Joshua Zamora: SyndBuddy Case Study Review – Get Ranking On Google

Now somebody is a very powerful social exchange network where you can come in here and get real social signals, social syndication and real backlinks to your content to get fast page 1 rankings.

Ok, we currently have over 800 users inside of somebody ready to share like and syndicate your content all over the web. Alright. Now, if you know anything about SEO, you know that syndication, backlinks and social signals are very, very important to your SEO and getting first page rankings and we’ve been able to create a software that automates the process of getting real social signals. Social shares, bookmarks backlinks.

All of that good stuff to your content, and it doesn’t matter what kind of URL it is either you can submit a article URL web site, URL your clients, URLs your clients, articles your ecommerce stores, whatever it is, if you’re looking to get more free traffic from Google, you can come in here and get some amazing social signals and social activity to your content using sin buddy, okay, so I’m going to quickly walk you through exactly how the same buddy works and how I was able to get these first page rankings as well.

So the first thing, of course, when it comes to getting traffic from Google, is to make sure you do the right keyword, research and product research. So what I did for these rankings here, which you can see two days ago two days ago and you can see a high converting keyword, reviews 2017 now the back story about this particular product now before I actually continue the reason I’m not showing the actual product And all that stuff is because this is an actual profitable product that I’m actually going to be making money for okay, so I’ve released my keywords before in the past, and people have stolen my keywords: they flagged my articles they’ve had in my account shut down.

So I know long reveal my keywords, because I actually make money with my articles. Okay, so here I am ranking for a very targeted keyword, and I also put the year in here. The reason for that is because, when I started doing research for this product, I figured out that it’s a very old product. So it’s a product, that’s been on the market for a number of years, since I think 2010 2011, but they continue to improve this product over the years and they’ve just released a new version of it in 2017 and they started running a lot of media advertising.

For this product, and that’s exactly how I found this product as well, one of the things that I teach my students want to come to ranking articles is to always have your marketers cap on what I mean by that. Is that no matter where you are always be on the lookout to see what’s being advertised to you? Okay, and I always also recommend keeping a notepad on your phone. You know nowadays, mostly everyone has a smartphone, so always keep a list of things that you see.

Being advertised to you on your smartphone, I all my iPhone. I always keep a notepad with just a list of products anywhere. I go, I’m always on the lookout to see what’s being advertised to me and another good thing as well is just paying attention to. What’s being advertised to you on TV, okay, that’s exactly how I found this product. I was reading TV and instead of walking away and going to grab a drink during a commercial break.

Syndbuddy-Summer-Sale-Review-From-Markattwood.com_.png” style=”width:500px”>

I paid attention. I stayed around and there was a product being advertised on TV and it was actually this product. Okay and that’s exactly how I found it. I wrote it down later. On that day I went to do the research found. The keyword found out that there was a new version of it in 2017 and, of course, anyone that wants to read a review wants to see the most current version of it. So I’m getting the most current traffic for this keyword and I went ahead and ranked for the Perot version is going to be the singular version as well, and you can see here me sitting a position number two right below this article here.

Okay and of course, if this one, this is an older article as well, but if someone sees one, that’s more updated, obviously, they’re going to click on the one, that’s most updated, okay and then what I did beyond that. I didn’t stop there because he’s a member dealers are too. Both of these are my articles, which is another good tip. I always try to put two articles to make it tougher for my competition to alright me, but I went ahead and and did a little bit more research, and what I found was that there’s a competitive product for this product as well.

So what I did was like hey, why not just rank for both of them for both different products. So what I did was I created a different campaign for the competitive product and I ranked for that one as well. Okay, so now I’m ranking for do two different products, and you can see here, I’m ranking for before and after that’s another great keyword, especially when you’re looking for when you know you have these kind of results, driven products where people want to see it before and After it’s good to target those keywords as well, so how I found the keywords actually is simply by using Google okay.

Syndbuddy-Summer-Sale-Review-From-Markattwood.com_.png” style=”width:500px”>

So let’s say that I’m going to look for something like the Roku okay. So let’s see Roku 3 review. You can see if Google is already filling in the information for me, so Roku 3 review. Okay, let’s say I target this is the let’s say this is, for example, the keyword that I targeted and I also targeted reviews for that, and you can see here. Alright people do type in the year you can see. This is what Google is showing me for me, and you can use this in your ad to your advantage as well.

You can have Google, do your keyword, research for you and that’s exactly what I did. I typed in Roku to you, know this keyword and you can see all the other results and here in the bottom you can start to see other keywords being starting to show up as well, and you can see here the Roku versus the Roku stick. So that tells me that there’s another version of the Roku that I might be able to target as well.

Syndbuddy-affiliate-bonus-page.png” style=”width:500px”>

So if I come here and click Roku 3 vs. Roku stick and I come down here again. Let’s see if there’s another one Roku 3 vs. Roku premier. Ok and difference between Roku 3 and Roku 4. These are all different types of products that I can market to. There’s multiple versions of the Roku, ok and that’s exactly what I found. But what I? What happened with this one was that, instead of showing Roku premier vs.

Roku 4, it showed the first product that ranked 4 versus the second product that ranked before. So I’m like. Oh, ok, there’s a second competitive product. Let me go ahead and rank for that, one as well, and that’s exactly what I did ok so once I found my keywords and once I uploaded my articles and had those online, what I did was I wanted to somebody to get some real social signals and Real social shares and all that stuff – and you can see here that these top 3 are the ones that I’ve added for this particular campaign.

