Vidnami Review (Content Samurai) + Demo and Bonuses

So when or if you sign up for this, you may actually be signing up to vid na me instead of content Sam right. But it’s the same thing.

So what I’m going to do is show you what content samurai is and how it works and why I love this tool. So much now under this article will be a link it’ll. Take you to my website and on that website. Sometimes content samurai. They give out huge discounts several times a year. They’ll do 40 % off lifetime, which is huge plus they offer some incredible bonuses and so be sure you check out my website to see if that’s going on, so you can pick up that special deal instead of paying full price for it.

So, whenever it’s available, it will be on my site, ok, so content. Samurai is a tool that allows you to create articles very very easily. It’s integrated with a article site and an audio site that has hundreds and thousands of article clips images and audio and what it does is it’s very intelligent, because, basically, you paste a script and it takes that script. It reads it and it puts together this article based on Clips article clips or even images, if you want and turns it into a article for you in a matter of just like less than a minute, and so what I’m going to do is show you exactly How that works? So when you go into content samurai and you access your account you’re, going to see your collection of articles of all that you’ve created I’ve created hundreds of them.

In fact, this one here these here are ones that I created for my last product launch called WP affiliate suite and what I done was. I actually made a article with one of my tools and I kind of mixed it together with some of the features of contest Sam right to turn it into that article. But this is just absolutely an amazing tool for article editors or article creators. So what you want to do to get started, is you don’t click on create a new article and it’s going to give you an option of all these templates to choose and they have templates for social such as these here for social media.

Then they have some for article from blog posts, like ones you don’t want to upload to YouTube, Vimeo, dailymotion or one of those sites. There’s also something new called influencer articles, and this is really cool, because what this does is allows you to take your own article that you recorded of yourself and it’ll. Allow you to replace parts of that article with the built-in article clips that it has here, and it makes it look.

Absolutely amazing. There’s also a section for instant ads sales articles, online courses, property listings and even your own custom templates that you can do to set it up just the way you want it to be now. I’ve already got one made that I’m going to show you, so we don’t have to spend Oh 20 or 30 minutes on it, and that is this one here, it’s about sleeping, so I’m going to go ahead and go into edit and I’ve already got all my Stuff selected here, but I really like this one or this one – the blues are the ones I like I’m going to choose this one, and when you choose one of these options, you can read the article here to see how it looks.

I’r not going to play this and go through all of us. You can see it cause it’d take forever, but you can customize the template also and change colors and fonts. I’r going to go ahead and choose use this template now. Here is my script, and I’ve already pasted my script in here, but the first time you do it you’ll have to add a script in here. You can always edit it by clicking on edit the script, and you just want to paste your script in here now.

Once you do that, you’re going to click on create scenes, and you can see on the left hand side here, that it has a section for media, a section for layouts and a section for style which has your colors and fonts. Now media is where you’re going to be choosing from your article clips or images that you want to use in your article, but it’ll automatically prepare it for you, but sometimes it doesn’t always pick the best articles, and so you may want to change it out.

So, for example, in this one we can see the articles that it shows and if we scroll down, we can see there’s clocks, but it’s all based upon sleeping and bedtime. I can just keep scrolling down here to see what they got and if I hover over it, it’ll show me like a glimpse of the article now on some of these. I may not want to pick of a kid sleeping. I may want it to be like an adult sleeping, so what I can do is for here I can put power napping.

So, let’s just say napping, I click on napping and we’ll get all these articles here. This one here actually like it kind of sleeping during the day. What would it shoes out when that one’s good and then exercise that one’s good? Okay, that’s a good article, okay, this one, it looks like I think, we’ve already seen that one once so. Let me do another search for exercise on clips and we can do let’s just do one on the gym, something like that: valuate your bed, okay, this is about bedroom and sleeping okay, so other than that is put together.

Everything for us, and so we have options here where we can do a lot of stuff okay, so we can come up here and we’ve got options for bolding italicizing underlining this text and if you bold it what it’ll do is it will just highlight it in A different call or the color that you have set up in your style here, other than that we can change where this text is, we can choose to go on the left. We can choose to go at the top, the bottom or wherever you want it.

