How To Make Passive Income From Virtual Tours: Lead Generation Feature Explained

So in my dashboard here I’m going to go to edit this tour.

It doesn’t really matter which tour I’m picking. I just want to show you the lead generation tool. What happens, what are the one of the one of the actual steps that take place when someone creates a lead generation camp or when they haven’t lead generation to their virtual tour and then, when a user inputs their info, what happens where’s the info go hop. How does it look, how does it make you look as a business owner or as a virtual tour provider? Okay? So when you go into your tour editor and you scroll down to your bring your cursor down to lead generation, you have this little modal hero.

This little sidebar, you turn it on and it works to turn on if you are a Pro Plus user, it has the first question to ask you: where, should we send your leads to that’s important, I’m going to go. Look at this email later, where the leads? Actually gets sent to I’m just going to put my cloud in an email, they’re, welcome to email me anytime, Zack at cloud panakam this. This would actually be your clients, email, your customers, email or your email, if you own the space you’re trying to market this.

This is where the leads go. Okay, you should definitely test this sucker before you send off to your client with your own, with your own, your own email right, so I’m going to put my email here is a hope in calm. What should the message display to the viewers to receive information about this property enter your email below? You can put anything you want here. You could say book of time. You could say book a call.

You can just figure out all kinds of fun ways. I just want my goal is to get their information, so I can take the relationship to the next level so to receive more information to attract the listings pricing, whatever you want to put here, based on the certain use case, you’re going to put that information here And then you click Save when the information from the lead is captured. It is actually saved it just blows button, so you’ll be able to look through this information, and your leads that are coming in for your client now check this out in real.

In the actual tour itself – so I don’t think publish here so I can view the link of my tour when you turn on lead gen, as some of you guys have already seen over here to the left. This little icon appears now I’m on the desktop viewer. Okay, so as I’m looking around the tour amylose is a pretty cool house and kind of want to possibly put it on it. Is it still for sale? Yeah, you got ta. I want to talk to somebody well now what you can do, as if I told her our last thing you want to do is have a bunch of folks that are not your leads, be coming to you or email, a newer or whatever it is.

You want. You want a certain you want folks to be sent to them right to your clients, the person that you’ve sold this virtual tour to so there’s a little icon. That appears when you turn on lead generation. When you click this button, this little model appears to receive information to receive instant information and what everyone put in the in that area to receive information about this property enter your email below.

So we’re also going to be adding phone number here so or if you want register for your free trial or you want to whatever while it still lasts. You know if you want the free 14-day trial right now register here, while it still lasts for the next seven days. You know something like that, so I’m going to put a example name. So I’m going to put Clayton. Let’s say I say, I’m Clayton and I’m looking through this tour of this property and I want more information or I want to book a tour right, something like that.

I’r going to put Clayton at fake email com. This is the information that will be going to my client, so once I click send it had a small notification that said, your information has been received. So what happened now? So? What happened with my information? Well now I want to show you so over here to the left. My tab is my my cloud piano email right up here. Up top and instant email came through. Let’s, let’s click into it.

It says 360 virtual tour lead from no reply and for virtual tour leads calm. We actually bought this domain so folks that use lead generation can utilize this email. This happens all automatically. It says hello: a user has requested information about about the following property and my title that tour was actually title flown tour. If it was an address, obviously, would be one two three four address, or you would know which tour that is based on the title of that tour: cool, right, accessible that and it shows the link.

So if I click this link, it goes back to that tour and their information below here is the information below have a great day. So I typed in Clayton at Clayton, F, fake, email, calm now, what’s cool about this, is it all happens automatically right? So click on this, this tour. Now what just happened is my client got a lead from the virtual tour. They paid me to create really cool right when you have this type of lead capture, when you, when you ask when you promise something – and you always say all you do is add your information this, basically what it does is it helps your clients, know who’s interested.

It makes someone take a next step. Action raise their hand in interest, there’s a good way to put it when someone raises their hand and interest it helps. You know who is the best lead to talk to right now and yes, of course, was a phone number here and the email they can reach out to. But how often do you go to your email type of the long email you know if someone’s email is, you know real estate, best properties in the entire universe or Vancouver com, I’m going to misspell that or I’m going to mess up something or if I want To book a time I mean that maybe maybe I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to call right now – or maybe I don’t have the time I mean I’m at work and I’m going through all different types of reasons.

Why folks, just want to request information or take the relationship to the next level is by aDNA lead right here, so when they get sent that information and we’re going to be adding on phone numbers as well, the the client can now a desktop computer sit. Oh look, Olli just came in all she didn’t quick email, they clicked the email and they’re emailing them right away, or they can call that number.

Hey there Saul you’re interested just want to talk more well. How can I help you that kind of instant access to a user is really cool and a lot of folks utilize, these kind of tools, so you as a virtual tour provider? How does it help you well, when you make a virtual tour for somebody? Let’s say hypothetically, you charged $ 225, come on to come to a kind of location and shoot a 3d virtual tour and put up on a cloud and now white labeled your domain because you’re a pill, bus member and sent over your client.

You say: hey: do you like the tour? They talk through it yeah, it looks really cool. They kind of take a couple steps. Take me ask for some changes or feedback or whatever their next step is, and the next step is in the phone call. Is you say hey by the way we have an advanced option that you can opt in for, if you’d like and basically it’s a lead generation mobile capture, it’s really helpful to instantly capture leaves that are interested right now on their computer.

Looking at your location and shopping for it, this lead gen icon is very prominent on the mobile device. So as folks who are looking through their mobile device, they’re like this is so cool, oh, my goodness yeah yeah and they click that button. They had their information. There have their phone in their hand, they’re ready to rock and roll and talk to someone right. So that is something that is very helpful for you, or maybe they want you to reach out to them later or whatever it is.

That is very helpful for you, as the provider who is up selling a service. You could easily add this and, as you saw earlier, when I click Edit tour, you just turn it on and now you have an advanced version of your door, which you can charge more for up front and, as you can see here, Clayton it clinic emails record Here so you kind of have these recorded now you just click, one button. Add it in there and you can say hey, but listen that this advanced tour you know, takes a little bit more work on the back end, so to require a hosting fee.

You know of $ 49 a month if you’re, ok with that, we can test it out for a month and then, if you want to continue it moving forward, we’ll keep it on and until you cancel right so for commercial properties. This could last all year way to add: six are dollars a year to your revenue. If you charge $ 1 per per month, they could be $ 1200 per year right. So, just with that click of a button, you’ve you’ve just exponentially increased the value of creating one tour.

This is how you great. This is how you create something once and it pays you forever right and that’s your goal so find that perfect, sweet spot hosting fee. Add the lead generation feature on there and, of course, start go start selling tours everywhere. You possibly can always advertise the the cheaper price and then upsell the more expensive advanced tours. Alright guys, that’s it for today’s article.

I hope this made sense. I was talking really fast, but I got all excited about lead gen. This is a really cool cool, very, very high, and this is a I’m not sure. If anyone else even does this and if they do they only way, we do it. We have built this. So that you can’t get more clients, give them more leads, create more value and make more money. It’s a cloud that was all about all right guys if you are excited about this this feature and want to add it on to your business right now or to start testing it and using it mess around with it and see how it does out there in The world make sure to go to clapping.

Calm click, go Pro Plus select a plan. You like save money with the annual plan, adding your information and Luke pay and your account will be upgraded automatically. Thanks for reading this article and keep hustlin bros I’ll, see you out there

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