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So the question comes up a lot, which is how do I actually do that and in this article I’m going to explain that so there are three plugins are going to be going through and all three of them are potential options you might want to consider.

One is member press, the next one is paid memberships Pro and then I’ll go through member iam. So member rien is the one you’re going to want to use. If you need to set up active campaign or Infusionsoft, if you’re, not using active campaign or Infusionsoft, then you’ll want to use paid memberships Pro or member press and the reason I’m going over these three plugins is because these are the ones that we found to be.

The most popular and most common among our customer base and for that reason, we’ve taken some extra care to make sure buddy bus platform works really nicely with all three of these all right, so the first one I’m going to go through is member press. This is my favorite of the different options. This is kind of the default one. I recommend and the reason I like it is because it’s very powerful it has really good reporting tools and it’s very easy to configure, and it has some really useful extensions.

So, first let me just go to the pricing page and you can see that it is a paid plugin. The cheapest option is 249 a year, and so for this one you’ll have to buy it to get started and I’m going to go on the back end. Here this is not really meant to be a tutorial, just a high-level overview. Just you can see what it’s about. So you see you have your memberships and you can create as many memberships as you want, and when you edit that membership you can set up pricing and set up if it’s a one-time or recurring access.

So let’s say I make it a hundred dollars. I could say it’s recurring every month and I can set up a trial period to give you a lot of options there for the pricing. Then you can set up access rules for what kind of content the user has access to if they purchase this membership and you can go into their subscriptions panel and see all the active subscriptions that are on the site for recurring and non-recurring.

You can go into transactions and see an order, history of all the purchases that have been made and we can go into the reporting panel and in here they have some really nice reporting tools. Now, in my sight, I don’t really have any real data, but you can imagine if you have lots of memberships. This is all really useful and then for the user to actually purchase that membership you’re going to need to set up an integration with a payment gateway.

Most likely stripe or PayPal, so they have a stripe payment gateway and they also have a PayPal, payment gateway. And so let’s say you set up PayPal, then the user can come to the site and they want to purchase their membership and then they can get sent out to PayPal or they can pay on-site and purchase their access. So they have all this for you and they also have integrations for buddypress and learn.

So you can add their body press integration, let’s go into the documentation. So, as a reminder, our buddy boss platform is a fork of buddypress and is built in such a way to make it backwards compatible with all body press plugins. So this should work fine. So what this is going to do is integrate some of the member press options into what a boss platform. So, for example, you get this membership tab where you can see information about your current memberships and they have some integrations to improve the signup experience to make them integrated, and they also have this integration with groups so that you can restrict access to specific groups based On their membership – and they also have a nice integration with learn, so a lot of our customers are using, learn they’re going to the documentation.

You can see that when you add this integration, then when you go to edit your membership, you get a learn tab where you can click and configure which courses that membership is going to grant access to for the user and one of the cool things about number Press is that it allows you to have multiple memberships at the same time, so you could have one membership that gives you access to this learn course another membership that gives you access to some other learn courses, maybe another one that gives you access to some groups And the user can actually purchase multiple memberships at the same time.

So again, this is kind of my default one I recommend and that we use on a lot of clients sites as you’ll see in a moment we’re going to look at paid memberships Pro, which has a free version of it, whereas member press is paid. So that’s one of the reasons you might want to start with paid memberships Pro if you’re on a budget. So with that, let’s look at paid memberships Pro. So here we are looking at paid memberships Pro in the WordPress dashboard and in here we have the ability to set up worship levels, just like member press.

So we can set up the membership level and set up a pricing option recurring payments, custom trials etc, and we can go into our orders and see history of orders. We can go into reports and see some reporting. So in a lot of ways. This is a direct competitor to member press. So if I go to the pricing page, we can see that paid. memberships Pro has a free tier which gives you most of the features you need out of the box, so you might be able to stick with just the free tier and be ok.

So, if you’re on a budget, this might be the way to go and I’ll go through. Some of the other features that you get with paid memberships Pro. So, for example, you need to have some sort of payment gateway if you’re charging users for access to the membership levels – and they have multiple gateways under here – are the most common ones. People are using or PayPal and stripe. So just like member press, they have those options.

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One thing I mentioned that I really like about member press is that a user can purchase multiple memberships at the same time. That’s not their out of the box with paid memberships Pro. If you want that, you have to add the multiple memberships per user add-on and you can see that this requires paid memberships Pro Plus, which you can see, is 297. So if you’re going to do that, then the pricing starts to become about the same, and then they also have a body press integration.

So we can see here that it has a lot of configuration options. Actually, so you can unlock access to all of body press based on a membership level or you can narrow it down per feature. You can see the options here: group creation, public messaging, private messaging friend, requests. They actually have quite a bit of options here. So if this is useful to you, this might be what you’re interested in using there’s also a learn: integration for paid memberships Pro.

