How To Add Addon Domain In Bluehost Hosting | Easy Tutorial

Bluehost Plans come with one free domain name, so any additional sites you want to have You need to purchase an additional domain name from a domain register if You haven’t already purchased an additional domain name, the two most Popular domain registers are GoDaddy and Namecheap.

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I personally get all my Domains from Namecheap as they provide free privacy protection with all domains, Unlike other domain registers and Namecheap has a cheaper renewal price Than others, you can of course, purchase an additional domain name with Bluehost If you have it, I provided a link in the description to all three companies. Adding a Bluehost add-on domain is a quick and easy process. Let’s get started.

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To start out, you want to make sure you point your domain name server to be Bluehost name server, whether your domain name is purchased via Bluehost or with Another domain register like GoDaddy or Namecheap. The steps are the same. You Need to log into the main register where you bought your domain name from and go To the nameservers section and input Bluehost name servers that I provided Below ns1 Bluehost, calm, ns-two Bluehost.

Com. If you need help in Pointing your domain name server from an outside domain register like GoDaddy I provided a link in the description to a article. I did going over the steps if You purchase your domain name with namecheap The link isn’t in the description going over the steps once you get your name Servers pointing to Bluehost, you can add add-on domain using Bluehost add-on. Domain feature to start: you want to go to Bluehost.

Com and log in to your Bluehost hosting account once you log in you, want to find in hover over the Domains: tab in the top menu. You will see a sign in the sub menu pop up click on a Sign if you purchase your domain name through Bluehost, you want to select the Top option in pick the domain name is associated with your account. If your Domain name was purchased through another domain register. You want to Select the bottom option and enter your domain URL.

Once you select the top Option or type in your domain, URL Bluehost will automatically verify the Ownership of your domain by checking the name server of your domain name, Bluehost will give you a few different ways. You can verify ownership of your Domain URL, if needed, one example is Bluehost, will have you Upload a sample file: this can be useful and save you downtime, if or when you Plan to migrate to an existing site on Bluehost next, you want to add your Domain as an add-on domain or parks domain, the difference between a blue House add-on domain in a Bluehost Park domain is a blue-ice parked domain.

Allows your main site to be reached via multiple domain names, an add-on domain Is if you want to use the main domain name as a separate site on its own, for Example, if you’re going to have a new WordPress, blog or website, then you want To add your domain as an add-on domain, you want to select create a new Directory and then click assign this domain Bluehost domain manager is going To automatically use your domain to give a directory to your domain, your domain, Directory structure is going to look like public HTML slash new domain, an Easier explanation of this is the files related to your primary domain is found.

Under the public, HTML of your Bluehost account when a new domain name is added. A new directory is added under public HTML with a new domain name. This makes It easy for individuals or webmasters to manage different file domains for Example, public HTML slash new domain site. That’s all there is to it that is How to add Blue Hose add-on domain Bluehost out on the main feature, I hope You enjoyed my complete step-by-step article tutorial on how to add, add-on Domain name: Bluehost, alright, guys thanks for reading that is My tutorial article on how to add add-on domain in Bluehost give this article a Thumbs up and subscribe to our blog for more wordpress tutorial articles leave Us a comment: we love here in front of you,

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