each level.

So all you need to do is just go and click on the nav, the page, the categories that you want and just start adding in where you want them to be so you have your top navigation, your sidebar navigation, you can add in custom links as well And you can just save that menu and then it’ll start to reflect on your the front end of your membership site. Okay, then again, this is where you can just start to go and edit any of the comments.

So when people are commenting, this is just your moderation queue here. You can easily delete or mark as spam or market approved or unapproved. Then we also have reports as well, so right now, there’s nothing showing, but as members start to come in, you can see your member activity sales history as well as your members count and then everything that we customized before you can go in here and change.

So we also have a theme editor, so you can go in if you, if you guys, are familiar with HTML and and and CSS and all that kind of stuff you can go in and actually change the the templates to do whatever that you want them to Do okay, but you don’t have to that’s just obviously an option, and you can also go back in here and click on like domain mapping. So if you want this to go to a specific URL that people will log into for your own site, you can do that in just a few minutes, and then you also have your admin area where you can start to add in different site admins.

That can help with controlling your comments and adding content and anything that you want to do from a day-to-day operational standpoint for your membership sites. So, as you can see guys, we do add lots of different features and functionality throughout you know as the this product evolved. So we’re going to when you look at it now, it may be a little bit different than how it will actually look, but we did try to add in as many features and functionality that you guys wanted based on all of your feedback, and we continue to Have our team add in additional features, so that was just a quick kind of run-through of a fresh member and we look forward to seeing you guys inside of the members area.

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