How to Use FTP Hosting for 360 Virtual Tours

What I wanted to do today is a article after putting out a little poll on the. I think it was a 3d and 360 photographers Facebook page basically just put out a little poll just just asking what articles people would like to see me do and one of the options was on FTP hosting and that came out way on top.

So here we go and I’m going to focus on using FTP hosting with 3d vista, because that’s what I use, however, hopefully I’m not sure with other systems how they export the files. But it should be pretty much the same across the board and so we’ll jump into the hosting software that I use and show you how to take the settings from your hosting across to your FTP client and get all that set up. And then we’ll run through a quick export on on 3d vista as well just to just to show you how the whole process is is done.

If you have any questions at any point, then please leave them in the comments below don’t forget to Like and subscribe. If you haven’t already – and let’s roll the intro and get cracking you okay, so here we go, I wanted to start off on this page, so this is basically how I use for my own website hosting company called 20i. They are a uk-based hosting company, which is why I moved to them. It’s obviously I’m based in the UK, even though I do use content delivery network which they’ve just recently launched their service is absolutely brilliant and yeah.

The hosting is, is very, very, very, very quick. Considering that my website is full of photos and embedded tours – and you know all sorts of stuff, so if you are looking for hosting, then I would highly recommend them. Obviously they do. It would still work overseas, so yeah definitely definitely check them out now I haven’t actually have just realised how much he thought exactly what route I’m going to take with this.

So if I do go all over the place, then you’re going to have to bear with me and you might have noticed as well. The sound has improved somewhat since my last articles, so I’ve just bought a new microphone. So hopefully you can hear me a bit better and it’s not so terrible. So to start off with. This is my main dashboard, and this is the part here – the ftp details that matter. So what I’m going to do here is just officer, I’m not going to show you my password.

They don’t want people login and hacking my website, and but what I will do is I use a program which is probably one of the most popular ones called FileZilla, and this is basically where all of the all of the files are actually hosted. So if I connect to my account on here connect quickly, so another great thing is that they – you can’t actually do anything on here unless you manually unlock your FTP, which is really really good or you can actually unlock it via your IP address permanently, which is Yeah a great little security feature, so let’s try this again.

There we go so to start off with my website is built on WordPress. If you are looking to host tours yourself and you have a website with Wix or Squarespace or one of those companies that basically does all the hosting for you, then it’s slightly different, because you know they don’t allow you access to your FTP. So what you would need to do is get a separate domain to host your tours on and then link off from your website to your tours.

So all of our website, information is under my public HTML folder here and what I’ve done is I’ve basically just created and another folder just by you, know, right-clicking and creating your directory called client tours now. What that will do is my website, which is based under my public HTML is Nick Powell, photography, comm and then it creates a forward, slash client tools, and then I put in a folder within that all of my tours for different clients that I’ve that I’ve worked With so quite a few in here and yeah I mean I would say that the easiest way to do it is to keep all of the the text lowercase because, obviously and connected as well with hyphens, because this is basically the URL that’s going to be created.

So, in order to connect to your FTP, what you do is you take your ftp details here, and so your server name is here and that would go in. I’ve actually got a separate one for for the specific 420 I, which is a little bit faster, and then your username is normally your website and then the password and port I’ve participated in is 21, which is a standard port number on there and yeah. Well I’ll. Show you in a second is how to export the files and then import things are here.

So if we use this one here which we’re going to look at in a second which is bespoke sound of vision and vision, which is a home cinema company based in Brighton in East Sussex in the UK, the reason I choose this one is it’s quite a Small tour and I’m doing a bit of work on them, just updating a few bits and pieces anyway. So if we go into 3d vista here and i’ve got it already at the top. So if I click on that, just sort of load, the project for us and make a couple of changes and then i’ll show you the files that that are created and what you need to do with them.

So if I go into made some changes anyway, if I go into the demo room here on spots, if some of you who haven’t seen 3d Vista yet another little insight into it and how easy it is to use – and if you are interested in finding out More about 3d vista, then I will link the review that I did a while ago now, in fact, I’m thinking about doing an updated one very soon, because the few things have changed in here, but I’ll link the article up in the top right-hand corner now.

