SyndBuddy 2.0 Review – Full Demo

0 system that allows you to get free, targeted traffic to any offer or service by letting our proven army of over 5 000 members. Do all your social syndication for you so that you can rank on page one of either google youtube or both in 48 hours or less okay? So, yes, i’m talking about totally hands-free rankings for any niche site or article or pretty much any url that you want to get traffic for uh, there’s literally zero work on your part.

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Besides submitting the url, you want traffic for, and then the sim buddy army gets to work for you right away. There’s zero learning curve, since everything is pretty much done for you and i’m going to show you exactly how that works here in this article and it honestly doesn’t even matter if you suck at seo or are new to the subject or if you’ve used other ranking Tools and failed okay, because literally somebody is the easiest and most proven platform that you’ve ever used to get page one rankings at will: okay, and i’m going to show you exactly how that works here in this article here I am in the dashboard and uh the First thing: you’re going to notice is that up here in the top, our members have done over 2 million shares of each other’s content over the last couple of years that we’ve been live uh.

So although our 2.0 platform is brand, new, sim buddy as a whole has been around for uh over two and a half years, and it’s been an extremely powerful, an extremely powerful platform for all of our members. Okay and yes, we have over 5000 members at the moment right now, so just think of how powerful it’s going to be when you have that many people out there sharing your content, okay, uh! So before I actually jump into the demo article.

Let me just jump over here and show you just a little bit of proof so that you can see that this truly does work. Okay and what I did as I do with all my tools is, I went out there and put up brand new campaigns uh for me to rank so that you can see that this platform truly delivers uh. What i’m promising okay! So here are some page one rankings and uh the strategy that I did with uh. These last few rankings that i’m going to show you is uh, something that anyone can truly do.

Okay, and what I did was I logged into my amazon account. I went into my recent orders and I just picked the last three or four products that I purchased uh since I have them here right in front of me, and I can talk about them and give an honest review about them. Okay, so literally, anyone can do that if you use amazon or you use any other website that you constantly order products from you can do this strategy.

Okay and you can earn some easy affiliate commissions using this strategy, just log into your account, see what you’ve ordered recently and make a quick article about it. Okay, but at the same time, somebody works for just about anything: okay, whether you’re looking to do local marketing, uh or you’re. Looking to help local businesses get more rankings, whether you’re looking to rank for uh your e-commerce store, whether uh you’re even looking to get more uh press release.

Exposure and i’ll show you how one of our users did that with sim buddy as well. But there is so many ways that you can use sim buddy because it’s literally the most natural way that you can use social syndication to get page one rankings. Okay, it’s literally what google wants it’s real social shares from real people that are actually sharing your content on their platforms. Okay, it’s the most natural strategy.

You can use to get rankings, okay, so uh! Here I am ranking on page one. You can see a couple of days ago that it shows uh here I am ranking for the plural version as well uh, and this is just a a little scooter that we bought for our daughter for her two-year-old birthday. I also purchased a a little cool little bowling set for her, so I went ahead and made a review for that as well, and you can see him right here ranking two days ago as well.

Um – and here I am ranking in youtube as well – very number. One spot ranking up there: okay, um and I took that that campaign a little bit further as well. This bowling campaign uh. I took it a little bit further because I noticed that there are also people searching for more general terms, so indoor bowling set for kids, okay and I added the year back there, because you know there’s a lot of people that actually uh want to get the Latest reviews, so here I am ranking for that again a couple of days ago, and literally it was just the same, pretty much the same article and in both of these I i said the same thing and I just targeted a different keyword: okay, uh and i’m Ranking for the indoor, and then this one I put the word best in front of it as well, and i’m ranking for that as well.

Okay, uh here, are some more uh youtube rankings. This one I actually kind of went a little bit uh stronger with my campaign, okay and actually put up two articles. So is my uh first article ranking in third position here and here is uh my other article. So I got two page one rankings on youtube for this particular product uh, and you can see here as well that these articles are getting views and you can see I put this one up two days ago.

These articles do get views so over uh. Two thousand views there over four thousand views. There um 665 views there um over twelve thousand views here from this guy okay, so you can see that these articles do get views and I got two articles ranking on here um and this guy here three weeks ago and he’s already got 510 views. So i’m very confident that these two articles are going to start getting a good amount of views, because i’m ranking here on the first page of youtube and one thing that I did with this as well.

