How To Start A Website | Bluehost and Shopify Review

And now, in today’s article I want to talk about how to create a website and, more specifically, we compared Bluehost and Shopify. So stick around for those of you that are just getting started and are just now learning about websites.

I have an in-depth review as far as comparing like all the popular ones, whether it’s Bluehost Shopify, Etsy, Big, Cartel WIC Squarespace, all of the major ones that you might have heard the but like the words around and I’ll link it up here and the links will Also be in the description, so take a look at that article, where I kind of cover the broad basis. This article is going to be specifically for Bluehost and Shopify, which I really preach.

Our only are the major two options out there. Anything else is like is like really settling for what it is that you’re doing so, if you’re into the product space – and you want to launch an apparel brand, any any physical product, Bluehost and Shopify will really be the two big players. So I want to start this article off with a quick story, maybe you’re in a situation, and I hope that you don’t fall into the situation that I had when I was first looking around for website.

Two can be very confusing, so I want to make sure to tell you guys this story, so you guys know exactly what happen to me and it doesn’t happen to you. The year was like 2000 and 1995 or something I’m just kidding, I’m not that old. It was like 2012 something like that when we were first launching our first website and me not knowing anything about web site and like the thought of having to launch my own web site was like holy like what.

How do you do that like do? I need to pay somebody. I was in that situation and then I was introduced to a website firm, which will I will not name, but I was introduced to a website firm and they’re. Like hey yeah, we can build your site, you know like. What’s your budget, you know and everybody’s always going to say: what’s your budget well we’re looking for something really custom cuz we heard that custom was the only way to go.

Everybody was like you got to get a custom site. You know you got to get a custom site. I went to this website firm and I was like cool I’m going to get myself some custom. You know what I say and then we got there and we were pretty much like okay. Well yeah. You guys can customize it. However, you want, and I was like: oh yeah, I can customize my own website. You know like I’ve always wanted to do this, so we ended up like they were like yeah.

So what do you guys have in mind and when those questions come out, it’s like, like you, have so many options and now, when those questions hit you you’re like like. Oh man, I don’t know, I don’t know what kind of websites I want. You know like. I don’t know what my website needs so at that point you’re pretty much like they’re kind of telling you what direction you might be able to take, and then they start customizing it to fit your need.

And then we end up launching a site and we thought we wanted some like silver. We thought we wanted like. We wanted some like really random at the time and then they end up building us this really random. So then we end up having a website. It’s up it’s functional and it looks freaking crazy, but it looks so cool to us. You know like we were literally building a Picasso. We were building the Yeezy season 3 and then in reality ended up being ez season 4, which is a complete flop.

So that was my situation on building a custom site and going through a custom somebody that could customize my website. Overall, it was a website that sucked it didn’t convert well features like there was no backend feature, so it was like we couldn’t really do anything. We have to always call them to make any changes, and then they charge a fee like an hourly customizable fee. In reality, it wasn’t anything, wasn’t a good experience going to anybody that would build a site and they would have control of like actually managing it.

So that’s what inspired me to create this article here, for you guys and the previous website articles is because I don’t want you falling into the same trap, there’s all kinds of options that you have and in this one one that we switched to right after the Right after that Fiasco was Bluehost and to be fair, Bluehost isn’t a website, it’s not a website like an actual website, it’s just a hosting platform, and I cover that in more detail on the other article.

But a hosting platform is pretty much where you store all your files. You store your your products like your physical images, like all your information is hosted there, but then Bluehost allows you to easily connect your WordPress website and your two options are really WordPress on Shopify. So a WordPress website is pretty much a fully customizable website, tailored to your needs and WordPress started as a blogging platform, meaning that it’s very good when it comes to like uploading content and wanting to like SEO for Google search when it comes to text and all Of that stuff, so WordPress is an easy plug-in to Bluecoat literally allows you to install it with a simple click to get started with Bluehost.

All you do, is you go to their website and I have links down below you. Go down to the website. Get a plan whether it’s $ 4 $ 6 $ 15 or like to have all kinds of plans, but if you’re, just starting out definitely start with the lowest package. That way, you can get your hands on it really test it use it and then, once your business increases like you, give up on the on the bandwidth and the different options that they have so Bluehost is definitely the way to go.

