Synthesys Review & Demo – Real HUMAN VOICES Great for VIDNAMI s – Watch this HONEST REVIEW!

This might surprise you, i’m brian toder of bryantoder.Com. I show people just like you how to finally make money online and if you want to see my unconditional recommendation on how to make money online like I do go to briantoter.Com below this article. A while ago, I did a review on speechello and i’m I was pretty impressed.

I even bought it well this it’s better than that and truthfully. I want you to see what this is. I’r i’m truly impressed. There’s some things um that I don’t like, but you know what I think this will be a winner, but read this entire article to the very end, we’re going to go inside synthesis to see what it does and how it actually works. Read this because i’m going to make this for you and if you use Vidnami, you can use this instead of that computer voice on vinami and and other programs like that, you can use this you’re, not using your own voice, you’re, not getting on camera, and this Is the right combination that a lot of people want because they say I don’t want to be on the on camera or my voices is as a heavy.

I have the accent or I just don’t want to talk or whatever it is. This will solve everything and I think you’re going to be really surprised on the voices. It’s i’m still stunned. So let’s look at the sales page and uh it. It turns into any text into a real human voice. Uh. It really is. They use real human actors and they use their voice. I don’t know how they do this. I really don’t uh now it says in three simple clicks now you know what I say when it comes to three simple clicks: well, i’m pretty impressed uh because it’s it’s three steps.

You you choose a voice and i’ll show you uh you. You create the copy and you push a button. It renders and you’re done uh. There is an extra step and then, of course, you have to download it and upload it where you have to go, but it really is amazing. Uh. You don’t put this on your computer, it’s all web web-based and so far it’s been working really well now I want you to see and listen to this demonstration, so they used google and amazon and synthesis so you’re going to see and hear three different voices with The same script so listen carefully, tired of sifting through classified ads and online directories to find your new home rental.

Did you know you can hire a real estate agent to help pinpoint the most suitable units for you and your family, tired of sifting through classified ads and online directories, to find your new home rental? Did you know you can hire a real estate agent to help pinpoint the most suitable units for you and your family, tired of sifting through classified ads and online directories, to find your new home rental? Did you know you could hire a real estate agent to help pinpoint the most suitable units for you and your family? Okay, i’m really stunned, there’s a big difference and there’s all different types of people that can that you could do this with.

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You can use um english speaking, I think, there’s a guy with a german accent. Now it’s all english speaking people through they’re going to have other languages, I believe, but right now it’s english and english type accents. So, on the sales page, they talk about the different ways that you can use this, and it really does so if you need a voice for sales, articles or demos or explainer articles podcasts, this can do it for you.

I just listened to a book in on a trip I was, it was an audio book and it was a very old book and somebody was reading it and I thought I know it’s a human voice, but she wasn’t that good and I think something like this: Could do better than that? So if you you want to get a book online, but you don’t want to do the the reading or pay someone to do it. This could really do it now. You’d have to get some extra credits and there is an offer uh to get unlimited credits and i’ll show you all the otos and all the things that you have to deal with.

So here are the three steps. Again it’s step. One is you just choose a voice, so you pick one of these guys um, you put your text text in there and you and then you just push a button, render upload it seriously. It’s it’s that simple. It really is. So let’s look at the product and we’ll go back to this and see what this costs um some of the otos and i’ll tell you what you need, what you really don’t need um and I did get the first two.

I got the the front end product. The main product – and I also got the pro pro version – because i’m going to use this, so this is inside synthesis and here are the voices there’s a lot of them and look at all these it and they’re going to add some more. I think the email I got this afternoon said if I click something I get two more, which is kind of cool um. This says 10 000 credits. I have a letter into an email with support, there’s supposed to be 30 000 there, because I do have the pro see it says pro here.

That should be 30 000, so i’m not worried uh, but i’m not going to use 10 000 right now. So here are some of the voices and i’ll play a few of them, so this is alyssa work. Life balance, three tiny words an impossible equation: that’s human she’s, not my favorite! Let’s listen to this one, like many other philosophers who greatly extended our knowledge of nature. Galileo had a remarkable aptitude for the invention of i’m pretty impressed.

This is edmund. The prince sat down by some stunted trees, whose tops had been broken off a long time ago by an avalanche. I think he’s an overacting guy, but still it doesn’t it sound great um. What’s uh, there’s one that I really like this is dan r. Where is he this listen to this one for a guy’s voice? Uh? But with with this synthesis, I i love this. Helping a client through their accident claim can be a difficult process.

