How To Determine Perfect Pricing For Your Virtual Tour Business (Spec Sheet Selling)

Com, the world’s best 360 virtual tour software. I’r happy you’re joining me today, so today I want to talk about a a concept around pricing. That’s really important and a great way to give you some clarity on what you should do. I feel like the number one question people ask in our community in our facebook group, virtual tour profit, the facebook group um.

We just people that are new are always asking about pricing. They message me: what should I price? What should I do? Um and you know I never have a perfect answer for anybody and here’s. The reason why it’s because every market is different, every niche is different and if you look at pricing, you know in a in a way of of you, if you’re afraid that you’re going to under charge or overcharge, I think you’re you’re, just you’re overthinking it.

What you’re doing is you’re you’re digging into yourself to find the answer to your problem and usually it’s outside yourself, where the answers lie right. So so, if you don’t have clarity about something, you need to go find clarity outside yourself. So that’s probably a weird concept, but here’s what I mean when it comes to pricing this category, i’m talking about or this concept the best way to test pricing is to pitch somebody and then name a price.

When you do this, it helps give you uh. So much more clarity on the response. Um there’s something called flinch: pricing where you could, you know, stack three offers or four offers or keep adding things on to it and then, as the price goes up, you read your client and if or your prospect, if they flinch, then you see okay, i’ve hit Them i’ve hit the top of the market right or for this prospect, but you need to do this one two, three or four times before you really could feel what your pricing should be also to your business model, really matters.

So, if you’re just going after real estate, because it’s such a consolidated market so crowded with people who are offering these types of services you’re only going to be able to charge low transaction prices and that’s just because that’s what the market can bear. That’s what the expectations are compare this to the university or the large public entity. You know you can charge eight to ten thousand dollars.

It’s not that much more work um, but the the value is just so high for them because because they have so much reach uh and their transaction value is so high and their budget’s so much bigger. So really it’s not if you don’t, you don’t want to think about pricing, as you know, what’s a creative way and go to battle, what should I charge? What should I price? Really you see you just need to test it out in a live scenario.

So how do you do this? Well um? If you let’s say you have an idea, you want to start a virtual tour business. You want to start a vr business. You want to start a seo company. You want to start a web development company if it doesn’t matter, you want to start a software company um before you start uh, building out the world’s greatest website and building a bunch of different. You know brochures and getting the logo and doing all these things.

You think, like an entrepreneur, you just strip down everything and really go to a customer, show them or tell them what you’re going to be doing and then name price and craft an offer. It’s called you even craft and create a spec sheet. It’s it’s called spec sheet selling. Okay, it’s a great concept. I want you to use this to give you some reassurance of what you should be pricing things you write down everything you have in your offer, even the stuff that seems very simple to you, but it’s new to your client.

You stack the offer. Okay write. All these things down, you can put it in a spreadsheet. If you want to build out all the things you you have in your offering then uh when you are speaking to your client and if you want to you, can even have more add-ons to this particular uh types of service. When, when you’re speaking to your client, you can name those three, those three different price categories and see what they say get the feel for it.

Here’s what we do over over a cloud panel. We just say which one are you leaning towards just ask that question um and if you hear you’re going to hear them out loud, bring out their objections or their concerns or what’s important to them and then you’ll know. Okay, next time, i’m going to adjust this or i’m going to change the second price tier or i’m going to i’m going to increase my third price here.

It was way too low right, but you don’t know that to show to someone and make an offering you as a business owner as an entrepreneur. One of your goals is to find the top of the market. What’s the market willing to pair to pay, but you have to figure that out. You can’t figure that out. If you don’t try, if you don’t, go out there and raise your prices, sometimes if you’re afraid of losing one sale, because you raised your price by a couple hundred bucks, then you just don’t have enough lead flow right.

You need more leads. You need more customers. More clients, you need to pick up the phone and make more phone calls just be consistent. Get in front of more people. Do spec sheet selling just create a spec sheet. Don’t worry about a website, yet don’t worry about having the perfect domain name just get your spec sheet in front of a client and get them to say yes, we’re getting to to vocate your price, it’s okay to be laughed at.

It left out of a room, but you don’t know if you don’t get in front of somebody. So back to my earlier point, stop looking inside yourself of what you should be charging look outside yourself and ask the market what it can bear and remember different niches. Can bear different prices right so if you over standardize the big problem with that is you may underprice yourself, but you can handle volume at that point.

So if you’re going for a small business owner – and you have an employee who takes those tours for you great go after that, smaller smaller, more high volume market and just you know, sit sit by the pool or go after the higher ticket market and be the Best center in your whole city, right be the best when you’re the best you can talk about being the best know, you’re the best and then sell at the best prices.

Okay, so spec sheet selling go. Try it out punch out all the things you’re going to be doing in your service, show it to a client and then make and adjust from there. Okay really simple! So how do you price your virtual doors? How do you price your services? You can shop other competition, but at the end of the day, you’re going to have to just show a prospect, the price and see what they say. Okay, if you can sell roi, you can sell anything.

If you get results for clients, then then all of a sudden, you are the best right, so get results charge with the marketing bear test it out with the spec sheet and go from there. I wish you the best success, keep working hard. If you haven’t already check out cloudpayment.Com world’s best virtual tour software, you have people closing ten thousand dollar deals uh with with pocket cameras, lots of success stories running in.

I want you to check them out view some of the links below of some of the content. We have to share for you book a call with our team we’re here to help you check out the webinar at virtuatorprofit.Com. I’r excited for your success. I’r excited for you to be a case study for us talk soon.

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