How To find the best list to buy solo ad from?

Today, I’m going to teach you one really useful and you can find the most targeted traffic and in the relatively low cost, and this method is called opl method and suc. My English is not really good, because this is not my mother, modern language, so I will try to speak as simple as I can and if there’s something you you don’t understand or or you want to make more clear of it, you can send me an email.

So that I can, I can spring to you more detail. Ok, so, let’s start now what is opl method? Opl means other people’s lists. We use these methods to find other people’s lists, maybe because oh there there are some people they have make their own list for different product, maybe for internet marketing money making some of them maybe have about weight loss, maybe about a dog training this, so that we Don’t need to use some may be cozy method to be like this, and we can just find those people to type into their list and sell our products.

Okay and some people out. There may call this method as easiest method or newsletter marketing method, but we just record opr method here, okay and why we need to use specific step to find those people’s lists, because maybe some of you may know when you have, you have ever brought a solo. Ass before you may find that there’s so much junk schemes – and you know some of the lists – are really not responsive, because some people out there they are just using some software or some cheap methods to find some list for you that the they may not have Money to buy your products or they even the there – is even not a real person out there behind the email, because some of the email are generated by a computer generally by software or some some robot.

So we have to find some really good list providers out there to be your own list. Okay, so where can we find the list we can find from ezines newsletter and blog? So what is easy using is a kind of electronic magazines. It is just like an extra magazines, but most of the time it is free and you can subscribe to the to the easies and get some information that you want, those ezines provider or publishers.

They would publish some new content, maybe weekly bi-weekly or some some of them may publish once a month, and some of them may be really giving valuable information out there. But you know many. Many many of them of them are just trying to get your email and send you saw us or send and you their business opportunities day by day over after author. So we have some specific steps to clarify which eases on which newsletter that are really providing a good value, and they have some good, really good and targeted subscribers or audience that we can send our offer or we can tap into that list to build up our Own list, okay, so there is actually many different topics of easiest.

Most of them are money-making, internet marketing. You may you may also find some traffic generating magazines and some dog training some devour fitness help health and fitness. So you can just find those ezines. That is really related to the product. You are going to promote okay, and I will teach you the method in the in this article later and forgot to remind you, you, you may want to grab a piece of paper and make some notes, because I hope you to understand and and remember some of The small details that i’m going to show you, because some of these small details may really change the result, a lot okay.

So actually, this small details is not really small, alright and I will try to add vs to you. So how do you find easy and newsletter and block? We will try to get some keywords that is related to our product and we will do it in google keyword to, and I will show it to you later and we can find keywords that is related to the product, for example. If, if I want to find some keywords that is related to weight loss, then we can just type in weight loss, but if, if we search it in google keyword tools, then we can find some maybe about how to loss weight fast.

Then this is this one. We call it longtail keywords, which is a more targeted keywords that you may want to use. Okay and after we find out the keywords we want to use, we can search this keyword with easy, like maybe a weight loss is in weight, loss unit newsletter, weight loss, a blog. We can search it on google, yahoo and Bain, and I were can recommend you to search it from this different free network because their ranking are different and so that you can get a different result in different met.

Work. So i’ll show you to do to do the whole process later, so don’t don’t just search it in google right, although google is the biggest market share in the market, but yahoo and bing still have around four thirty percent of the Magna share. So don’t miss this to network okay. So what are we going to do now? Okay, as you see, we are going to find 30 to 40 ezines newsletters and relevant boss. This is a punch punch of work to do and, as I said, there is nothing like a button, you can click on it and money will show up overnight right.

You have to do your own work, okay and why we need to find so many ezines newsletter and bras because, as I said, there is so many Jones and scams out there. We have to really find your diamond in from from the dirt right and we have to find really good traffic source, the really good easiest providers that have really targeted subscribers so that it can be our business and so that we can escape from wasting our monies From buying this, this some junk out there, okay and we find this easeus newsletter and blogs, and we have to make our own master list, and I will show you how the master list look like, and you may want to copy copyr it later and we have To ask those publishers, specific questions and then it’s two different approach for ezines and newsletter.

We have to ask these seven specific questions, because this specific, this seven specific questions will Jose quite effectively to help you to clarify which easy the newsletter publisher are really good. One. Okay, so first questions we have to remain on us to the publisher cell. So as for the list, because after when, when you’re going to search is in the newsletter, you may find some of them in the website.