Not only is the client still in shock from their experience, but they may also be awaiting their funds or payout if a client calls and wants to know when their claim will be processed and what i’m impressed. I really am, and you can pick any of these um. Let me try one more. That’s uh. I don’t know who she is with that way. Users can build entire scenes as long as they want to be for courses nice.

This is really impressive. So, let’s make this up and just to show you this is their training um, it’s a it’s, a real, quick article. It’s it’s yeah, it’s a minute and a half and they show you pretty much all you need um. There is the voiceover editor, which i’ll show you what that means and there’s a history where all your files are and you can change the print pronunciation. So I add added in my my name.

My name is toader. Last name is toader, but sometimes it comes out as totter. So what you can do is you you put the word in there. So, let’s think of a word, because you can’t use dollar signs um, you can’t num, you can’t use numbers. So, instead of um 11, it would be 11., so you can either when you’re, making the article or the audio you type in 11, or you can use the digit now because i’m adding that to the list.

So what we’re going to do is pick a person where is that guy dan r, all right, so we choose the guy and you put your text in there now there are 500 character limits to these. What that means is so if you, if you go to spicello speed cello, it has a limit in this area for 20 000 and they even recommended not to do that, because if you put a lot of information, it’ll take forever and it might not render right And they suggested just keep it really short.

Well, synthesis made it so the you have to make it short, so you can only put in so much text and then you do it again and and again and again and then in the voiceover editor you can merge it together so and there’s a good reason. I I really agree because let’s say you make a really long file with all the information in it and you need to change one thing. Well, you just go into that. Little file change a few words and render it again merge it again and you have a new file and you don’t have to hunt and peck to try to find everything so it.

I think it’s a really good way of doing this. So, let’s create create something with something I already made up. Remember this: this is vinami now the other day. I made a article this one on vinami and I showed you how to do this without using your own voice. So i’m going to grab the text because my thing with this is we’re going, i’m going to make the synthesis voice download it upload it to this and you’re going to see the differences.

This is pretty neat, so i’m going to get the script it gives you the same script make sure it’s all the same, so i’ll copy that and paste now there’s there are some other things like quotes. Exclamation point so they’re allowed now just to show you what the merge files looks like i’m i’m going to take some of this i’m going to delete this and i’m going to turn them into other files. Normally, I would put this all in one file because it’s not a lot of uh, not a lot of words, but it just pretend that this is really long and i’m going to make another one really long and and we’re going to knit them together and i’ll.

Show you how that works, so this is using dan r, and this is what would look like. So we click on create. Well, there you go, it was less than a minute, so I edit that out. So you have to sit through that. Let’s see what it sounds like a few days ago: a viewer, my youtube blog, asked this question. Why can’t I getting anything to start in the online business it’s better than speechello and content samurai or Vidnami.

Let’s make another one. So i’m going to delete that and the last part, so this is the next one. This is from here. That’s this part right here. So i’m going to put i’m going to put these two together all right and i’m going to delete this and again pretend i’m making longer audios and knit it together so, but i’m just using two lines at a time to make this easy. Okay! So there’s the second one, so this is dr2 yeah and I know what that feels like for over 10 years.

I spun my wheels and got nothing. If that’s you. Do you ever wonder why not bad all right last one. So, let’s put that in put that in leave a space and there we go nice, okay, so we’re done. This is dr three. Two and page two is dr1. So it’s one two three! That’s all we need um. So we go to next step, and now the demo is not in here. This is the one we did. This is the first one second and the third one, so you click on it and there’s a number and that’s the order of the clips.

So if I wanted this would be the second one. I would click on that and there’s the second one or I can unclick that’s two and three: they can merge it. So that’s one two and three click merge and there we go. Now you go to voiceover history, so this kind of scared me, I clicked on voiceover history, and there was nothing here and I realized it puts you back on alicia, so I went back to dan and there it is so here’s what it sounds like all.

Together, a few days ago, a viewer, my youtube, blog, asked this question. Why can’t I getting anything to start in the online business yeah and I know what that feels like for over 10 years. I spun my wheels and got nothing. If that’s you, do you ever wonder why this is not a sales letter, i’m here to help you out? If you want, let me know if you’re stuck in this business, not bad. Now, if I would change anything – and hopefully they would put this in in this product, I would have a an option to speed it up or slow it down, just to make it a little bit better.

So that’s not bad, not at all and it doesn’t sound like a robot, and I like that now uh. If you want to upgrade anything, you could get the pro and these other things and i’ll tell you what they are. But if you want more credits, you click on here and you can get more so we’ll go into that. Let’s look at this using vinami and we’ll go back to this and see what this will cost and the otos and everything so again.

