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You’ll want to pay close attention to this article. You see. Not only do we know how to hijack high-traffic domains from YouTube and Wikipedia. We also know how to ensure that we get as much traffic and sales from them as well.

After all the more traffic we can get the more sales we can make right and the fastest way that we can ensure that we get the most traffic from our hijacked articles and domains is to ensure that they show up. On the first page of Google as well, we’re talking about either ranking the YouTube articles that we’ve just hijacked and or turning our hijacked domains into niche sites. That skyrocket to the first page of Google, because of the built-in Authority that they come with and the way that we blast our hijacked articles, and/or domains to the first page of Google, is by using our simple three-step social syndication software once you’re, hijacked articles or domains Are on the first page of Google, you can ensure that you can start getting able I’m more traffic, a lot more leads and a lot more sales for your business.

Our most proven way to get fast page 1 rankings is by leveraging high quality social websites to notify Google that our articles or domains deserve to be number one. Today, if you don’t have a social aspect built into your strategy, is going to be very unlikely that you’ll be able to scale your my traffic jacker campaigns. Trust me, social syndication is the most powerful strategy that we use to ensure that our articles and domains get ranked fast.

Hell, Google themselves created an entire social sharing network. If that doesn’t show you that social is important, I don’t know, what will social sharing is the golden goose that will ensure that you get an unlimited amount of free, targeted, buyer traffic for years to come, and luckily, for you, we’ve been able to automate our entire Social syndication process allow me to introduce you to our sin lab where sinn lab is the supercharger in our traffic jacking formula anytime we’re going to get more traffic, which is simply fire of sin lab and the floodgates of free, targeted, buyer traffic open right up.

Sin lab was sure that you two can get free, unlimited buyer traffic in 48 hours or less by syndicating your content to over 30 high quality social syndication websites – let’s head over to my screen, so I can show you exactly how sim lab works. So let me go ahead and walk you through the members area for very quick now. The beautiful thing about sin lab as well is that we have 21 different types of accounts that you can add to sin labs that we have social accounts.

We have bookmarking account. We have web 2.0 accounts, we have self hosted blog accounts that you that you can have. So if you have like, I said a nice 10 15 20 site pbn hosted on WordPress. You can add that to sin lab and automatically post to your pbn using sin lab and get some powerful results using that same thing with having a web 2.0 network. If you have a ton of different web 2.0 networks, you can add all of that to sin that and use that as well.

So if you have say you know ten different blogger accounts and 15 different wordpress.Com accounts, you can add that to sin lab and use that to syndicate to your different account same thing with Twitter and Facebook. If you have, you know ten different Twitter accounts that you use for backlinks. You can add all of those accounts to sin lab and use that. So, although we have 21 different profiles, there’s no limits to the amount of accounts from those profiles that you can add to sin lab.

So here is the main dashboard here. You’ll get a quick overview of what’s going on with your different campaigns and the way that we’ve structured is that we allow you to add your accounts and we allow you to have different groups as well all right. So if you have, you know an affiliate account that you want to impose to. You can have a group for that. If you have an affiliate ecommerce group that you want to post to, you, can post just to that, and here with the pro version, you’ll be able to create up to 200 the different groups? Okay.

Syndbuddy-review-free-32000-bonus-amp-discount.jpg” style=”width:500px”>

So if I come here to my groups, like I said, you’ll – be able to create up to 250 different groups and be able to assign different accounts to each group, so this is perfect. This is my blog account anytime. I publish on your blog and I want to syndicated just to this campaign, I’ve syndicated to this. If I have a local client I’ll syndicated to just their accounts, if I have an affiliate campaign off I’ll syndicate just to my affiliate campaigns, so our different account groups allow you to keep things organized and not have you know that cross over problem? Let’s say because, if you’re operating in different niches, you sometimes you may not want to have that crossover issue where you post, you know a health content on a text.

You know account things like that, so account groups allow you to keep everything organized and create different groups for your different campaigns and then here accounts. Of course. This is where you add, all your different accounts into sin labs so that you can have them syndicated. Here you can see all the different accounts that I have, but it’s very simple to add an account. You click here hit add account.

Alright, you can assign it to the group and once you create the group, and here you can just select which one you want. Okay, like I said, we have 21 different services that you’ll be able to post to not all of them are in here right now, but we will be having all of these different accounts up to 21 different sites that you’ll be able to post soon. Ok, so once you add all of your accounts, you just come here to campaigns alright and then the campaign tab.

It’s going to look like this, you get this is you can name your campaign and you have two options. You can post you just a single account or you could opposed to a different to an account group. Okay, this means that it’ll post every single profile that you have in your different groups, like I just talked about so if I created an affiliate campaign – and I wanted to go to my affiliate different networks – I can select it from here, so I’m going to go Ahead and do that, okay, it gives me more automation and allows me to reach more sites with just one click: okay, instead of doing single comm by single account, you can do the entire group, so I’m going to go ahead and cook select this ZB campaign, and Here you’ll be able to have drip your campaign or posted all at once.

