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Bluehost hosting. My name is David at my best hosting reviewed com, so I’ve used Bluehost for about 10 years. They were actually the first host I ever used and I’m talk about more about the history of the company. In this article, a little bit further on I’ve used Wix for about a year and there’s some. These are very, very different hosting options. Um. Some of the verse articles that I shoot they’re very similar.

These are completely different and it really depends on your needs are once and my recommendation is going to be a little bit more complex. It’s not cut and dry okay, so cPanel! Well Bluehost. This does not look like the classic cPanel that I really like. That has all the features that I want, but from a functional standpoint, as far as I can tell, it has all of the things that I really want, so it’s possible that it is Sipan they used to have just the regular classic cPanel.” style=”width:500px”>

I think they wanted to put their own skin on it like a lot of companies do which I don’t like, and so that that’s it kind of does bother me, but overall it has functionally. It works exactly. It has all of the things that I would want out of a cPanel. As far as I can tell. Wix, however, does not have a cPanel they’ve got their own content management system. They’ve got their own back-end, it’s sort of like their own version of WordPress, which I don’t know why you want to rewrite the wheel or you know, recreate the wheel reinvent the wheel, but maybe it’s to differentiate themselves.

And you know it’s not it’s pretty user friendly but at the same time not being able to install WordPress. So so, let’s go back up here. So this actually is it’s Bluehost Bluehost has an advantage here because it actually does have a seat. Pal and Wix does not so there’s a lot of stuff that you, even if you didn’t want to use WordPress, there’s still a lot more that you can do really easily here that doesn’t require contacting support and doesn’t require knowing all of the technical stuff.

On the back end, okay and and so WordPress, this is easily a compatible. I’r sorry Bluehost! You can’t get WordPress if you do wax, because you’re essentially signing up for wix’s version of WordPress. Okay – and you know I why WordPress WordPress is the. In my opinion, the best content management system, the the easiest to maintain the the least expensive, to get help on the most features, the the least expensive – to get design the the easiest and fastest to get design Wix does have good design.

So you can you can Nick it can you can get a modern design on it, but overall WordPress is going to be a bit better. Wix is pretty solid, don’t get me wrong, but I definitely prefer WordPress there’s a lot of plugins that are written for WordPress. That, if you were to try to do that on Wix, you might eight, you might not even be able to do it while on WordPress, you could do it in five minutes for free or maybe 20 bucks, and so that’s a huge huge advantage to Bluehost.

Bluehost.jpg” style=”width:500px”>

In my opinion, now the support Bluehost support used to be really good, and now it’s really bad okay. So this is a clear winner to Wix. Wix has very good support, that’s one of the things that you get with with the additional price and because they have their own content management system. It requires them to have good support, because it’s a lot there’s a lot of things that you can do pretty quickly and easily with the cPanel that you have to contact support to do with Wix, okay, but their support is very, very good.

Okay, they have excellent support and there’s a lot other companies like Wix – and this is typically how it works. You don’t have a cPanel, you don’t you can’t do WordPress, but the support is really good and they they provide a lot of additional help with the support. But there’s some things you just can’t do, even with the help of support which I don’t like so pricing I got, I got to say: Bluehost is the winner for pricing.

You have fifty nine dollars for the first year and then one hundred eight dollars a year after that, let’s look good. We can go ahead and check this out, so this is actually says eleven dollars per month, for this is Wix. But if you do per year looks like they got a discount on this. If you sign up for a year it’s a hundred and twenty that’s. I don’t think, there’s really much benefit to this. I’r curious, though, and so then I suspect, after this it would go to the normal price of $ 14 a month.

So I would, I would still go back to here, but you do get a free domain with this and you and you also get a free domain with a with Bluehost, so both of them get. Let’s say this is a tie, but overall Bluehost is like less expensive even with the first year. I guess with this one seven dollars a month. Seven times 12 is what 84, and so you know that that’s still more expensive in the first year, even if you’re going by this.

Bluehost-pricing-shared-hosting-plans.png” style=”width:500px”>

But honestly, I don’t really see you know you really. You just want to remove the Wix ads and it’s unlikely unless you got a really popular website that you’re going to use all of this bandwidth in all of the space. So I don’t really see a whole lot of benefit to this. I’d probably just go ahead and sign up with this for this and make it make it simpler: okay, so II IG. So this is a company that I do not like that buys company they buy hosting companies, and then they seek to make them more profitable in.

In my experience, one of the primary methods, if not the only method, is via stripping the support. The the funding for the support and Bluehost is on is on this list, and this is why I go to the history Bluehost used to have a top notch support, but you know so soon after AIG came in and bought them, their support went to, you know, Went to crap – and this is just exactly IG – they they take advantage of the the the reputation and a reputation.

Bluehost still, there’s still a lot of people out there promoting Bluehost, as if they have good support, because they have a long term history and some you know sometimes you just don’t need to interact with support. There are a lot of times where you can go a year or two without even needing any support. So it’s not like the the hosting is fail 100 % of the time. But if you do need support, I wouldn’t expect a quick response and I wouldn’t expect the support to be funny.

That’s efficient for you as a consumer. Okay, they they they they make it less expensive for them as a company and but not less expensive. For you as a consumer, so I definitely if support is super important to you then stay away from blue bows. So what’s my recommendation for me personally, I don’t. I don’t like either very much I’ll put a link down below this article to my favorite hosting, and but you know, if you’re, okay, if you, if you really need WordPress, let’s say if you really need WordPress and you have to choose between the two then Bluehost.

Okay, if you’re, if you don’t care what your content management system is, then – and you don’t need so you don’t need WordPress and you can. Support is really important too. You have to choose between the two, so I’d say need good support. Then I would, I would pick Wix. Okay, that’s those are my recommendations. So thanks for reading, please, like this article and have a great day, bye,

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