Not only did I put up two articles, which is a cool trick that I like to do, and sometimes I even do three so that I can do exactly this and take up two spaces. But what I did is when I actually did my keyword, research. I found that uh there’s a competitive product for this as well and but in actuality, it’s the exact same product, just rebranded, okay, I think it’s two different companies probably bought the same products on aliexpress and they’re, just reselling it under their own brand.

So what I did is, I went ahead and uh ranked for the competitor as well. Okay and since it’s pretty much the exact same product, I just reviewed the same exact product that I have, but I just I didn’t mention uh the product name: okay, um, but yeah. So now i’m also ranking for the competitor, and you can see here. 6.4 000 views 17, 000 views uh forty one thousand views uh and i’m right here right above all of them in one day: okay, um and yeah.

Well, that’s just a few of my results and again you can use this for just about anything and, of course, what you might be thinking is yeah. This is going to work for you uh. So, let’s you know, go ahead and show uh what other people can do. Okay, so here are just a few of the testimonials that uh we’ve gotten over the years uh you can see. Steven here said that I bring helped him rank on the first page of google, okay uh here.

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You should really give this software a try. Okay, it doubled my traffic and it’s targeted quality traffic. It’s making a huge difference in my business uh. How easy somebody is to use and set up for my client campaign, so carla’s here is using it for her clients, really useful piece of software um. Ernesto here saying I have several ranking. I have several sites ranking pretty well thanks to sim buddy keith parker the best way to get traffic.

It’s newbie friendly too. Okay, gregory is saying here. I love this software, so good for my business. A must have if you’re struggling with traffic, terrific software uh the best way to get traffic with sim buddy and again, a lot of these testimonials you’ll be able to see below as well. Uh sim buddy is an awesome secret weapon. Okay, uh jim here is saying it helps a lot uh. It helps a lot and makes web work more interesting and profitable.

Okay, uh sean here is saying just think of having thousands of users who can share your content. Okay, it’s a no-brainer and yeah. That’s exactly what we’ve built with sim buddy we’ve brought together a bunch of people that want to get traffic, and everyone is agreeing to share each other’s content. That is the beauty of what we’ve built with sim buddy and with our 2.0 features, we’ve really taken it to the next level and i’ll share with you.

What those are when I jump into the demo, so sim buddy is the app for getting real authority. Backlinks. Okay, josh rocks with his products. It helps drive engagement to content I post and helps with organic traffic and ranking okay. Somebody is best in his class. I’ve tried other others like this one, but this one is top shelf. Okay, uh the rare occasion that a software blows my expectations, as somebody has okay traffic – has been amazing.

Uh well thought software quality software for the price symbol is an amazing tool for increased social engagement. Okay, so again, you’ll be able to see these uh below and there’s one more that I wanted to share with you, which is steve here, which is uh thinking a little bit out of the box and using sim buddy a little bit differently than most people. But he actually used it to boost uh, his press releases, okay and the views to his press releases actually uh increased over time.

So you can see 151 views. 366 views. 377. 421. 207. So you can see he boosted the traffic and uh exposure to his press releases. Uh – and you can see here i’ll continue to to i’ll continue to catch low volume, but still valuable views for weeks as a result of some uh of the longer tail rankings which sim buddy will have helped me to get okay, so very cool strategy that steve Used with uh somebody here where he used it to boot, boost up his press releases that he’s gotten published.

Okay uh, I bought somebody with confidence. It will work as promised. Okay, and it says here sure enough rankings improved and or surpassed previous positions. Okay, a really cool way to get real traffic and help others do the same. So I just wanted to quickly show you that it’s not only obviously working for me since i’m the one that put it together, but I wanted to show you that it’s also working for everyday people, like I just showed here and some people again using it for Different strategies, some people using it for local some people using it for press releases uh, so a really diverse, uh piece of software that you can use okay and get some real um awesome results with it.

So let me quickly jump into somebody now really show you how easy it’s going to be to get a campaign up and running okay, and it’s really uh. You know literally takes just a few seconds, so i’m going to come in here and go to my campaigns and one thing that I want to show you as well is uh just how much my campaigns have been getting shared. So you can see here this one has gotten 16 different users who have shared uh this campaign 150 times just today alone.

One user has shared it 36 times. This is totally hands-free social syndication that i’m getting to my campaigns without me having to do a single thing. Okay, this one here, 14 users, has have shared it 92 times just today alone, two users shared it 18 times uh this one here, 12 users shared 80 times, hasn’t gotten any shares today, 13 users 111 times uh, none today so far uh you can see here. 123 users, 879 times; okay uh this one here: 14 users, 140 times one user 40 times today.