I’r going to choose it just to keep it in the middle, and then we can link all these together by clicking this link, and basically, what that does is take the same background that you have from the previous one and uses it for the next one too. So it looks like it’s one, continuous article for that sentence or paragraph or whatever you’re using so once you have all that done. You want to scroll to the bottom and you can choose add voice track to your article now.

This is really neat because it gives you several options: one you can do music only which they have their own library of music. You can choose from it has auto voice, which is what I’m going to use for this example, and then the auto voice. You can play samples or you can choose different characters to be the voice. So if I choose play sample okay, you can kind of hear what that sounds like you can also record your own voice track.

So if you have a microphone in front of you, you can go sittings by sentence and record it and when it’s done it’s going to sync it up to your articles, so it fits perfect or you can upload a voice track. If you have a profession, voiceover track, if you bought one for maybe five or somewhere and had it professionally done, you can upload the voice track here and it will sync it with your script and your article to fit perfect.

Now, once you have all that done, for this example, we’re going to use auto voice, I’m going to click on preview, your article – and this here usually takes about a minute or so depending on the length of your article. Okay. So once it’s ready, you can hit play and it’s going to preview it in a lower quality. Just so it doesn’t take up so much time and bandwidth. You can manually adjust the timing of the clips.

I want to left hand side. You can choose different audios. Now, if you hover over any of the audios it’ll, give you a preview of what it is, then, if you click on it, it’ll actually select that one to play with your article. So if I hover over him, so it kind of gives you an idea or you can choose by mood or genre or you can upload your own music and the same way goes with the scenes. With a article clips and the images you can actually upload your own content to use for your articles, you don’t have to use just what they have up here.

You can choose to watermark, and you also have options here where you can control the volume of the music, the voice track volume and the voice track speed, and this is pretty neat and what I like usually like to do is to slow down the voice. To about 95 and what that does, is it to me? It makes the voice sound a little bit more realistic if you use the auto voice, that’s built in the artificial voice, so once it gets done doing that, the only thing you have left to do is to download it.

So what I’m going to do is when it’s done here, I’m going to click, looks good continue, I’m going to generate the article and this article is about a minute long. So it’s going to take a couple minutes for it to render for me to be able to download it. So I’m going to pause the article, but depending on the length of the article you create it may take longer. It may take five minutes even ten minutes, depending on how long your article is so as soon as it’s done we’re going to play it.

So you can see the quality of what this is okay, so the article is done and here in just a second I’m going to play it for you, I’m actually going to finish this article by playing it, so you guys can read it. So you can see the quality of this tool what it has to offer. I highly recommend, if you do article marketing and you’re looking for ways to create articles, whether you do this for yourself or even make these types of articles for your clients.

This is such an easy way to do it I mean making articles like this, takes me. 5 minutes 10 minutes at the most and I’ve made. I don’t know how many of these types of articles for clients and charged one to two hundred dollars each for them. They just look so professional the way it has everything integrated and built in, and so what I’m going to do is get and finish by playing this article, but if you guys do decide to pick it up, remember my link is under this article.

So if you check that out, you can also find out some bonuses. You can get there and also find out if compensator I or vid Nami is offering any kind of special coupons or discounts going on at this time. Stick to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake-up time even on the weekends. This helps to regulate your body’s clock and could help you fall asleep and stay asleep for the night practice. A relaxing bedtime ritual, a relaxing routine activity right before bedtime, conducted away from bright lights, helps separate your sleep time from activities that can cause excitement, stress or anxiety, which can make it more difficult to fall.

Asleep, get sound and deep sleep or remain asleep. If you have trouble sleeping avoid naps, especially in the afternoon power napping, may help you get through the day, but if you find that you can’t fall asleep at bedtime, eliminating even short cat naps may help exercise daily. Vigorous exercise is best, but even light exercise is better than no activity exercise at any time of day, but not at the expense of your sleep, evaluate your room, design, your sleep environment, to establish the conditions you need for sleep.

Your bedroom should be cooled between 60 and 67 degrees.

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