NEW Bluehost WordPress PRO Hosting! – Should You Upgrade???

So you can decide if it’s going to be worth it to you to upgrade your hosting plan. Now I just got an email from Bluehost saying: we’ve got this new WordPress pro package come check it out and I spent a lot of time researching it and it actually looks like it could be a really beneficial option for a lot of you out there. Who are really starting to gain some momentum with your blog or maybe, if you’re, not gaining momentum, maybe there’s some reasons.

Why that’s not happening and we’ll talk about how this can be fixed in this article? Let me jump right over here to Bluehost website, so we can browse through some of the features that they’re offering for their WordPress package, so they’re claiming right here that it’s their best managed WordPress hosting package starting at 1995 a month for those of you that have Been on that shared hosting plan, you’re – probably thinking yourself immediately – that’s not for me, I’m not going to $ 20 a month hosting I’m loving my 395 a month hosting plan that I’m currently on.

But let me talk about why this actually might be worth your money. I talk a lot to people about investing in their business, making their money work for them. Money makes more money even when it comes to blogging. If you’re smart with your money and you invest in yourself in your business, then you’ll actually see your business scale even further. The big mistake that I see from a lot of bloggers is this: they take the cheapest route with the cheapest hosting or no hosting free websites.

They don’t pay for any plugins. They don’t pay for any software, don’t pay for any tools, they don’t pay for books. They don’t invest in courses or anything to help them learn. They just think that they’re going to ride the free train to paradise, and that is not going to happen every website out there on the Internet today. That makes a significant amount of income spends money on tools, resources or premium products.

I can guarantee you that so when I, when I see prices like this instead of thinking, I can’t afford that. I think how can I afford that? How can I afford to pay this for 1995, because how is this going to make me even more money if I upgrade so, let’s talk about that? Really quick, I’m just going down here and see what their what their offers are here so right here, I’m just seeing: okay there’s different the different plans, billed 1995 growed 29.

95. Let me see what these plans have probably starting now. This is the smart thing to do. Is you just start in incremental steps? There’s no reason for you if you’re on a shared hosting plan, to see this and say well, this is awesome. Let’s go to scale, there’s really, no reason to do that. Take the steps go to build once you’ve outgrown build move to grow once you’ve outgrown grow, move to scale, that’s how the process should work, there’s no reason to go crazy.

So, let’s really look over here at these build features. Ok, jetpack site analytics. We don’t care about those, I don’t like those anyway. I use Google Analytics only because I think those are a lot more. Accurate they’ve got the marketing Center, though, for you 100 free premium themes. If we think about those, that’s actually going to be, let’s see usually premium things themes you can get them for right around, like 59 bucks or it could go all the way up to like a hundred.

So, depending on that, we could get ourselves a premium theme for $ 59, essentially for the cost of the subscription. So that’s value right. There $ 59, a value scheduled backups, that’s nice! This malware detection and removal is nice as well. You’d probably end up paying somewhere around ten dollars a month for a service like this, so we got to take into account the value their domain privacy protection.

That’s also an extra could be an extra ten to twenty to twenty dollars a year. For that so there’s some more value there, but let’s look and see what else we’ve got here. Okay, all plans include unlimited websites. So if you want to create multiple websites, you can add as many as you want. So if you buy more domains, make more WordPress websites, no problem, unlimited domains, like I said, unlimited subdomains, unlimited web storage.

This is a big thing, because there’s a lot of other hosting providers out there that have limits. One of the negatives I talked about if SiteGround, even though I highly recommend them is their storage, is limited, so they might only have 10 gigabytes of storage right here, you’re seeing unlimited web storage, so you can post as many articles pictures articles whatever it is on. Your website and you can get as much traffic as you want.

You see that right over here, no traffic limits. This is a big one, because site speed is actually a ranking factor with Google. So when you get more visitors visiting your site, if you don’t have a lot of traffic capabilities, it will slow your site down and hurt your Google rankings. So that’s a big feature right there to take into consideration. This is a big thing that they’re pushing with their new services this marketing center, so with our marketing center they’re, giving you some access to some traffic analytics, but they’re also saying that they’ll give you some SEO information, which could be huge if they’re giving you some On-Site SEO information, they could tell you how to speed up your blog, maybe that you need to compress images, maybe that you need to get more social shares stuff like that, and apparently you’ve got this nice dashboard here to see.

All of that information, like I mentioned you’ve, got the limit. Limitless pro themes. 24/7 support, that’s a big thing and we we’ve got some Effie Q’s. What are the top? Three features? That’s a good question. Okay. So, like I said you got the marketing Center manage your SEO: social media email traffic blogs. All in one dashboard, detailed analytics already use Google Analytics easily integrate okay.

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So that’s interesting too, so you can just seem to your Google Analytics and look at it within your WordPress dashboard, which might be really nice, but this is probably the the biggest reason why you would consider this option. Is the improved site speed so right here? It says all WordPress pro servers are built with a solid state drive, meaning your website, outperforms websites hosted on traditional HDD servers.

We do not over subscribe the number of users on these servers, meaning more of the server’s resources are available to you when you need it. So basically, like I was saying when you get more traffic to your website, you’ll have more resources to easily accept that traffic so that your site doesn’t crash and slow down and it will load faster as well, which could give you an SEO boost. So it looks to me like if those features are something that would help you out a lot meaning the marketing center, so you can dabble in your analytics the improved site, speed the free premium themes, if you’re, looking to just kind of like upgrade your site from The shared hosting plan and get some access to some, maybe some tools to help you out then for 1995 a month.

I actually think that’s a pretty solid deal because if you think about it, this way you’re – probably spending right now – maybe four or five dollars a month. So it’s going to be like a fifteen dollar increase in your spend. How are you going to make that fifteen dollars back well, if you think about it, if you’re getting smarter with your analytics smarter with your SEO, you’re going to increase Google traffic, which can increase your revenue if you have a faster site, you’re going to improve your Seo which Inc could increase your rankings, which could help you rank higher? So if you think about the benefits here, you’d have to think.

Okay, if I get a nicer theme, my blog looks better runs better, it’s runs faster, it runs smoother. I can handle more traffic. I’r not getting bogged down with storage limits. Could this be worth it for me? If that extra $ 15 a month is worth it for you and those increases can help. You increase your traffic and make more revenue. Then. Yes, it’s going to pay for yourself and it’s an obvious answer.

So if you are in that in-between stage where you’re thinking hmm maybe want to get off this shared plan, I’m starting to make some money, I want to get a faster say. I want to get a better, a more improved SEO site. Then this could be a very valid option for you. I think I’m actually going to test this out with one of my websites to see how I, like the performance, run some speed tests and other things to see how I like it so make sure you subscribe to this blog cuz.

I’r going to do some articles to show you the results that I’m getting with the new WordPress plan and if you are interested, there’s a link right below this article. That’ll. Take you right to Bluehost that you can get the upgraded plan if you’re on another hosting provider you could switch or if you are in Bluehost, it’s just a simple upgrade for you. It’s that easy. So let me know in the comments below what you’re, considering doing.

Maybe what stage you’re at I want to chat with you and see? Maybe get your feedback. What you think about this, because I’d love to you know kind of hear from someone else’s perspective, how they feel about this package. For me, it looks pretty enticing. I might test it out. I think that the boost can actually help me increase my revenue a little bit so for me it seems like a great option, but I’m curious to know what you think about it, like, I said, make sure to subscribe, because I’m going to be giving some feedback About this got some other articles on my blog to help you learn how to use technology to build an online business and create a life of freedom.

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I’r andy, you’re reading, learn how we’ll see you in the next article

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