Okay – and you can see these other here in the bottom, as hell as well – 120 times: 180. 20. 118. 100. 740. Today alone, this one user shared my campaign 40 different times: okay to 40 different sites, so uh, very, very cool, uh stats there that you can see. But let me show you just how simple it is to actually create a campaign, and we come here to social share uh campaign at the top and um. One of our very powerful uh features is the fact that we have a full content generator uh built in okay.

So it really takes a few seconds to get a new campaign in here. So let’s say that, for example, I was going to be submitting my site and let’s say that I wanted to rank for affiliate marketing. Okay, let’s say this is one of my inner pages and let’s say I want to. Obviously this is a very extremely competitive. Uh keywords uh and you know most likely. I would never actually target these keywords because they’re just way too competitive, okay and if you don’t have an idea of how to find good keywords.

Uh, a very powerful bonus that we have as part of your purchase is a full breakdown on how to find profitable, uh keywords that you can rank for and make money with, okay, so uh. This is just for example purposes. I don’t want any of you to think that you can come in here and just start ranking for affiliate marketing from you know in a couple of days. Okay, it’s just not the way it works, uh, but either way here you can go and choose your uh category that you are going to be setting for this campaign and here your total limit.

So let’s say that you want 200 total shares uh, but, as you saw with my stats, that might be uh used up in a couple of days uh. So let me go ahead and just put daily limit: okay. 25. If you want to go ahead and drip feed your social syndication over time, especially if you’re using this for a brand new site or for a client site, you definitely want to make sure that you drip feed that over time. Just in case, you know you want to just have that little buffer zone in there.

Now here’s where the magic happens, okay, content generator! You can choose the type of content that you want, i’m going to go ahead and choose affiliate marketing, since that’s the one that i’m submitting click generate and in a few seconds my content is going to be generated. The titles, the content uh here is a very powerful feature. We have as part of 2.0 as well, is where you can get youtube article embeds for your articles as well, which is a very powerful way to get even more rankings and boost your articles even more.

So if you do not have a article that you want to rank on along with your url and obviously here you can put a article url as well and you can actually put multiple uh urls okay. So if I come up here, if you wanted to, you, can technically put a niche that url and a youtube article url. But I personally like to keep them separate um and what I do here is usually i’ll put the secure version and the non-secured version, whether it’s youtube or a niche site url.

Okay, just in case just it looks a little bit more natural um just to mix up the the urls like that, and then you can also put www and then not have www for each of these. So you can have all four variations in there. So the the non-secure, without the s the secured, without with the s and then you can have the non-secure with www and then the secured with www. And then you have four different variations of your links being syndicated, which just helps to make things.

Look a little more natural, okay uh, but besides that, okay again here is the very powerful feature that we have in symbol: 2.0 as well, where you can get article embeds. If you do not have a article, then we’ll just put a random article in here that matches the keywords that you’re targeting okay and that’s it. Everything else here is set to go. You actually don’t have to add any of your uh links into the content.

As you can see here do not insert links, we will handle that based on the urls and keywords entered above, so you literally don’t have to do anything to this content except generate it with the built-in generator and then down here. All you have to do. Is click add now, if you do have an existing synlab account or you purchase these uh very special synlab upgrade offer that we have during the simple other 2.

0 launch of somebody, then you’ll be able to automatically send it to your sim buddy account right away to Get your own personal syndication and this kind of really boosts things right away, because now, not only are you getting the somebody army to share your content, but you are sharing it your own. You are sharing it on your own to your own sites as well. Okay and from there all you literally have to do, is click add, and you are good to go now.

You are going to be having thousands of real people all over the world, sharing your content, uh on their social platforms. Like I showed you here, okay uh. Now i’m going to go ahead and pause that one, since i’m not even sure if I actually have um that link on my site. So if I can find it uh here it is i’m going to go ahead and click there and pause it all right and that’s it that’s how easy it is to come in here and use somebody at a campaign and start getting real social shares for your Content and start getting rankings, traffic and sales by having our symbody army do all the work for you now from here.

You can also click this uh option here, and it will give you a full report of all the uh places that your uh campaign has been syndicated: okay, uh, so that’s it. That is sim buddy in a nutshell, go ahead and click the link below or click the buy button, and pick up your copy of somebody during the special 2.0 offer and start having our sim buddy army share your content all over the web. For you, it is literally the easiest and uh simplest way for you to go out there and get real social shares from real people located all over the world.

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