How To Build a Virtual Tour Profit System That Generates $10k Automatically

We reach this goal. Takes time takes delayed gratification. Some of you guys have a horrible horrible time with that I get it, I’m a human being too, but how to build a system.

How to turn your virtual tour leads into sales and the clients and the paying clients that are profitable and to actually take your hands off the wheel and let your employees that you hire take over. This is a hard thing for so mr. Grass by good, especially the perfectionist in all of us, you’ll notice with me, I’m not perfectionist by nature. Sometimes I am sometimes I’m not I’m trying to lead more tours, not being one because I was more freedom in that.

More time with my kiddos or time with my wife more time, just in general to think – and sometimes you need that as to be able to be a business owner who works on his business, not in his business right, you’ll notice that me at cloud pantoja, the Founder and CEO, I have a co-founder CTO, we sometimes get lost in the weeds, get dive into the weeds, I’m not in every customer certain requests. I help an every single person and we get a lot of inbound questions and partners behind these articles is like.

I can’t answer every question. I can’t run your business for you. I people ask me so many questions, here’s the deal you got to make twists yourself, but I’m going to help you I’m going to help you get there, but at the end of the day, it’s your responsibility as a as a as a human being and an Entrepreneur is something science entrepreneur, it’s something stirring inside you. Well it’s up to you to answer the call bro.

Okay, I’m not telling to be entrepreneur. I’r telling you it’s possible! Here’s some ideas Jose! I’r here some work from, but you husband to yourself. Okay, a sidenote Tanjung, okay, how to build a virtual profit system that is really profitable and also very efficient. As a system, I mean a system thinker, Robert Kiyosaki, in that – and the book called cashflow, quadrant iceball, being a systems thinker more important than being a small bazaar in.

I can see now why, as you have more success and how do you have more revenue coming in any more systems in place? It’s just the way it works, because if you can handle that that large inbound of revenue and customer requests and needs and value as you’re craving okay, so it’s whooping. Let’s do this! I’r going to start here. You’ve seen me talk about this before a little bit. If you spray anybody, too bright, aren’t clever in the bath a little bit one of the leading comes in your world and I’m going to talk about where leads can come from here a moment, I’m very good at generating lead by the way.

I want to help all you guys do that. I want to talk more about that. Actually. So if you have questions about that, let me know what we’ll come back to this. I’r going to believe for lead generation, decide what a lead comes in a man find out lead. You have to turn into a sale right, so put it down this way. Sale. You got a turn, you leave the sale sign a moldy sales, but I’m just writing down words.

You know you and you understand, si le turn it into a sale when it becomes a sale now notice, whether or not I’m walking through step. You know administrated past. You have to do so that maybe send out a puzzle that maybe send out an invoice that maybe scheduling so we have admin / scheduling because I’m just going to scrub. Look, they don’t care, it’s not perfectionist because we’re providing an on-site service.

There’s a scheduling aspect right: you’re not going to be able to just walk in the door and shoot it and leave, and you can sometimes, but it’s not very common right or prevented visible product. So if you’re always scheduling it’s take time. Like other thing, this is part of so I’m going to put an administrative scheduling together. Okay, that’s one thing: admin forget my terrible handwriting. So we we got a virtual tour schedule.

We’re in that location we go and shoot the photos. So P stands for photos right, P, P stands for post processing right, you can close. You have the assets, you post process them, whether you’re an advanced. You know old-school, DSLR shooter and your session thumbs together. You’re touching up the photo should make sure you look nice at a post process right and then, once you have the 360 photos that are edited, they look great now.

You do create a vertical towards them on a software platform like cloud Panem right. So that’s! That’s! The flow of the photo it goes in a cloud panel. You connect where Taurus takes you five minutes on the fastest monthly, most wonderful platform on on the planet, and then you set it back to your admin or in this case your back into administrative mode, and you are sending over to your client. So we’ll put the client up here.

Client owner has no idea what’s happening by the way you’ve explained the process to them. You made sure it sounds very expensive and then you send them an invoice right and they baby alright. Once you get paid, sometimes net 30 right there once well, when you get paid, that’s your goal, that’s the whole objective right, getting someone into this system and then out putting money on the other side right.

So you may get this from a you may get a lead from referral, which is what you should always ask for so always be asking for a referral. Whenever you finish, let’s make it once all in line, because that referral instead of utterly you can do it from an ad, could be on Google PPC very effective, very expensive. It could be a Facebook ad. So we’ll put a GI here, we’ll put a Facebook ad. Basically display advertising.

You guys have seen those from me on cloud panel. If you’re been around see what then I’m coming up I’m into the floor, you may have a Facebook guys you may have you may just do a straight-up cold call pitch. Okay, there’s a variety of ways to get leaves to come into your world. One of my favorites honestly is email. Now I never. I never send just one email. I’ve email campaign was an entire campaign.

I will do and if you blew and affected even looks like basically free. What’s not free, it’s very low cost, really highly high scale. I send through 240 miles to every Steel prospect on my list and it works gets response. If you run Italy yeah so read the flow and the different mindset, if I’m making that so, I’m alright I’m working on your firls or work on the level, because I’ve done any type of cold calling.

These are all different, different things you to do as a salesperson as a marketer to get to make those people raise their hands the I’m interested. Let’s do this bro they come to your world. It become a sale, you close them down. You take the photos, it post-processing make them look pretty. You make a personal tour on file pan out, so we have a flat pan out here. Let’s ride it out: okay, she’ll, don’t know popular calm, because the tours for you, because you’re on Pro Plus you’re, a pro plus member, got to fill it in there right.

