How To Presell Virtual Tour Clients With No Camera – Play With Demos Feature

Facebook group in the community of the FOB piano community Ross world’s best community and virtual tour space. Without a doubt, so I posted in the Facebook group a guy’s looking for some demos to help the newbie entrepreneur, pre-sell clients, you guys shared all kinds of links that go ahead, use it and pre-sell go.

Do it use my use, my my tour. So I heard how this functionally works if you’re a brand new virtual tour provider or you’re trying to get started, you have zero money, zero camera, so the PERT that you should do you should log in apopka calm. You should upgrade to pro plus select 49 bucks. So almost nothing you could you click on the button play with demos it’s going to bring on some example: demos for you to use.

Now you click a button on here. It says clone and edit and it clones this tour onto your account and you can customize it to the person that you pitch, so you can pre sell it to a customer. So, for example, let’s say I have an are targeted, RV dealers. I built an email, s saw re dollars and I want to target them and go pitch in person like you should be doing. Well, then I will go to my player demo section or we may even change this section to pre-sell at demos.

You’re going to click, are you sure you want until this RV sales demo you’re going to say? Yes, it’s going to go it’s going to be cloned on your account. Pretty cool says here: is your clone tour right you’re going to exit out of this little model here is an example that you can walk in the door with and go sell with. Honestly, it’s already ready to go. If you want to add in some cool articles and here to show some examples, you could do that with HTML info spots.

We do all kinds of cool customizations based on your preferences right, you click, publish and then you text for email or text. This link to yourself so I’m in Excel this modal, then you have a mobile, a mold demo, ready rock-and-roll mobile demo. You have an RV, that’s on your mobile phone. Now, if you text to yourself or email to yourself and you go in there and pitch in the lane, your first client, this is a big deal, this first off number one.

This shows that our community gets it like you help each other. That’s someone helps you in the future. I mean it’s just a really cool thing. It’s a very altruistic approach to business and that’s how you would have success, how I help somebody else with nothing to know nothing to gain in return, which I have something for you guys, but it’s a secret for right now. I want to say that if you are brand new you’re tripping, you wan na learn how to pre-sell a virtual tour, go to cloud panakam sign in grab a quick Pro Plus account can go pre sell for 30 days.

You can go, pre, sell a business owner. You’ll justify your investment, for a camera, will justify your investment frames, have fun mark, and you do you have investments with all you already have paid for, because someone else your customers paid for it. That’s really cool thing so check out that play with demo session or pre sale, demo section on your cloud piano dashboard, so all you have to do is go to app cloud.

Panakam you go to slash tours and you’ll see that pop up as an option utilize. These demos, when you’re selling, thank you to the community for stepping up here and showing and giving some examples for folks to go use. We have thousands of different tours on them on the platform. We hope to have thousands more. But, most importantly, I want you to have success. That is this, that that is the number one way cloud Panos going to continue to thrive is that when our users make a bunch of money so take advantage of these features.

Now, while they’re still available grab a ProQuest account on cloud panakam, it don’t cost you much, it’s worth the investment and then once you feel pre-cell customer then go buy your camera a little process and then then come back a week later. Make some money alright guys I’ll see you on the inside panakam upgrade your account Pro Plus I’ll, see you there

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