MemberVault vs. Podia – What is the BEST Membership or Course Site Platform?

It is that was Gordon here. Thank you so much for clicking and opening up this article. So today I’m going to be talking about member vault versus podía. I am actually wanting to do this article because I wanted to update my experience with podium. I have another article on my blog, I’m about hosting your membership in your courses going podía comm, but I have actually sent switch to member Bowl and I want to share my experiences with kind of like both platforms, I’m more so going to touch one member vote, But when someone commented under my article the other day guys, I realized that I really really needed to do an update so guys, if you don’t know me once again welcome to my blog.

My name is Dallas Gordon. I am a business coach, marketing, strategist, author and speaker, and what I do is I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs, specifically service providers, coaches and corporations to master their messaging, their marketing and their monetization strategies in the digital space. So if you are looking to do any of those things with a little bit of motivation on top, you are in the right place, be sure to subscribe to this blog hit the notification bell and guys don’t forget to drop your questions in the comments, and let Me know what you would like to see more of, and I will literally do a article shout you out and dedicate it just to you and come here with your answers.

Okay, so, let’s get into it guys! I want to share that. I did start out using podía calm and let me show you what I’m going to go over to what you guys can see it. Okay, so I started out with podía calm guys, because about two years ago I started my membership called profit freedom trials. I really really wanted to find a place guys where I can actually host my courses and my membership. I was looking for an affordable solution, so this podía com, a lot of my friends in this business, were actually either using teachable, where they were using.

Think if ik or other solutions, okay, but for me, I found podía to be very pretty, and I really really do like pretty things. What I did like about podium was that they were not going to charge me extra fees, so once you pay their membership fees, they were not charging extra transaction fees. Your money is your money. So I really really did like that. The affiliate program and everything guys is rolled in so you can pretty much like they say, post all of your products.

In one place you can offer your online courses your digital downloads, your memberships. They say you can host webinars as well, which I don’t really remember. Seeing that option, when I was with podium, maybe it was because I left prior to this thing available, I’m not sure but email marketing. Yes, you can email your clients with podía. You do have a storefront with pody. I don’t know about it being beautiful, how beautiful it is to me it was not okay and you can also offer messaging.

So what I want to say guys is that this article is not about toady. If you want to learn more about podía and give them a chance, I do believe in testing different things to see what works for you. You can try for 14 days. What I will say, though, guys is that after the 14 days that you do try them pricing goes up quite a bit. So these are their plans. They have 39 a month which is actually really reasonable.

But if you do need a membership, though you will have to go immediately to $ 79 a month. So for me with a new membership after 14 days, I went immediately into the $ 79 a month plan. If you only have one line, courses in digital downloads $ 39 a month may be a great pricing point for you, but just starting out with my membership with a few members $ 79 a month was a bit much guys for me to chew off.

So if you guys once again want to learn more about podía, you can go over to my other article. I do have a article one day so why I switched so. I actually switched this year and I would have switched a long time ago and I want to say guys this article is not to tear down anyone else’s business or company. This is just my opinion. I suggest that you guys try both to see what works for you and I just want to share, because I have the responsibility to update my information for you guys, because my last article, I never updated it okay.

For me, the solution for a membership was overly complicated, some of the stuff that I needed to do in podía that other memberships were offering like if ik and things like that and teachable we’re offering very easily it was just difficult. I’r here my membership content was very hard to organize. There were not things like leaderboards and things like that inside of polio. When I ran ads to a podium page, I really could not track my ads properly because they don’t really have the capabilities to they.

Have the capabilities for you to put your pixel in right now, but they don’t have the capabilities to really [ __ ], like a thank you page, because their buttons are pop-up, so it’s really hard to so. If you’re in a Facebook, page you’ll know what I’m saying, it’s really hard to track, what happens on the other end, when somebody does opt-in or when somebody does join your membership or program, so I found it to be very, very limiting, even after I left podía, They canceled all of my memberships.

I was literally just moving from polio to another platform and the other platforms I talked to you don’t do that. They don’t cancel your memberships, but mine were all canceled out of stripe, so I had to reload all of my people. Back into my membership, when I left now, a customer service with pelea is amazing. It is on point people always get back to you in a timely manner and when you do want features they do make features.

They try to really hard to work when those features, so I love the customer service, but I didn’t love the organization of products. I didn’t love their the way that their pages look podium basically, is a basic solution that you know that they have where you don’t really have to worry about tech. They just give you the basics. Okay, there’s not a lot of fancy stuff, I’m here. So if you want to organize, you want to do a lot of different type of fancy, free trials and different things like that.

They have the basics, but they really don’t didn’t, have what I personally needed. Okay guys. So if you want more details on that, once again guys go back to my podium article, just to kind of check it out back then I was just like in love with them. Okay, so I’m moving them to member both guys, okay and memorable at this moment. I’r loving memorable alright. What I love about them is that they have an amazing free, forever plan.