So you can see some of the features ability to associate a membership level to one or more courses, and you can auto expire. A membership level after certain amount of time again paid memberships, Pro number press, they’re kind of head-on competitors and whether you use one or the other depends on your personal needs. Really both will serve you well before I get into member Ian. I do want to quickly bring up the option of using WooCommerce, so what commerce does have this extension WooCommerce memberships, which allows you to have membership tiers? And then, if you want to charge subscription, you would have to get the WooCommerce subscriptions add-on as well.

The reason I didn’t bring this up initially is because I would only recommend this to somebody who’s already heavily invested in using WooCommerce, if you’re already using Google commerce to sell other other things, and you don’t want to keep adding more plugins. You might want to use WooCommerce and add these, but if that’s not the case, then I would not recommend this because for one thing it’s a lot of overkill.

Woocommerce is a full-blown shopping, cart system, it’s not specifically a membership system and then it’s also pretty expensive. So you pay $ 150 for commerce, memberships and $ 200 for WooCommerce subscriptions, so this actually becomes the most expensive option of the three and it’s the one that requires the most amount of plugins to get the same result. They do have a stripe. Integration and PayPal learn integration.

They have all that, but again it’s the most expensive and sort of most overkill option. So I would only go for this if you’re already invested in using WooCommerce for other reasons, and you want to just keep using WooCommerce as your checkout experience for your memberships. Alright. So last but not least, I’m going to go through member Ian and member Ian is the most expensive and most complicated of all the options, but is also the most powerful.

So before I get into Miriam, I should really clarify who this is for it’s. For a very specific audience, this plugin is for people who are already using or planning to use either Infusionsoft or activecampaign. So over here we can see Infusionsoft, which has recently been rebranded to keep, but I’ll just call it Infusionsoft in this article, and you can see what this is all about – run the business of helping you grow your customer base, no second chances with follow ups.

Basically, what this is is a CRM that collects your customer data and allows you to do things with that data, so you can send the users through pipelines, for following up with them, you can set up automatic. You know autoresponders set up newsletter campaigns. You can segment! Your users and do various things with the data, so this is really basically a marketing tool and customer data management system.

A third party system, an active campaign, is a direct competitor to Infusionsoft /keep, so here’s active campaign called beyond email marketing with true of marketing automation. So active is also kind of a CRM that collects your user data and lets you set up email marketing campaigns. Both options are very powerful marketing tools and both options have pretty high learning curves and then, when you throw them Berrian into the mix, the learning curve is even higher.

So one thing to be aware of is cost you’re going to have to pay monthly for Infusionsoft or active campaign, and then you also need to pay monthly for mem Berrian. So if we go to the pricing you can see, they have two options, then be room for Infusionsoft and movie room for active campaign. So let’s just pull up this pricing pages. So here we can see the member’ i’m for Infusionsoft. /Keep is forty-seven dollars a month for the basic plan.

It goes up from there and mmin be room for active campaign is $ 20 a month and it goes up from there. So you can see this option is more expensive, but it’s also much more powerful. This all gets confusing that there’s a member IAM and there’s active campaign. All this stuff, basically, what’s going on is active campaign or Infusionsoft. Is your third-party CRM, slash marketing tool and then barium is a wordpress plugin that you add to WordPress and it creates the bridge between the CRM and WordPress.

So when you set up member iam on your website, you’re going to connect it to Infusionsoft or active campaign, and then data will start passing through from WordPress to that CRM and in the reverse. And I’m considering this a membership plug-in as well. Because active campaign and Infusionsoft have these kind of tagging systems and using those tagging systems you can control the access that the user has in WordPress based on what they’ve purchased in that CRM.

So I’ll take a moment here just to show you some of the integrations. They have so if you’re using learn, member ian has to learn integration. So you can see here when you’re editing your learn, content you can unlock, which kinds of content the user has access to, based on tagging, that you’re bringing in from Infusionsoft and there’s all kinds of other options here, for example, a redirect students to an upsell offer Upon completion of a specific learn course they have a lot of different options in this and they have some integrations for body press like this tutorial showing how to sync body press profile fields through Miriam.

So you can set up some options so that when a user registers and fills out their profile fields in buddypress and or what a boss platform, then the profile field data will sync up through member IAM to the crm. Here’s another tutorial: how Auto join users into body. Press groups slash buddy, boss platform groups using member iam, so you can set it up so that when a person purchases, their member liam access level, they’re automatically added into some body.

Press group and there’s many more features that member liam has and because this has a really high learning curve, I would suggest that you go through their articles tutorial section you can see they have a huge library of documentation. So hopefully you found this article helpful. This question comes up a lot for us people wondering which membership plugin they should use to set up their site. Now you have some guidance as to where to get started.

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