So, let’s just open this info window here, so what I’ve got is I’ve got an image in the body text right. Okay, so just add something at the top here. Okay, just like so I have done all the updates for them earlier on today. So it’s not too much that I need to change on here. Let’s just check everything else, this one this one here I might need to change because I’ve changed the text not going to go through too much and bore you.

I said all railway change it to that [ __ ] to the front, so I’ve been using for them and then change it to bold, okay, excellent. So that’s all of our changes done. So, let’s imagine that we’ve just created a tall in in 3d Vista, as I said, or any other software. Hopefully it’s very, very similar the way they’re exports, I’m just going to change. One more thing just change my cap, because it’s change now – and I will apply this to this one here as well – just make sure that it’s done yes, it is good good, stuff.

Okay, so now we’ve finished the tour, and now we want to publish it. So we click on publish in the bottom right hand, corner and there’s a number of options with with 3d vista that you can do so. The first one we want to choose here is the publish for web and mobile through, as, as you may know, that that they do offer their own hosting service. To be honest, I personally haven’t used it because I started off from the beginning with my own hosting, because I wanted it all to be under my my domain, but it’s very, very good.

I’ve heard they’re hosting it’s very very fast, it’s very reliable! So if you are looking for an easier route and a quicker route, definitely definitely definitely look into this. And if you do sign up for 3d vista again I’ll put the link in the description below to get a discount off that, then you will get three months worth of free hosting as well with them. You can also publish here as a standalone player so that basically publishes it as a Exe file that you can put on like a USB stick or a DVD or something like that or and the VR goggles.

You can publish to Facebook and YouTube as a 360 article and also to Google Streetview, and I have done a separate article on that which I will again link up in the top right now and so just making sure that we’ve got all the settings on here. So publish settings, compatibility with gear, VR, oculus, 5 and mobile phones. Okay, let’s go compatibility, I don’t use any of these. This link here is quite important, and this basically gives you an idea of what the domain looks like.

So you’ve got the main website, which is this bit here: public HTML and then the client tours, which is this bit here and then you’ve got the next bit, which is the folder, which is this bit here and that’s towards the end there. So, at the end of each domain you just put a forward slash index, dot, HTM and then you’ll be able to view your tour so to choose a destination to publish the tour to on the computer.

So just double check that that’s all ok just tours and then yeah. This is where, on my computer, where I store all of my published tours, spokes sound of visions, visions, talk, select, folder and then click on, publish, really quick publishing there. We go all done so now. What we’ll do is we’ll come into FileZilla and you’ll notice here that if I click refresh these times here, this is the time that I updated it earlier on this morning a couple of hours ago.

So if we click refresh there, we go that those times here have changed. So what we want to do now is let’s say we were creating this tour from scratch. I can’t create a new one, otherwise it’s going to ruin my clients call for them. But let’s imagine that this wasn’t here this folder. What you would do is come to your public HTML, the root, folder and then take. I just got one here as well: publish tours and then drag a spoke, sound and vision into client tours.

Ok, but as we’ve already got files in here, we’re going to highlight all of them track them over into here. And then I want to overwrite if the source is newer, if there are going to be newer sources now, if you want to completely update the tour, if you’ve got any bugs or anything like that, then you can completely overwrite it just by clicking over right there, But I’m going to over our sources newer and just apply this color to this current cue click, OK and you’ll – see here.

This is the hosting how quick it is rapid, very, very pleased with this 20 eyes hosting company, and there we go. We are all done so I just minimize that I put my browser and go copy/paste right there. We go so we’re all done, so we should be able to go into the little demo room here and see the changes that we made to this bit. Just double check that yep there we go and then we’ve got the other info windows here I was actually thinking about putting a moving article on this screen, but it’s difficult to find a decent movie that I can use without being busted for copyright sight yeah there.

We go, that’s pretty much it, so I hope you guys found that really really useful, and I personally think that hosting tools yourself is is beneficial because for me it means that I can keep all of my Virtual Tours under my own domain, so my Virtual Tours Show up is Nick cafetalk vidcom forward slash client tools forward, slash than the company name, so yeah, it’s a good thing for SEO for me as well, so I can keep track of how many hits my tours are getting so yeah.

I hope that was really great and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I will speak to you again soon. Take care bye,

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