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Com and in this article I’m going to be talking about Lumen5 as a Free alternative to Vidnami. Now, if you are a subscriber to my blog or You’ve been following along, I did post a article recently called Vidnami free Trial update and in this article, which I’ve linked down in the description Below I talked about some of the changes that Vidnami was implementing to the Free trial and if you read that article you’ll understand what changes are going To be made and how it affects you going forward, but after I posted that I got a Lot of comments, I got a lot of emails of people asking me, you know.

Are there any Free options out there other than Vidnami, ok, and so basically, I suggested That a lot of you check out Lumen5 and we’re going to go over some of the features. In Lumen5 I’ll talk about the limitations as well, because you need to Understand that and then you need to decide for yourself if Lumen5 is a Viable option for you, so let’s dive right in before we get started. If this is your First time here, click that subscribe button and ring the bell.

So you don’t miss out on content like this and if you’re looking to start your Affiliate marketing business then click on a link below to follow my number one. Recommendation for starting an online business today, So what happened with Vidnami’s free trial? Well, a couple of things: okay, Number one during the 14-day free trial period, when you make any article those Articles are going to have a trial watermark stamped all across that article.

Okay, during that 14-day trial period. Secondly, you will not have access to Vidnami’s auto voice feature now those are the two changes that they made and Again, this caused a lot of people to reach out to me to find out if there Were any other alternatives out there and that’s the reason why I’m suggesting Lumen5 now, let’s take a look at the pricing. Lumen5 has a free, forever plan. Okay, so it’s right here in the corner: it’s called the free forever plan and It’s limited, though, right with anything, that’s free, you’re, going to have to work.

Within those parameters, now you are only allowed 5 articles per month, ok and they Also include a Lumen5 watermark at the end. Okay, it’s not a watermark that is on The entire article, ok, but it is positioned at the end and if you have a free article, Editing software, you can easily cut that part off of the article. Okay, also the Resolution has been downgraded or is downgraded to 720p. Okay, it’s still good Enough, obviously, you want 1080p or higher, but you know it’s free right.

So You can’t complain when you get it at 720p, so we’re going to go ahead and we’re Going to log in to Lumen5 alright, so here we are inside of the dashboard of Lumen5 now to create a article, you just click on this – create article button up Here in the upper right hand, corner or you can click the create article button. Down here and once you do, it’ll walk you through the process of creating a article Very, very simple: okay, but before we do, I want to take a look and show you these Menu options here on the left, so if we click on instant articles, this is Something where, if you blog, this is going to be very very handy for you, okay, a Time-Saver, because what you can do is you can input and save your RSS feed Here in lumen, five and looma five will take those articles that you, post in Your RSS feed and it will create instant articles for you.

Okay, now, Mind you, you have to go back in and edit the articles, but it’s nice to know that That process will already be taking care of taken care of for you, and you can Just go ahead and and edit that okay now, the next selection here is brand presets. As part of the free the free forever plan, you only get one brand preset and Of course it’s free, so you’re very limited in what you can do, but it’s Still they give you at least this option right, so you can rename this to your Preset name whatever you want, so I’m going to name it Ken okay.

You can see this Is the standard preset right here you can see it’s just black and white. Now You can choose any of these themes, so if you want to choose red, you can do that. You can choose, yellow, you can choose blue green purple any of these and it’ll Customize it for you, in this case, I’m just going to choose the red one here and There’s not much customization in terms of the font. You know the highlighting of Text a sub to subtitle style.

Okay, everything is blocked, it’s locked off, so You really have to get a premium account in order to take advantage of the Customization features now once you’re done. All you do is you click Save and Now I have a brand preset called Ken, that’s already ready for me when I’m Creating my articles now under analytics, this is basically what it is right. It’s A snapshot of your usage of lumen v so I’ll tell you how many articles you Publish the average length of those articles the time you spent creating them Just a just a general overview for you now: let’s go ahead and start creating a Article so we’ll click on the create article button.

And you’re going to have several options presented to you, you can use your blog By entering in a article URL or you can search for that, okay, you can use a Script: this is what I’m going to be doing. It’s very similar to the method. That I use with Vidnami and last one is: you can use your own media now, I’m going to Use the exact same script that I use in all of my article me article examples: okay, So I’m just going to copy this and I’m going to paste it into this box.

Here: okay, So let me just zoom in here, so you can see the entire article is in here. I can Stretch out this box, and I can really change and edit anything that I want Inside this box, okay, so I’m going to get rid of some of these periods here: okay, And if everything goes good, then all I have to do is click on this gold button. Here now, the next step in the article creation process is choosing a article Format now it says here that you can change this later, but for this example, I’r just going to choose one, but I want to show you the different formats that Are available to you even in the free forever plan? Okay, so there’s Facebook Instagram, Twitter Snapchat, YouTube LinkedIn Pinterest or you can even make Your custom custom format, okay, which is pretty nice, so we’re going to go with Youtube so I’m going to click on YouTube, and this is where the next step you’re Going to choose your brand or theme, so we already created our brand a little Earlier but let’s take a look at some of the popular themes down here.

If you Hover over these themes, you’ll see a preview of what your article would look. Like with these particular themes, okay, so you can see all the different themes. Here they also have themes from last year from 2019. So you can see all these Themes here same thing, hover over them and you’ll be able to see what they look. Like okay, a nice little preview, so we’re going to just go with our brand preset.