Okay and you’ll be able to do post per day by by days total or by weeks total. Okay, we’ve got some good flexibility there or, if you wanted to post all at once, you can do that as well. Once you kick create here, you’re going to be taken to this page and about I have already everything set up so that we can get through this demo demo article quickly – and you don’t have to see me – fill on all this information, but I’ll walk you through It very quickly, okay, here I have the campaign which is demo article, I’m going to be simply kidding it to my ZP campaign group and we’re not going to be dripping in I’m going to be posting it all at once and I’m going to have.

It start immediately. Okay, you can also schedule it for the future if you want to as well by clicking on specific page, but I’m going to go ahead and just click on save immediately, and here you can see. I have a demo campaign here. I have the title for that. I have the link. I have the title here this time. This is going to be posted to the different social accounts. This is going to be posted to different blog accounts.

Okay and like I said, if you have a big private blog network, you’ll be able to have this and customize this all. You want to have syndicated to your different blog network, and this is going to be posted to all of my wordpress.Com accounts. All of my house self hosted WordPress accounts and it’s also going to be posted to my different blogger accounts and tumblr accounts as well, and any other blog blogging platform that I had that.

I have an account with that. I had to send out okay here. I have it all my content posted here as well, and the beautiful thing here is that not only am I adding a link to the content, which is going to obviously link to the article that I want to get ranked. But here we built in a very powerful option, which is one thing that I use a lot to get fast, page 1 rankings which is to embed my article okay.

So this is going to automatically embed the article just like I showed you here. Okay, to give me even more powerful link juice to my articles, because, if you think about it, you want to not only get a backlink from these sites like this, but you also want to get a article on better, because this looks this looks natural to Google. Is tells them okay, people are not only linking to it but they’re, embedding it under different blogs.

Okay, and that’s what allows you to get those quick page 1 rankings all right. So I’m we had that option here and you’ll be able to insert any embed code as well. It doesn’t have to be YouTube. You can use any pretty much any embed code in there and it’ll post it to your different blog networks. Okay, we also have different bookmarking sites that you’ll be able to submit your your site, your content to automatically so here I have my link title, my link URL and my tags.

Okay, I’m going to leave my comments box empty and also if the site allows images you can attach an image and we’ll use that image to that different bookmarking account. And then we also have the ability for you to syndicate your articles onto different article sites as well, okay, so here I forgot to put my title here, but let me go ahead and select this here. Put this into my title: okay, I selected the article category here.

I have my description and I also already uploaded my article that I want to be posted to my article sites and so now that I have all this information filled out. All I have to do is click Save and now sin lab has automatically started my syndications and it’s going to syndicate my content to all these different groups that I just submitted in this campaign, as you can see total and it’s starting to pulse through these different 18 different campaigns in this demo article and that’s, what’s allowed me to get fast page one rankings for this article and also for all of my other different campaigns.

Okay, like I said, social syndication, is one of the most powerful ways that you can use to leverage. Google, to get as much traffic sales and leads as you can handle okay, so sin lab very, very powerful product. As you can see how simple that was. Anyone, regardless of experience, will be able to come in here and use sin lab to syndicate their content on all different platforms, and you can see here already 23 different syndications.

I think it was at 15 when I logged in so about 8 have already been posted. 28 pending so guys sin lab very, very powerful software. You don’t need to download or install anything it’s a web-based app. So as long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to use, send that to post to all your different campaigns and start getting results. Just like this case study here, where you can see, got ranked in just four hours, and I have a second article starting to get ranked as well.

And if you want to have that kind of power in your arsenal to be able to leverage the power of automated social syndications to rank both your articles and your niche sites go ahead and take advantage of this very special offer that we have first send I’m Going on right now, right below this article, how awesome is that, right now, before you jump all over this offer, I want to make it even better for you, as a very special limited time, bonus, we’re also going to include a free account.

Syndbuddy-Review-660×330.jpg” style=”width:500px”>

Sin labs, bigger brother sin, buddy, sim buddy, is an extension of sin lab which takes our social syndication process to an even stronger level. How well sin lab allows you to share your content on your own networks in a matter of minutes for a massive boost in rankings, and but he allows you to access an army of over 4,000 real people that are ready to share your content on their networks. I’r talking about real people, sharing your hijacked articles and domains on a ton of different platforms from a ton of different accounts and a ton of different locations worldwide.

You see syndicating your content on your own networks and having other people share. Your content on their networks is the new SEO. Social syndication is what Google wants and is paying attention to the more social activity going on on your content, the better and combining sin bunny with sin lab is the ultimate social syndication combination to ensure that your hijacked articles and domains get as much traffic as possible.

They were built to work together and, on this page, you’ll, be securing a free account to sim buddy plus 500 credits, so that you can start submitting your hijacked articles and domains right away. This is the first time we’ve ever offered a deal like this. Usually, we sell sin lap and sim buddies separately. This is the first time we’ve ever offered a package deal like this. However, as a new, my traffic jack, remember, you can unlock this exclusive combo deal at the insane discount that you see right below this article plus you’re covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So if you don’t find any value in sin, Lamb and sim buddy just shoot us an email. I will give you a full refund, hey what even let you keep access to somebody as they thank you for trying us out, go ahead and secure your copy below

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