Okay, so use your own domain name, which leads to more referrals. That’s why you use counter purpose. One reason that many, if you think about this Sales Administrator to skip scheduling, shooting the photos themselves, some actual photography itself on the whole picture of a camera after photography itself, the post, possum itself, there’s all different activities. Gosh! Alright, can you do it all? Are you a jack-of-all-trades, you may feel like you’re expert and that’s okay and it’s okay, to understand all these processes and you need to understand them, but you don’t have to do all them.

Okay, do you hear me, you don’t have to do everything and the smart business owner CEO just puts himself right up here on the studio and does whatever he can to replace himself in the whole process. So here’s the good strategy for you guys trying to hire your first hire. Your first hire needs to be a young photographer with single shot cameras. How you know how hard it is. Not it’s not that hard to place the camera in the center of the room at five foot, five inches and hide press a button at a ten minute.

Timer to the second timer can go hide cradle. Most photos is easy. It’s not! You can find a young college, grad or college student to do this for you and if they have classes or etc off it, and you can pay them hourly, you can stack a day for where he goes out and does five six tours for you and your Admin you can hire a virtual assistant to help you, you could hire a virtual assistant. Acting. My advice is the hire one from the Philippines.

They are excellent communicators and excellent and very attentive and they’re very affordable, because the cost of living is so much lower over there. So we’re in a global economy. It is what it is: we’re in a global economy, be kind and create trained an admin to do to build these systems with you so that they can scale your photographer, for you draw it out for army attitudes to do a screen share.

They schedule it for you. They talk to your client for you and you’ve escaped this process and, if you’re like me – and you don’t want to spend too much time in Lightroom or any kind of Photoshop wearing cup editing, you outsource your ending to same thing find an end they’re. Fine, probably too, okay, because you consider, because you never know if they don’t respond or whatever so fine. Two of them have one admin.

It meant one photographer at first ahead of it and it needs to have one buddy and then so the second guy. You can also hire train them. Both Pro Plus takes care of itself host everything for you, but your account arms bow piano. Can you can get that access to your admin right, so this person can make it before as well and they can email you over. The link exactly you prove this look through it yeah.

I prove I’m innocent work for you. They take care of the system. This person, this admin that she trusts now, because you know them really well, you can have them as a sub user, on your PayPal account and PayPal account and they can pay [ __ ] out invoices to your client. Okay, you see them staying here and even if they’re really good, if you’re really good, you can have have them take care of your post processors and they’ll pay you’re the payer photographers, those two min hours to them.

You train these person or two people, and now you have this whole business system in place and all you focus now is on beliefs. That’s it that’s your one focus. How do I build more or less get more leads, and I outsource lead list building a long time, not even have a small team in Pakistan actually who just hammers out lists these making lists and they’re awesome. I told what to do they just do it they’re great and they were very, very detailed, like they have the name of the company, the email, the address the phone number they copy and paste all day.

They charge me three dollars and fifty cents per hour, so affordable thing is, you can build one of these systems out once you have your first two customers coming coming in. You can build this out totally possible to do, but you have to have enough belief, flow inbound leaflet to do this. Email is yes, outbound cold calling it is yes outbound and you should start with cold calling move to emailing.

Once you haven’t met your messaging down and then you can work on advertising any wish. You have referrals company as well to once you have this coming in, you can work on the more expensive and more complicated advertising blogs, or you can even hire someone to do these for you, Google, Adwords or Facebook ad with Facebook guys. These are honestly like so far down the road, so many folks could obsessed with advertising like do those wait later get good at outbound.

First, I really get. Have it be a part of your daily routine. Five calls a day. You can do it bro, but this is an example of a system you can build out. I hired a photographer named Patrick super nice kid and now he’s off the college and because back in town, is it hey snacks? I’r here? If you need me to go shoot me that pain a little bit too much it’s okay, okay, but so, if you visually ride out this system, this is how I see it in my brain.

It looks more scalable than actually maybe is it in my brain. I could be missing a step. You may do some things here. I don’t do that’s. Okay, I always outsource prostate. I don’t want to do it. That’s just me if you love that, do it do what you love man, but my goal. My hope here is that you do what you love about at least how these systems are they on these options? If you I like talking the customers in closing down the sale, I love doing that.

Okay and it’s fine um. But if there’s plotters you don’t you? Don’t love you should do it, it doesn’t mean it’s not valuable and it shouldn’t be done with somebody else. So this is what I think you need to think about and write out. Have it on your wall I’ll, give you a printout if you want, but it really is your path towards your first 10k a month is you need to have you have a system in place if you’ve made $ 10,000, then Virtual Tours even every single step yourself? It’s time to take that money, you hopefully save not spent and build a system ever and then focus here, though son leads leads, leads leads all day.

How are you going to get them? How you going to go talk to him, how you going to build a system out and a man that last part the hardest part. I have a hard time not doing this myself, if is taking yourself out of sales, if you cannot be person to macelli, sometimes you’re admitting to it, you will be surprised at how much time you have the the it the admin can always give you help with Inbound sales but outbound it’s much harder.

This could be on you bro or ma’am. So hope this makes sense. I want you to be CEO. I know it seems scrambling, but think this way I’ll give you a printout. If you want I’ll talk about the system. A lot more, I want you to have the most success you can, but I also want you to have the most freedom you can so memory. You are utilizing creating visual products for companies you’re creating visual product for them right.

So it should be easy to sell. Here’s an example: here’s the value, do you want this and if you can’t explain the value you better start explaining, they learn how to say it in sentences and when you can do that, you’ll see the customer light up and you’ll see what they respond to. Why? It’s important there are phone calls or walk in the front door and see what they respond to and see if they don’t respond to right and then this kid that stuff out of here and focus on what they were spying.

Okay, all right, so that’s it for today, in this article I hope it is helpful and lightning comment below if you want me to add this system somewhere or add this, give you a printout of this. I have one so all right, love you guys I’ll talk to you soon.

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