How To Point Namecheap Domain Name to Bluehost Hosting

In this post we go over how to point Namecheap domain to Bluehost Namecheap Is by far one of the most popular domain registers out there and Bluehost is one Of the top web hosting companies, when you sign up for Bluehost, you receive up To 63 percent off your hosting purchase, I provided a link in the description.

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Below to Bluehost to get your discount, I’ve also provided a link to Namecheap In case you haven’t, purchased your domain name, yet a little disclosure, the Links are affiliate, links and I’ll receive a commission which helps support This blog, it’s very common for people to buy their domain names from Namecheap But have hosting with Bluehost Namecheap offers a free domain privacy and there Were no apprising is cheaper.

Let’s get started in this. How to point domain name: From Namecheap to Bluehost tutorial when you buy a domain name from a separate Company, you will need to point the name servers to the web hosting company. You Are using such as Bluehost when you purchase this web hosting from a hosting Provider, the hosting account will come with very specific name servers when you Buy your domain name from a domain register, you have to make sure you Change your name servers to point to your web hosting provider.

The process is Quick and easy, so don’t worry if it sounds complicated below. I show you how To point name cheap domain to Bluehost, we want to point your name: cheap domain. To Bluehost name servers, Bluehost name servers, ns1, Bluehost, calm, Ns-Two Bluehost.Com login to your name, cheap account and update the name. Servers to Bluehost, as mentioned above when you log into Namecheap You want to click on domain list over, on the left hand, side once you do this, it’s Going to list out all your domains that you currently own via Namecheap, find the Name: cheap domain: you want to point to Bluehost and click the manage button to The far right you’ll be on a domain management, page You want to scroll down.

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Until you see name servers, you will see custom DNS, With an arrow to the right of it, where you can make a selection, you want to Select Custom DNS: it’s going to bring up a name servers tab where you want to add Your custom name servers from Bluehost. Add the following: Bluehost name servers; Ns1 Bluehost comm and s2 Bluehost.Com. Once you add Bluehost name servers. You Want to click the green check mark.

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This will point your domain name to Bluehost. Servers, I do want to warn you that it can take Up to 24 hours for these changes to take effect so be patient and don’t worry if You are routed to name Jeep’s default page temporarily, however, from what I’ve Always seen on my sites is the site showing up correctly within 20 minutes. To an hour, I hope you enjoyed our article tutorial on how to point name: cheap Domain to Bluehost hosting alright guys thanks for reading that is my tutorial.

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