Here that we created, so I’m just going to click on that – and this is one lumen Five will get to work very similar to Vidnami. Take the text. Take the brand Theme and put everything together for you into your article, so you’ll see very Shortly, a preview of our article okay. So now this is what we’re Looking at our preview – okay, so you’ll see up here, it says that our AI, handpicked Sentences for you does a story flow well, so basically, this is similar to Vidnami, in which Vidnami does that for you.

So we’re just going to keep it because this Is just an example, but if you wanted to you could clear it and and a format it The way that you like, okay, I’m just going to leave it that way here on the left. Side you’ll see our script that we put paste it in okay. So I can move the the Words around, I can add more text if I want to okay, if we go over the slide, Here and let’s take a look at this menu here, so you have some menu options: Preview layouts: this is your timing, okay of the slide and there’s more options.

So Let’s just go ahead and take a look at the preview. Okay, so you can get a nice Little preview of that particular scene – okay, you can tell that was really short. So I can also adjust the timing, so in this case it was three seconds if I want To up that to five, I can do that: okay in terms of layouts, if I click on This button, what’s going to happen, is you’re going to see some options pop up on The left side, where I’m able to change the different layout? Okay, I’m just going To keep the layout as it is, but you can see that you have choices when you’re Creating your article, which is nice now, if we go over to more options zoom in here, You’re going to see that you have the ability to trim your scene if you want To okay, we’re just going to keep it the way that it is now, if you want to change Up the highlighting or change up some of the text, you can do that as well.

And all you have to do is really just click on the box here, where the text is At and if I want to, let’s say change the highlighting right now, it says a lot of Weight fast as the highlight okay, the a I chose that I’m going to go ahead. I’r Going to clear that I want to choose something else: okay, so you can choose Highlight many ways and I’m just going to click on highlight and you can see that When I click off the screen here, you can see that it changed it real, easy, okay, So there’s other things you can do.

You can change the text position. The text Size, okay, you can add a sub see to this. If you want to, you can add more Text here on the bottom, if you want to as well so there’s a lot of Customization and the free forever plan for Lumen5, okay, so same thing goes with Lumen5 as it is in Vidnami, okay, if I want to change this picture, let’s say: This picture is not the picture that I want. All I have to do is go over here on The left side and click on media – and you can see you – can search millions of Photos and articles here with lumen, 5 and they’ve got some that are suggesting This is based off of the slide that I’m on right here, so I can go ahead and I Can swap out any article clip that I want so, for instance, let’s say I want to use This one, so I click on it.

It’s going to pop it in there, okay and it automatically Adjusted the layout of the text as well. Okay, you can also use a gif instead, so This is a really cool feature. You know. As you know, gifts are very popular, so You can use a gif; instead, you can even upload images that you that You have right, if there’s nothing in here that suits your needs, then you can Upload your own okay, now, let’s go ahead and take a look at the music because Right now, this is the music clip that I’m using follow the passion.

Okay, but You can also search through different filters here for the music that you, like Alright, if you don’t want any music, then you just can click on the X here and Remove it, but I’m just going to keep it for now under the style. This is basically What we chose earlier – and we can change that if we want later on okay and Remember when I said that you could choose the article format later, this is Where you can do that as well, so if you want to change it up, let’s say this: Right now, this format is for for YouTube.

If I want to change it to something else, I could do that as well, but, as you can see, it’s pretty simple, so you would do The same thing that you do in Vietnam II: you would change the the media, okay to Fit the slide, you would change the highlight same things that you do change. The article slide timing: okay, do all these things! Okay, now once you’re, ready and You see everything that you like looks good All you do, is you click on publish, so I just let it play for a little bit.

So you Can see the article and it’s a nice little preview here? Basically I’m going to get an Email as well telling me that my article is ready, okay, and also too, you can see Your skip down here, it’s it’s right now, it’s the rendering. It says right here: Your article is rendering download will start automatically in about a minute. Okay, so right now you can see that it’s downloading you can see it’s it’s Thinking right here, okay – and I can just basically you just have to wait a little Bit while it’s rendering the article okay up here or up here, you can see the date That’s today’s date and then there’s a share link.

Okay, you can share the link. With anybody – and this is where you would be Downloading it okay! So let’s save that, but you can see that it Downloaded it rendered pretty quick I’ll show you the final product, but again you Can share a link with anyone you can make the article public you can make the Article private, it’s up to you in this case I just downloaded it. Let’s open it, Up so we can see what the finished product looks like okay, so this is the Lumen5 branding.

Or the watermark that they put at the end now, if you have your own article, Editing software and there’s a lot of them that out there that are free, then You can easily edit out this portion, if you don’t want it. Okay, one other thing: Too, if you want to add in your own watermark for your brand, you want to add Your logo, up maybe up in the upper right hand, corner of the article you can do that As well with a free editing, app out there, okay, so you could literally Customize this article and utilize lumen five is a free alternative.

Now the one Drawback that I’ve found so far is that there is no way to use an auto voice. With this, okay, you’ve got to figure out how to do that on your own, but you know At least you’ve got a way for you to make free articles, so there you have it Lumen5 as a free alternative to Vidnami, let me know what you think: are you Going to be using Lumen5 now that Vidnami has made changes to its free trial.

Program, let me know by dropping your comment down below and if you’re looking To start your online business and want a proven no-nonsense way to get started, Then click on a link below to follow my number one recommendation for starting Your online business today this is Ken Furukawa from kenfurukawa.Com and I’ll See you in my next article

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