They have provide a maybe a page or a a click button that is classified as advertising because they are already providing this service and you can see if they pull provide solo app puts OS. Are they serving solo? Ask if they don’t, you can still ask them. Okay, don’t just trust on what they are showing to you on the page right and some of the easiest and newsletter. They just don’t show the advertising button to you.

They may not Jose. They may not just easily that you know they have advertising or they they have, they do cells, or else for that is, and let me tell you if you find this is in a newsletter. It is much better and because many people out there they they they may try to use this method to find a real good solo ad providers, but they’re not doing right so that they don’t get a good results from it and some of them just trust.

What the page show them, they don’t ask, they don’t communicate with the server I providers. So if you find some stories, just email them just contact them and ask them this specific questions, and you should ask them how many active subscribers do they have, because we have to know how many subscribers they have and so that we can calculate how much cause The baby D and assume assume assumption calculation that we can calculate but better than nothing right.

And how often do they mail out sort of s, and let me tell you if they tell you that they may melt down so low as tricep day or more than more than more than once per day? Don’t just don’t do business with them because they are just that just training that list do not open the email. Okay, it is better if you find some purpose sure they would just mail the soloist three times a week or maybe once a month.

It is much better okay, so, more than once a day, don’t do business with them all right and you get. You should ask them. You must ask them. Okay, the average open. Oh sorry, that should be. That should be email, open rate. Ok, you should ask them the average email open rate, because you have the average email open rates. Then you can know the cost you are going to pay and how? How many? How much released you may get? Ok, so this discussion is really really important, so I would recommend you to copy these seven questions right now and question number five: how much do you charge for silhouette, so we can know how much you you’re going to paint and never never never pay the price Or the fee that they’re going to suggest to you every time you have to negotiate because you, maybe they give you up, maybe a seven seventy dollars for the price, try to make it twenty percent off.

Okay, twenty percent off, because we never pay them with that list: price, okay and the math them when is the next available spot and how to submit yours already sold out with to them. Okay, this is some normal questions and this one one more one more thing: you have to notice that when you ask this several questions to to those purposes or solo as provider, if they are trying to not answering you any one of these questions, especially question number.

Two number three number: four: if they are trying to not answering you, you ask them again if they are not going to give you a clear and exact answer: don’t do business with them. Okay, they are just trying to cheat your money and get you out money out of your pocket. Then they’re, not those storage providers. We want to do business with okay and don’t worry about it. There are so many ezines, and so many good solo has provided out there and you don’t you, don’t really did many of them.

You just only did maybe five to eight of them. So don’t do business with those people, okay and for some blocks that you have been searched. If you have searched it and there’s the different approach, you may not just merely ask those seven questions to them. You may send this email to them to try to ask them if they have Oversoul OS, and I would recommend you just copy this email and use it, because this this email and the seven questions that I’ve been listed it just all.

I learned from Bank idea mastermind okay and old, or are being tested like this email. This subject you use the subject. Nu this happy has been tested. I say really good results that have really good reply from those rocker and you’re trying to like in this first sentence. I came across your blog and you better put the block URL here so that it’s just so that this email is not a copy and paste email.

Okay – and you say I must say, I’m very impressed it and I guess you have a lot of loyal followers. This sentences has been tested and you have to first like Jose, get close with the blog owner and let them know you like the things – and this is some kind of building rapport right, building rapport and get the trust easily get the dress. Okay and your name is Kirk, and I man on a marketer, this hey, won’t, ask you.

This is more like you’re speaking to a friend right. You are speaking with them friendly so that just make it not very formal, okay and last time would it be possible to send an email server to your list of subscribers on your blog in exchange. For some, when is I and this free money sighs? As I learned in back idea mastermind, this has been tested as a how’s, a to get a more to get more and good response from the program.

So I try I’ve been trying to change this menace I to just money and more nui and the result is, is really not not not as good as I put this money sighs here and I got ta feel great free gift. I think your people will love and they will love you even more for giving it to them. So you are trying to tell the broker that you are trying to give a good value to their to their subscribers and just tell them you will pay pal them money by giving by buying the list.