The biggest question with vinami is you know I i don’t want to be on camera or I don’t want to use my own voice. So here’s another option, so i’m just going to clone this, and this is the same thing that it before I did before. So this is the clone one, so we go to voice. This already has a voice that has an auto voice, but i’m going to upload a voice track dan again download. Here we go and i’m going to upload there.

It is okay and we go to preview and let’s look at the the timing, see if that’s all right all right. So here’s the voice, i’m just going to move this in the middle because usually what it is. So let me see what this sounds like a few days ago: a viewer, my youtube blog, asked this question. Why can’t I getting anything to start in the online business yeah, and I know what that feels like for over 10 years.

I spun my wheels and got nothing. If that’s you. Do you ever wonder why this is not a sales letter, i’m here to help you out if you want. Let me know if you’re stuck in this business, not bad. So that’s how this works. It’s really nice because you can get these amazing voices to sound human because they’re real from they’re really from real people. First, they do have a money-back guarantee and this is with jvzoo.

You would contact them and I had to get a hold of support. A couple of times just to log in – and it was pretty quick, so it was pretty impressed. So if there’s any problem, ask for your money back if you ever have any problems with anything like that, you could always contact your credit card company, but I i don’t think you really need that this is a a pretty good product and you have a full 14 days to try this out and if you don’t like it, send it back, but if you’re in this internet business – and you want to make articles and don’t want to have your voice on or or even even your face on camera.

This is a great al alternative for any of that. So what does this cost? You have two choices. The the the small pack package is 47. I got the 67 one because um, while you get the same amount of voices uh you you get the commercial license and you get thirty thousand characters instead of ten thousand and that’s, I still have to talk to them and say why don’t I have that one. So, with the thirty thousand, i’m sure they’ll fix it um and there’s extra bonuses, and i’m i’m not a real bonus type type of guy, but these actually are pretty good bonuses.

They come with it uh. If you want to find out how to make money on fiverr, there’s a nice guide on how to do this and audio book marketing, that’s a good way to make money online, seriously, podcasting more stuff, podcasting again and podcasting again, it’s it’s a good way to make Money, this is not going to be one two, three and and you’re going to instantly be in business. You have to learn how to use this, just like anything playing a piano or anything.

You have to learn something, but this is a good good tool for you to do this. With this or speechello the nami. You can make some products and articles and make money online. The oto one is 67 and I got that what you get is an additional 11 professional english type voices or american voices um, and you get new voices for free as when they’re when they’re available. So you get new ones which is really nice and it’s part of the sixty seven dollars um.

Vidnami-Review-Pinterest.png?resize=357%2C536&ssl=1″ style=”width:500px”>

You can do bigger scripts, which is nice, so, instead of putting in 500 characters per per render, you can make it bigger. I would keep it at this 500 because it’s like, I said before, it’s easier for you to keep it small and you have that pronunciation feature in this oto2 is the afy boost pack for 47 um? I don’t recommend this, because this is something these are voice. Overs that are already in a niche and if, if you’re, if that’s not the niche that you’re doing you’re losing it.

So if you’re not into the hairdressing niche – and they have a script for that, that’s a waste and they give you 15 to 20 scripts. Every month, with no monthly fee, so you get more scripts. If you want to get this, get it for me, i’d rather write my own scripts, because you’re doing these commercials and they’re only a minute long now, if you want some someone to write this for you, this might be a good thing to do.

The oto2 oto 3 is for the credits. Now you can get 150 000 credits for 147. If you want a half, a million is 297 297. If you think that you can actually do this and you have an agency, you have a really good business or you want to create a business for 497 dollars for 500. You get unlimited credits, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You don’t have to buy anything else. This is I mean that would be it.

So if, if you can use this, that might be a good way of doing this, the last oto for i, I don’t think you really need it. It’s it’s a bunch of animated templates and article thing template. You really don’t need it. So I bought the original product and the pro. So that’s that’s all I really need for for right now. If I need to get more credits, i’ll buy them. You know what I i really like this: it’s it’s a really good product.

I would highly recommend there is a link below this article click on it get it, and if, if you have any questions, their support is actually pretty good. I was really uh surprised that they really replied very quickly, so there you have it i’m brian toder of bryanter.Com, and I show people just like you how to finally make money online and you could get my unconditional recommendation on how to make money online.

Go to briantoter.Com, that’s also below this article and we’ll talk soon. You

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