If you’re wanting to go on the low, they have great customer service, the ability to easily install WordPress, and then you can go to theme forest being forest has like thousands of themes and in theme forest. You could choose themes that are already customized to two apparel or two products that you’re that you wanting to sell. So in reality, the steps to launching a website on Bluehost is as simple as going down to their website you paying for the monthly package.

I think they even include a free domain name with that package, and then you have your website domain, which, whether it’s WWAMI brand calm or revive bronco comm, whatever whatever website you want to launch and then you go down till I either beam forest or you go Through, like WordPress’s content – and you can choose themes, theme forest actually has like thousands of themes and they have themes ready for you to use on the parallel.

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So you can find some really dug themes on that platform and they’ll cost you anywhere between fifteen fifteen dollars and up, but, like literally, you install it into your WordPress site and you’re ready to go you’re up and running you’re operating a full-fledged website. You connect your stores, store, stuff, your paypal information and your launched for less than 100 bucks. Potentially so Bluehost allows you to launch on the low connecting the WordPress and then over.

All it gives you full customization options on the back end. So if you really want to learn how to like customize each theme, then you could still go in there and customize it to your needs or, if you want somebody to customize them in the future. As long as they know, WordPress they’ll be able to customize what you need, but to start off, you don’t need all that crazy that they try to sell you on these website firms.

You just need something that will look good for you. They can manage your products, manage your orders and and and on the low. So Bluehost is that option if you’re on a budget. So now you may be wondering okay cool I’ve heard of Bluehost I’ve heard of WordPress. What about the Shopify think about Bluehost WordPress? If you think that’s easy Shopify, it’s super simple to get set up, like literally super simple like they have.

You logged in, like a Facebook, account to find a theme either on Shopify or on Dean porous, and then you install it onto their website platform and they have a full like they really specialized in their in their inventory management and on the backend features of selling Products, so if like Bluehost and WordPress were originally blog platforms and then they adapt it to being stored platforms, Shopify was created for the store platform.

So that’s what they do very well now. The thing about Shopify is, though, is that you need at least a budget of $ 300 per year. You can also pay it on like a $ 29 per month month by month rate, so they make it super affordable to get started on there. So if you have that budget of at least $ 30 per month – and you can sell at least like you know, five six products to cover your cost plus how a profit that’s the platform recommend you go with Shopify makes it super simple to sell your products Like it’s really easy to follow up with people who connects to a postage like you, don’t have to set up any other plugins.

There is apps on Shopify, so Shopify kind of set it up where it’s more of like an app platform, so think about your phone. And then you can download apps onto your website which allows you to do different functions, whether it’s keep track of inventory third-party locations. Install like drop shipping options like everything is pretty simple through their platform and they’re charging you $ 29 a month to manage all of that they even have a mobile processor.

So, like you, can literally sell from your phone I’ll link. Another article up here that talks a little bit more about that, so overall Shopify is really killing the game. So now, when you’re, comparing these two either going with Bluehost or going with Shopify, do you really have to ask yourself? What’s your budget, if you want to, if you don’t have a high budget, I recommend you’re going with Bluehost and learning a little bit about websites.

It takes a little bit of tweaking not difficult at all and if you’ve got a small budget and you’re willing to take the risk in need and invest at least 29 dollars a month to really push your brand out, then I would go with Shopify. So there you have it guys. I hope this article was helpful and remember, don’t go to like customize your own website like and paying a firm to create a site, because you think you want something you’re.

Never you never really know exactly what you can. Even so, you start using it, so it doesn’t make sense to invest a thousand or a couple thousand to build your own custom site to start. I definitely recommend you going with something: that’s already pre-built pre-made, making it your own through visuals the thoughts, the aesthetic appeal of it and always keeping in mind that we live in the world where things are quickly evolving and adapting.

So if you spending a lot of money up front and you’re just starting your business out, it doesn’t make much sense to do that. So make sure that you really research into those two blue host and Shopify are the top providers of web content right now. They’re, like the top tier to the top dogs in this industry, if you have any questions comment down below like this article subscribe to the blog I’ll, be creating a lot more in-depth reviews to stay connected and let’s get going talk soon.


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