Virtual Tour Software For Real Estate Agents

Or maybe you have an office full of great real estate salesman that have a lot of volume and you all want to decrease your cost or if you just want to walk into a listing presentation and totally crush it. Because you have a high-tech presentation to bring to the table, I want you to pay attention really quickly to this article, because we found in cloud panakam as a 360 virtual tour software.

Basically, it is a VR tour platform. You can walk into a listing presentation, pull out your cell phone slide it into a VR headset. Something just like this. Even a little cardboard one hand over to your clients and prospects, and they can be fully immersed inside of a 360 presentation, will even give you the demos, okay, so the overall process to create a virtual tour on cloud panel is very simple.

You take 360 photos in the center of the room and you don’t have to be a professional photographer to make this possible now the technology has shifted and changed so that the hardware to create something like this is actually very simple. Something just like this: a 360 camera has two 180-degree lenses. You’ve, probably seen it before somewhere, you place this thing in the center of the room. You press the button or you go on to the app and press the app and it takes a full 360 photo.

Then you take those photos, upload them in the cloud panel, press, publish and you have a VR 360 virtual tour ready to go, show your clients and it’s a very easy process. Overall, all of our users across the world have been blown away at the experience that 360 offers and our software makes the creation hosting and sharing of this type of technology. Super simple. We do have some advanced features like lead generation, where you can cap.

She leaves on your tour and email it to your office or email it to even you. If you want to, you can use your own domain name, you can add cool, sounds in the background information spots at pictures, articles, all kinds of really cool features that make your tour stick out or, if you’re like me, and you just want to send over a Cool software tool to your to your marketing provider or your photography provider, you could just for them this article and say hey check out cloud piano.

I think we could use this in our business and they’ll just charge you an up charge for that can come on location and they have an amazing hosting platform or you could even have them, take 350 photos and just send them to you and you’d host. It yourself or you could just do yourself because it’s very very easy to do and you’ll save money. It takes about 15 to 10 minutes on location. So you save time and overall it’s a really cool experience to close down your next big fish.

With a very compelling VR presentation, listen to our website. We had tons of trainings and cool things available to take. You step-by-step a tizzy, how to totally crush it, make it a virtual tour and then in a listing presentation scenario how to become how to show you are an expert and also impress your clients. So if you have a moment scroll below this article and click, the link that takes you to our get getting started training, it’s a free training, it’ll help you create these tours yourself and or if you want to you, can send this train off to one of Your providers – and they will be very happy because there it got access to a very high world-class new tech that creates VR tours easily quickly and beautifully we’re happening for happy that you are a part of our community and we’re excited to see you on the inside.

Thank you so much and I’ll see you there

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