Okay and just that easy and once they once they replied. You and you can just ask how many active subscribers do they have an average female beverage open rate that the email descend to the subscribers and you made ago she ate the price with them so because some of them may may not doing business or may not. May not how they they may not have do this kind of business before and so may. They may not know the price they they should give, and so you can use the information like the email, open rate and the number of the subscribers and try to give them a reasonable, reasonable price and try to account it as less than one dollar per lead.

Okay, so that is the presentation and i’m going to show you how to do it. So, let’s get to google keyword tools and we can just search google keyword tools here because they just don’t have their own website after I’ve saved the URL in my google chrome. But I would rather show you how to do this right now see. This is google adverse and you can just search your tears here. Maybe just simply click money online, okay, dynaste English – and this is very difficult.

We connect to tell you to buy okay, I’m right. So you can see that there is many many search result here and i’m going to create 2 100 items, see the global monthly searches and you can see there is punches of Kira’s showed up here and we have to pick some keywords: 24 hour searching and one Secret, I would tell you now and there’s something those schools which hi to hai you from when we use Google’s keyword tools with Sheldon use, block search, raw search means.

When people try to search how to make money from money, they will show something like make money online resource which is not really targeted. Okay, so we have to change it to exact exact, exact work, exact, real things so that you can see the searches number is much smaller than the proteosome okay. So this is a really targeted keywords that we really want to use right. So if we try to promote a product about money making or make money online or something like internet marketing, we would use these keywords, make money online and try to find a more specific or more targeted keywords to use.

Ok, so I may pick one here to do our searches, how about this? We use this. Why search? Okay, that’s many many search result here and give retype easing here. We can ignore the songs from youtube best way to make money online, 2013 and power. You opens. We can see try how to make money online home bottom Akane, online, McMillian best way to make money online empower these in all the tips on the first thing we want to do is try to find if they have some bosses, that is, that will allow others To subscribe in – and I don’t find it fun to find this if they have some subscribers or and the ways to contact them, I will just try to contact them, because it seems that this easy.

So this this website is really providing valuable information. It is trying to this different kind of money-making method here, but it seems they don’t have a Content method to find here. So let’s forget it: it’s free, easy star. Three! If you can try this get the free newsletter, so they avoid this letter. That means they will have the onus okay, the ACT their own subscribers and the sea. You can call it that result from this problem this website, but it takes a long time.

You know, and let’s see, if they have about content phone. Yes, you can contact the webmaster go to only curse, I don’t see they have boss to subscribe the newsletter, but they have a way to contact them right. Well, I will just give my name my email and my website and send the i’ll try to send for this one. I will try to send the magical email to this webmaster and see if they, if people buy solo es and let’s see how he responds – and i’m not going to do it here, but i’m going to try to show you how to make your own master knees.

So masterless should be looked like this, and what I’m going to do now is to make a record here. The name of the this website is how to make su our pal I’ll just copy it, and after you contact him. If he going to communicate with you and maybe they he provides us, then the first question you may ask is how many active subscribers do they have, and you tie up a type the information here and if you know he he have do this before then you May ask how frequent today, Mel they’re so low as to the subscribers and the average email rate in the price and how to submit your s.

And I will also mark the date that I try to contact the webmaster. Because you know if the. If the marketer is it’s a good one, they will try to reply reply to the questions as soon as possible. So if those people they are not going to did not replying quickly enough, I won’t do business with them just like how to treat the cheetah subscribers. If their subscribers have questions to ask them, they should be.

They should be able to understand as quick as possible. If their response time is too slow, then I don’t think their subscribers will follow them alright, so I will make let’s say if I send them email today. If, after three days I still haven’t got the reply from him, then I would just practice this marketer. Okay, so I may say today’s ok and that’s fine and other one: let’s try to find another one.

Let’s see how what is to make money at home see they have subscribe phone. You can subscribe the email in the illness and, let’s see if they have do easynet, MSC hi, about easy, subscriber count. Four thousand and five hundred precent one. Ok, this is good, see they have provides solo ad and sometimes you you can also find they have. They provide top sponsor ad corner ass and some classified ad. I will not recommend you to buy those ad because some of them, just you know they place all the all other s or with their newsletter, so that it’s just by chance.

If, if the suppose, subscribers could click on your ass, so it is much better. It is much much better if you can use solo ad, because you can just you can just send your own ad with your own title and to those subscribers, so that more of the thing you can control, okay, even if they have Steve, provides the Louis here. I would also add the seven questions you see so at easing and mounting one solo ad Mary $ 35.