If you get in now, they have an amazing free, forever plan. Now, right now we’re inside of my memorable now, if you have over a certain amount of members guys, I think it’s like over 50 members users or something like that. I might be mistaken. Okay, you actually do have a plan that you actually do have to pay, for. Let me just look pro quick guys: okay, so the official site member volcko, I’m also going to provide my link below guys.

So you can use my actual link, but this is the way that the page looks we can kind of go over it. They have a forever free plan, you’re literally getting all of the features guys. It’s actually my bad guys. It’s capped at 100 people. Okay, no fees for payment integration; they have amazing support all features, including like free trials and stuff. You can do your courses in here, you can do your membership and it capsized at a hundred people matter of fact.

I’ve already upgraded they’re, just not charging me yet. Okay, because they gave me a bonus to upgrade so these prices are amazing, so I wanted to start there, but the free plan guys is amazing, no credit card, I’m required to have your membership and to host your courses here. So let me just show you kind of what this is looking like. I will tell you guys that the sales pages can be work with, but they’re, probably not the prettiest thing like you’ve ever seen.

Let me like give you an example of what some of them are looking like, so I’m going to view this profit freedom tribe, so you can see it. This is what it looks like from the outside. It is really not possible okay. So it’s telling people about my membership here on the left side and then it gives like a few examples of what you’re getting the 13 miles you’re getting on the right. So what I do guys, I actually be personally cuz I like for things to be really pretty and fancy.

I created my membership using leadpages, my sales page using leadpages, and then I set up a I set up exam so that people can automatically be enrolled when they pay me from leadpages and straight just because I like my stuff to be a little more fancy. But this is actually really nice-looking so just to give you guys kind of an overview. This is what the dashboard looks like. I’r just going to talk about a few features and then I’m going to go cuz.

I don’t want to take too long too too. Much of your time, okay, right now, I have just a few products that are actually visible. Well, my member vault page, which is called my marketplace. Okay, but I have a ton of hidden products, guys, okay and I have a ton of products inside of my membership. So, just to kind of show you what it’s looking like on the inside. This is one of the products I have click inside.

You guys can see it. So basically it gives you the option to have your modules on the left side. These are like your different sign up options. This is not visible, but if you can see they can provide a URL. If you have a separate sales page, you can have a form there. If you want people for people to be able to sign up for the product and also make it payment, if you want for people to be able to actually purchase the products, the user access like who has access to the product, umm can be controlled.

Here. 67 users have access to this particular products, total. Okay, you can put your image here in this description box guys you can include all kinds of articles. It has a capability for you to embed YouTube articles, your text, your welcome message for the course can go here and EP is basically like the levels that people achieve inside of Member vote, which is really kind of cool because they actually have leaderboards.

So you can also have quizzes in here, which I like of an a very, very organized way of you being able to check to see you know what progress your students have made with the quizzes. So, as you can see here guys inside of the lesson you can see that the quizzes are down the bottom they’re optional, but you can actually add quiz questions and, as you can see guys to the left of my dashboard here where it says quiz answers.

These are all the different people. You know in my membership, who have actually answered questions and I can go in and actually see what progress that they are made so guys. What I love about memorable is that, as an overview, it is free. They have an amazing free plan up to 100 users, which is just wonderful, especially for business owners that are just starting over for business owners who just want to save money.

They have leaderboards. If you at my dashboard, you can actually see which ones of my members are actually climbing. The leaderboards I mean just scrolling down is still loading. I wait but it, but it’s going to tell me how many people are engaged. It has nice graphs, nice analytics and it looks like you know. One of my members is in the lead right now, but the leaderboard, so your your members can actually see where they are on the leaderboards and in my particular membership we give away prizes and stuff every month to the member of the month.

So the person who ends up at the top of the leaderboard – and they measure that by the EP that I shared with you – is going to get those prizes and it really helps to keep your members and students and clients motivated okay, you can drink content easily. You can use memorable for products that you sell courses as well as memberships. You can offer all different types of free trials. They have an amazing Facebook group that it’s a very amazed community where you can ask any questions.

membership-posts.png?auto=compress,format” style=”width:500px”>

They have an amazing help section. The appearance of your vault or of your dashboard or if your product can really be edited to your liking and I’m happy with that. This easily integrates with other products and tools. I’ve easily integrated my email marketing system to this. I’ve used and four different things as well. They have a question chat, that’s available here as well. They get back to you in a very timely manner by the way, so I’m very, very happy with the product.

I’r glad I made the move, it was a headache to move, but this is an amazing solution, so I just wanted to kind of compare the two. I wanted to kind of do an update to my first article, so guys if you have any questions about my experience with either and just drive me some comments below, and I would be glad to answer your questions once again. I will put the links to these products in my description box so guys.

Thank you. So much for hanging out with me, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and turn on the notification bow and please let me know guys what you want to see more of and what your specific questions are, and I will be sure to do a article just For you shout out your blog, and I will talk about that specific topic that you want to know about. Okay, guys so be blessed I’ll see you guys soon. Bye,

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