How To Make Money On Clickbank With Vidnami (Formerly Content Samurai)

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So For the purposes of this article, I’m going to assume that you already have your Clickbank account set up. If you don’t have one, then you can read my article: how To promote Clickbank products and I’ll show you how you can set up an account Okay, now next, you need to choose a niche and a product. Now in general, you should Choose a niche that you have some interest in as you’ll be spending a lot.

Of time producing content now, remember you don’t have to be an expert in that Niche okay: by producing content for your niche over time, you’ll eventually learn. More and slowly become an expert. Okay, that’s how everybody starts off now. Choose a niche that has interests and that you know people are searching for Information on don’t choose something: that’s really obscure because you may Have a hard time finding a product to promote okay and the traffic may not be Worthwhile, so if you look over here, you can see all the different categories.

That they have and I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to choose for this example. I Want to choose the health and fitness category? Okay, because I know that There’s going to be a ton of products here, let’s scroll down here, you can see There’s a ton of products there’s a hundred and nine pages worth of health. And fitness products – okay, it’s very broad as well; okay, so we’re going to be Able to find a lot of different products – okay – and I know that there’s going to be A high level of interest, and along with that, comes a high level of competition.

So you’ve got a way that competition and interests – okay, because you’re going to Be competing as other people in the health and fitness category here and It’s very very competitive. Okay. Now you need to do your own research. Alright to determine what niche and what product works for you, okay, I recommend The you buy the product first, okay, beef and Try it okay. This is going to help you because you’re going to be able to answer Any questions that might come your way from people who purchased a product and It’s going to determine whether or not it’s a good product in the first place: okay, It’s going to determine whether or not you want to promote that product in Addition, it’s good for you to experience what it’s like to go through the sales Funnel, okay, and the reason is that your potential customer will be going through The same process as well, and you want to make sure it’s a smooth one right.

You Don’t want to you, don’t want to be spammy or scammy. Okay, that’s that’s the Worst kind of experience, and that means people aren’t going to purchase that Product, okay, now scanning scanning this list over here I see – I see you know I See a product here that talks about the keto diet: okay, Now you know I’m I’m very familiar with the keto ketogenic diet. I know it’s very Popular I’ve tried the keto diet, so I’m very familiar with it.

So I’ll be Comfortable, promoting this product, okay and in basically just kind of learning, More about it, okay, what I like about it here is the gravity Score is is high, so this means that it’s a popular product, okay, the average Initial cell is about $ 30 and there’s also a rebuilt average of about 40 bucks. And this means that there is a chance to make a bit of recurring income now this Is important too, because you know if you can find a product that has recurring Revenue meaning that they get charged the customer gets charged every month.

That’s going to help to create more of a passive income for you: okay, So always look for that as well, when you’re choosing a product and basically I think this looks good, so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to click on the link. Here to go to the Philippine I’m going to check out this product now here we are Inside their affiliate dashboard here – and this is pretty good – in fact – I don’t Really see I don’t, I don’t really see a lot of products that have the Level of information or support for their affiliates, so this is really Really promising okay, one thing that I’m going to be looking for when we’re making Articles on Vidnami is, I want to take a look here right down here, not every Product is going to have this articles.

What I’m talking about here is articles So you know, I want to show you how you can get around that or or get content For your articles, okay, but this is promising not so we’re going to take a Look at this two articles here and we’re going to download this and see what they Have okay, so let’s go ahead: let’s save this and we’re going to unzip this. So let’s Go ahead and open up this one right here: call these seven benefits of the keto Diet: okay, as you can see, this is pretty good.

First of all, you would want to read Through this whole thing and make any changes that you feel you need to make Okay, it’s always good to kind of look through It make sure there aren’t any links or anything in there, because what we’re Going to do is we’re going to basically copy this entire article here. Okay, we’re Going to copy this entire article and let’s say we’ve: we’ve looked it over. It looks Good and we’re going to go ahead and use this, so it’s copy this and then we’re Going to head over into Vidnami okay! So if you don’t have a Vidnami Account they have a free trial available and if you click on the link in the Description below you can sign up for the free trial and you can make as many Articles as you want now, I also have a article that goes through the entire Vidnami app so you’ll be able to make your own articles by following this Walkthrough, okay, so I’m I’m going to just show you what I do or how I go about.