So one of them has already got in 1552 different social signals and social shares. The other one got 39 and the another one got 31. Ok, so I’m getting a ton of social activity from people all over the world from a bunch of different accounts, hosted on a bunch of different IP addresses. So all of this looks extremely natural in the eyes of Google. Ok and all I did was pretty much come in here and add the account ok, I add the campaign and it’s very simple to do that.

Ok, so I’ll come here, go to my campaigns. Click add new social campaign, and here you add the name, the URL. So let’s say I want to do. Google.Com, ok, HTTP, Google, com name of campaign. Here you add the category okay, because if you want to only share stuff or only have people share your content that are in a specific niche, you can go ahead and do that as well and they’ll be able to sort by the specific categories the total limit.

Let’s say that you only want to have a hundred social signals to this URL and if you do this for a client, you can you know upsell them, for the amount of you know, shares and stuff that you get to their content daily limit. You can put ten per day, and here you can. You have signal types okay, so I have Facebook like Facebook share, Google +1 and a Twitter tweet. Okay. Now this was a YouTube URL.

An additional box will show up. That would allow me to get article views. Okay and these credits, this is what the credits that the other person on the other side is going to earn to perform these actions on my content. So anytime, someone likes my content, they’re going to get two credits and my credits are going to be reduced by two okay and if someone shares my content, I’m going to they’re going to earn three credits and they’re going to my credits are going to reduce by Three: okay, so it’s all a very powerful credit driven platform so that everything keeps balance okay.

So now, if I were to click add it would go ahead and add this to the marketplace. So now that particular URL has been added to the marketplace and it’s going to start getting real. You know social signals, social shares and bookmarks from all the over 800 users that are currently and SCIM body. Okay, that’s part, one of sim body. Part two is getting social shares, okay, now social shares and, let’s say also let me before I go there.

I can come in here and share other people’s content as well to earn credits. Okay – and you can see it’s very simple – I just click like click confirm click like here and now. You’ll see that my credits are going to go up, you can see boom. I went from 35 to 37. If I click +1 same thing can choose the account that I want to share it on, allow click share, and now you can see it went back up as well.

Okay, I do the same thing for Twitter. Okay, click tweet and you’ll see that those credits are also going to go ahead and get added. Okay, you can see now I want it’s going up and down, because people are sharing my content as well. So it’s going to be constantly going up and down alright, but it’s that simple, okay, you can come in here, get shares for your own content, share other people’s content and have a very powerful network in here where everyone is sharing real social signals with each other.

Okay, if I come here to social shares, this is the second part of sim buddy. Okay. So if I come here to my campaigns now I can get bookmarks. I can also get people posting my content on web 2.0 sites. I can also get people posting. My content on self hosted WordPress blogs, so if someone has a PPN that could be posting myself on their pbn on wordpress.Com sites as well, so a ton of different backlinks and briault content being shared with your links included in them.

So if I come here to click new social camp, new social share campaign, same thing demo, let’s say I do Google, and here is where I can put the key one of the keywords that I want so keyword, one keyword, okay and here the same thing you Can put the category total limit 110? This is the daily limit and here’s where I can add the content that is going to be added to the different network. So here, if someone has a blog connected to, somebody, is going to be posted to their blog, which can be a you know, a blogger, tumblr WordPress com wordpress.

Org, all of those different things: social, bookmarks. Okay, we have all the major most of the major social bookmarks loaded into here as well. So you just put your social content in here and it’ll, be bookmarked to all those different accounts as well can’t believe in total there’s over 20 six different sites between blogs, socials and bookmarks. Excuse me: no, I’m here time talking about socials here and social is where it’s going to be posted on places like Facebook and things like that.

Okay and here’s bookmark is where you’ll be getting those bookmarks. Okay and again, we have over, I believe, 26 different sites between blog, social and bookmarks, that you’ll be able to get your content shared on okay tags here same thing, you just add the tags that you want. The good thing is that you don’t have to include the URL here, because it’s going to automatically pull that URL from here, alright, so anyone so anytime, another user shares your content on a blog on a social site or a bookmark.

The link is already going to be included because you have it up here. Okay and another good thing that we have included inside of somebody is the ability to syndicate your content to simlab. So if you’re already a send lab user, you can connect this and select to which group you want to automatically send your content to okay. So this allows you to not only get real social shares from other users instead of somebody.

If you have a sin, lab account, this allows you to share your content on your own networks. Okay, if you don’t have a sin lab account, we will be offering it as an upgrade for sin. Buddy so you’ll be able to see that and take advantage of that special offer. Okay, but once I click Add, this campaign is going to be added to the network as well, so now I’ll be able to get social signals and social shares.

At the same time. Okay, so again, social signals is people liking, google+ wanting and twitter twitter tweets. Your content and social shares is people syndicating your content on blogs, bookmarks and social network sites as well? Okay, so it’s that simple to come in here and use somebody and as well also you can come here and share other people’s or social content as well. So you can see here I can come here and click share.

That’s going to be shared on the contents. On the accounts that I have added on to that, I have connected to my sim buddy account. I can do the same thing here with share and that’s it. Okay. Now I’m going to go ahead as soon as that content gets shared, I will earn those credits. Okay, but that’s it guys, somebody is a very powerful and very easy to use software to come in here. Get real social shares, real social signals to your content and get those first page rankings like this case study that you see here.

Okay, so thank you guys. We have a very special offer going on, for somebody so make sure that you take advantage of that now.

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