I will ask them questions first, before I do business with him. I can market here for us and see how how they with how they would be timing. All right and make your own: this is very important because you can provide you a long-term flash this or your business at tip subscribers. This set is 4500. I don’t know budget know how frequent ml and average of a great the price is to drive. Okay, easy! You know the problem.

The whole process is quite simple, but you know you really have to do your own work. We have to search by yourself to build your own solo ad providers. Okay and one more thing, one more thing you can. You can ask the easiest publisher, okay, you may ask them how how quick do the list view of how how how many new subscriber get ins in every month so that you know the numbers so that you can know how frequent you can do business with them? Because if they have more newcomers and they take this grow faster, and that means you have, you can buy from them again and again and they will provide some fresh list to you.

Okay, so you can also ask these questions, and now let me try to show you the calculation, how to how to know the how much money police we want to do business with those silhouettes provider and, for example, if we pick this panels in success as an Example, they have four thousand and five hundred subscribers and you know their subscribers. They may not all of them we’re going to open your email and in air fresh, I guess, is a one.

Thirty percent of subscribers will open email open the email, so it is just which is almost the best email open rate in the market. Okay, so let’s say twenty percent, but the the number of people open. Your email doesn’t mean that those people will click the link in the email, and this is around around twenty percent people, with going to crack your link so we’re trying to 0.2 times 0.2. Okay – and this is around 180 people that will be going to crack your leg and those people walk, who cut your leg and go into your website, doesn’t mean that they are going to subscribe into your list and see what you are going to promote and the Number of people who are going to subscribe.

Your list is around ten percent, so actually a 4500 list of subscribers. There were only around thirty six people. That’s going to subscribe into your list. So if you’re trying to calculate the dollars per did, then we should be five dollars this this around three point: nine seven dollars need okay, and for this price this this is okay, and this is acceptable for less than one dollars per lead. But, as I said, I will try to negotiate with the price.

Maybe I will try to ask them for thirty dollars for the lid and if we say when you’re honest penis, then it will be zero point. Eight dollars per did and a bit better okay, but this is how we do is how we’re trying to get our get all this in as low as the price. We can get ok, so here it is, and let me try to make one more example for you and that’s not the about that. We try to find a problem. Make money working from home bra hardest part is going to, and so it may not be relevant to some internet marketing things, so we just annoyed how about this our own base in baseball this one may ok, it’s about.

Ok, I will try the content Isabelle with the magical, email, try the company and see if she would like to sell purpose for a thorough ad. Ok make your own. This remember copy this this website on your master list and one more thing: if you you know, if you’re trying to find a good bra, does we have a good traffic? You know sometimes people the right block, they may use some temp. They may have a good SEO that is, they may build so many backlinks in the in the blog, so they may not really have so many subscribers, but they can have a good ranking in them in Google’s.

So we may use another method to see if they really have a good traffic, as I’ve mentioned in my last email before we can go to a lesser com. Risotto home is the very literal sites that give you the ranking of each site to see the ranking in the world and the ranking in specific country. So we can just copy this link and see. The Tropic is real good Susie in alexa traffic rank. It means the ranking in the whole world.

It is 40 4266. It is not a bad ranking, it means they it. This broth really have people to get inside and look at the content every in every month. Ok, so the information down here is very complicated. We can roll in. You can just see the global rank here and you can determine where this broth is really have many traffic’s to get in there. And if the, if the ranking is out of the 1,000,000 out of fifty five hundred thousand of the five hundred thousands, then you download they are not really getting many traffics in the problem.

Okay, so let me check if I have a system thing to mention. So that’s it! That’s it what we do to find a real good list from other Spiegel, and some of you may have used the surface in safe, safe swap and I’m not saying safe, swap is not good, but there is some specific way to find a really good list in Safe swap, but not just a click, a button and by the list from from those dollar providers. That is really some skills and tricks in there, and I will teach you in I’m not sure it will be the next article, but I’m sure we’re going going to teach you in an other article to how to use safe, swamp, okay and for this OPM method.

If there is anything that you are not clear or if my English is not good, you can just send me email and ask me, and I will try to explain to you more detail. Okay, so that’s it! For this article see you later right.

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