This process, so, first of all we’re going to choose one of the format’s here now. They’ve got Square and they’ve got sixteen by nine, since we’re making Youtube articles we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to filter this by the Sixteen by nine format, here: okay and we’re just going to choose this first one That comes up here – cool, blue, okay. You know you, can you can customize a Template, if you want to going to go ahead and just use this and We’re going to just title this: okay, we’re just going to title the title: it It was the seven benefits of the keto diet.

Okay, so we’re going to name the article That and we’re going to paste our script in here, okay, so this is the script that we Basically, grabbed from this article that that our product creator provided us With okay, so very handy, okay, so we’re going to take a look at this okay and Basically, what’s going to happen is Vidnami is going to take all this text and It’s going to create a article from it now, one of the things that’s missing here is A call to action, so I’m going to add in a call to action for this article so that Way when they reach the end of the article we’re going to tell them what to do.

Okay, so When is this type in something real simple to grab your copy of these copy? Of you know recipes or your diet, click on the link below description; okay. So basically, what we’re doing is We’re instructing them what to do: okay and that link in the description below Will be your affiliate link for the product that we’re selling okay and the Reason why I try to make it generic is that if you change products, you know you Want to be able to keep this article without having to change the entire Article okay, because if it was specific to the custom, keto diet – and you see change To another, one called the keto diet, the super keto diet.

It’s going to be, you know, You’re going to have a hard time in terms of the article itself, because the article is Set you would have to record a new article all together, okay, so for this example, Because this is going to be really long, I’m going to actually cut out a lot of this. So That I can show you how this all works. Okay, so let’s go ahead and let’s just Cut out all this okay – and let’s say that this is the entire article.

Okay, because I Want to show you how Phenom II puts this together. Okay, so let’s say: we’ve got This script, it looks good, we got our call to action. Now we’re going to create the scenes and now Vidnami will go in and what it Does is it takes the the words from your script and basically chooses the image Or the article that corresponds with that, so in this case keto diet, they’re Showing you know, someone eating a salad, you know and you’re going to you’re going to See it’s pretty good in determining which type of article to select with it Okay, but if you want to you, can change it by clicking on any of these or you Can choose for a for a specific keyword in this case everything looks good.

I’r Just going to show you how it works, so let’s go all the way to the bottom. Let’s Say you’ve gone through all of this and you like it and you want to go ahead and Move forward to the next step so now we’re going to add a voice track to our Article now in this section right here, you can just go with music. Only okay, Although I would suggest you narrate this article, okay, you can go with the auto Voice feature – and this is a synthesized voice – that Vidnami uses okay, I don’t recommend you use this because it sounds fake if you listen closely.

Enough, it sounds, doesn’t sound real and it’s hard to emphasize some of the words Within the article you you can only do that if you’re the one – that’s that’s Doing the voice track yourself? Okay, so you can record your own voice track or You can upload a voice track, so you know if, let’s say English is not your first Language, if you have a friend that can record it, for you, then go ahead and have Them record it for you: if you want to hire somebody from Fiverr or from UpWork, then you can have them record it for you and then you can upload the Voice track, okay, so for this example, I’m just going to go ahead and just put music Only I’m not going to record this on my own, but let me just show you what it looks.

Like okay, so if we were to go in to record our own voice track, I would just Basically, hit this record button and record, what’s what’s listed here and Then I would save that okay and then Vidnami would allow you to go through Each line and record each of these lines: okay and then I’ll put it all together. For you, okay, but in this case I’m just going to go ahead. And just save music, only okay! So when you’re ready you go ahead and you Preview, your article so now Vietnam II is going to go ahead.

I’r going to put everything Together and create a nice little preview – and this is – this – is not going to be A high-res because this is a a preview of the article, but you can see here if you Play it everything looks smooth. It’s got some nice music here at any time. If you Want to not select music or not use any music, you can go ahead and select. None If you want to choose a different track, you can choose any of the tracks that Are listed here, or you can even add your own music.

