How To Build Case Studies For Your Virtual Tour Business and Prepare For Scale

Com the world’s best portable tour software, i’ve been talking to a lot of our users and customers and clients, and I wanted to quickly shoot this article to share some important knowledge for you. As you look to scale your business, listen we’re post code, 19, everything’s kicking back on and what i’ve noticed more. Anything else is that folks are looking to cobble together solutions to get online sell.

Virtually it is now the wild west. The gold rush has begun. So, if you’re reading this article and you’re wondering how do I take my business to the next level, how do I really scale? How do I target high ticket clients and close big whales? Okay, this is what you need to do. Really um everything comes. Every business. Is the same okay, it all comes down to the same principle. The case study the unit case.

Okay, can you create results in value at the unit case level, at the lowest level at the single unit? Can you create value for your customers and, if you can measure said value, this is what’s called a case study. You probably see these all the time, all over marketing, all over any type of industry, any kind of niche, the folks that can create results and document. The case study are the ones who get what’s called market resonance.

You want the attention of your niche, so if you’re looking to get their attention, show them the results they desire right. So today we’re going to discuss that in this quick article. I hope you get a ton of value from it and it gives you some goals in the interim. Listen when you’re first starting out in your business. Maybe you understand 360 Virtual Tours, maybe you’re a digital marketer. Maybe you understand seo.

Maybe you are doing social media ads for people there’s all kinds of different mechanisms. You can provide your customers and clients based on their pains and problems and needs, but what you really need to do to focus on to get yourself to the next level is get to get past the hardest part which is get to a case study. Okay. This is the hardest part of business is to get that first unit case measurable case study and then that’s what you use at the top of your marketing okay.

So this is a simple life cycle. I wanted to share top to bottom of a prospect to a customer. Okay, they start off as a prospect, someone who is interested or in your target market right. Then they become a lead. They identify themselves as someone who’s interested in the service or the product. Right then, they become a sale, they give money for the service or they give money for the product right.

Everyone knows this is true, but what people miss and what you need to be doing is documenting and creating a case study of measurable results. If you can do so measure the results and make that and bring that case study to the top of your marketing, so that you can increase the amount of prospects that are into your world that come down this funnel into this journey and create another sale. Another case study, okay.

So what’s a what is a case study? What does it look like and what’s a way to frame it? Okay, so what a case study really is it’s just a documentation of a previous customer success? That’s it so an example. If you’re targeting the small business owner would be an example that I use that that’s from my past experience as a fitness studio, I helped a fitness studio, get 90 members in 45 days, okay and because they charge 150 a month.

The annualized revenue, assuming that eighth month retention, was close to a hundred thousand dollars, so my headline on my case study said how to achieve 45 members in a certain time frame in 90 days to achieve 100 000 revenue um utilizing. You know these three methods utilizing this method, utilizing this mechanism. Okay, that’s the case study, that’s what a person in my niche want to see. So if, in that particular case, if i’m targeting the fitness studio owner, he wants to see results, he wants to see proof show me proof.

Bro, you show me proof, you got my attention, you got no proof, go somewhere else. That’s all you got to know. So if you want to target whales and big fish, show them proof. This is why we give you demos to go pitch with on cloud pedo. You can use demos to pre-sell right, show proof, that’s how you sell worry about the camera and the software subscription and everything else later, get go, show proof to a client, sell a client and then go make them your proof for your next client right.

That’s what a case study is: it’s super important. It creates what’s called market resonance okay at this level. Every prospect i’m going to put mr here is just looking for market resonance. Can this person give me the value that I am seeking and looking for? Is he even know the results i’m going after right? So there’s all kinds of ways. You can reverse engineer a case study, but the headlines super important.

This is what you reverse engineering right, you’re, really reverse engineering, a headline, good, old-fashioned, direct response. Marketing. Someone has a desire state, one they’re in a specific situation right now they have a desire state, two, a current state and a desire state right. So this would be actually better. It’s better. If this says current state, okay, current state they’re trying to get to a desired state okay, so this is a little bit better.

I think it’s to change it right now they have a current satan desire to say everyone is in this situation across the board. Where are you at where you at now? Where do you want to be okay, if you can show this in a headline how he took someone from zero to 45 to 90 members, in that in time frame in 90 days, using using Virtual Tours and lead generation? Automation right so this is like a simple headline, but someone who’s interested in this particular thing is going to go.

What is this i’m interested right? So that’s that’s the framework right. So if you sell a 8 500 virtual tour to a college, that’s a high ticket college sale right, like jordan powers did love that example, but the best thing they can do now is is go record. The results on the virtual tour help that client get results with it, help them use the virtual tour so that they can get more students to sign up to the school annualize the revenue and then take that case study to every college in minnesota or every college.

In the area right, it’s all about documenting results, so you can make your next results huge and explode. So that’s how you prepare for scale. That’s how you really get your business to the next level. Get your first case study. Listen it’s hard to get to the first case study. It’s grind it! Don’t let anybody tell you it’s not, but once you get there and you have that documented you’re ready to go crush it bro now it’s time to use that case.

To tell you like a hammer and hammer it over the head of all your prospects or potential people in your niche right, so they know who you are yeah, that zack calhoun guy he’s the guy who gets helps people sell ten thousand dollar Virtual Tours. That’s right! We document case studies to the cloud piano and you can do this too. Listen. We are working very hard as an entity as a company to help as a whole, another armored business.

It’s called a virtual tour profit system. It’s a btps we’re helping folks fill up their calendar, use automated tools, build large databases, go after niches use like the high level growth hacking secrets that software companies use at the virtual tour local level. We’re working super hard on that we’re working really hard on our software cloud, panel.Com working hard on both these things, because the more money you make, the better we do, that is the metric of our business.

So if you have time click the link below this article see some more resources and check out our webinar virtual tour. Profit.Com i’ll see you inside

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