Okay, just make sure that it’s Not copyright protected, typically the the music that they have for background. Is really good in Vietnam II so I’ll go ahead and use that, but when you’re ready All you have to do is click on, looks, good and continue, and then from here Vidnami will give you a choice: okay, you can download it as 720p. Ok or you Can download it as 1080p, so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to generate the Article in 1080p – okay, so I paused the article because It was taking a little while it was a 1080p download okay.

So once it’s ready It’s just going to say, download your article and we’re just going to download it to our Computer: okay, we’ll save it and let’s take a look at what this article looks: Like so you can see it looks really good. Okay, let’s say it’s ready to go. Okay and We’re going to upload this now to YouTube: okay, let’s head over to our Youtube account and then we’re going to upload a article.

This is where we’re going. To select the file the article file that we just created; okay, seven benefits of The keto diet, and then from here this is where you’re going to optimize the article Okay, so you’re going to I’m not going to go through this through all of this, but You’re going to optimize it with the title you’re going to write a description in In your description, this is where you’re going to add in the link to your to your Affiliate offer okay and there’s a couple of ways.

You can do it. You can go Ahead and use a bitly link. Okay, it’s shorten the shortened link from Bitly so let’s say you do have your keto link here and let’s go ahead. Let’s just Create one just for fun here, so let’s say this is your link? Okay, we’re going to Go ahead and we’re going to go into bitly and we’re going to drop this link in here. And then we’re going to shorten it. Okay – and you can see right here – it took the Link and it shortened it here, okay, now it looks nicer, you can copy that and you Can add that in here into your description, so well you do the same.

Call-To-Action to grab your copy of these keto recipes visit and we’re going to paste that link in there So this is the link when they click on this. This is what’s going to take them to The offer okay – and you can see that our article is already here alright and then You’re going to want to select the playlist you’re going to want to optimize it with Things like tags, so once you’re done optimizing your article make sure that you Create a thumbnail okay for it an appropriate one, and I have a article on How to create a YouTube thumbnail using canva? Okay, you can do this completely.

Free but you’re going to want to create a nice-looking thumbnail to attract the Attention to your article and then you’re going to click on next This is where you can add an end screen and add cards. Okay for the end screen, I Also have a tutorial on that and you can go ahead and included a link in the Description below and then this is where you’re going to want to publish it. Okay, so For this example, I’m just going to make it unlisted, but you definitely want to make Sure that it’s public okay and from there that’s when you are going to save It okay, once you save it, you’re, going to see that the article shows up – and this is Our article right here so let’s go ahead and play it and you can see everything Looks nice right, you can see everything’s optimized and you can see Our link right here, alright.

So if someone clicks on this link, this pause This article, so someone clicks on this link, it’ll take them directly to the Custom keto diet sales page. Now what happens if there are no articles? Available for you to use in your Vidnami articles, like our previous example. Well, Now you have three options: number one. You can create the content yourself. Number two: you can hire somebody to write the content for you or number Three, you could purchase what’s called PLR or private label rights, digital Content now keep in mind not all PLR content is created.

Equal I’ve created a article called how to select PLR digital products and I’ve Included a link down in the description below This will help you to choose the right PLR product for you, So there you have it how to make money on Clickbank, with Vidnami formally Known as Content Samurai, keep in mind that this is only a small part of the Entire strategy, when it comes to making money on Clickbank, there are other Pieces of the puzzle that you need to implement in order for this to really Start working things like creating a squeeze page to capture email addresses, A bridge page to pre-sell your audience before you hand them over to the sales Page and what about a follow up? Email sequence to help build a relationship? With your new subscriber so that you can make even more sales, you see building a Successful affiliate marketing business goes beyond just driving traffic to an Affiliate offer it takes time and a willingness to work hard.

So with that Said if you’re interested in learning, how to build a real and sustainable Affiliate marketing business, one that you can be truly proud of, then click on A link below to follow the exact same strategy that I use to build mine. It’s Called The Simple Traffic Blueprint: Hey thanks for reading! If you found this Article to be helpful, then, please consider subscribing to my youtube, blog and Don’t forget to hit the notifications bell to be alerted to my next article.

This Is Ken Furukawa from kenfurukawa.Com and I’ll see you in my next article

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